Committee of the Whole

Present: Councillors Colledge, Kirby, McPherson, Steele, Way and Mayor Iles. Absent: Councillor Younge

Official minutes of the meeting can be obtained from the District website or at Town Hall.

1. The meeting was called to order at 1PM.

2. Minutes Approved for the Committee of the Whole Meeting of January 25, 2005

3. Business Arising From the Minutes: None

4. Review of Agenda: Items added

5. Larry White, Grizzly Valley Saddle Club: Indoor riding arena. Larry White, Gary Doonan and Gary Guernsey were on hand representing the Grizzly Valley Saddle Club. White brought up the fact that this has been a tough winter for the horses at the Saddle Club. Because of the ice the horses can?t be ridden. The club is currently looking at building a covered arena, some road improvement and hydro/water updates. The club has been working towards building an indoor riding arena for many years. This year the Club feels that they may have the resources to make this a reality. Gary Gurnsey pointed out that in the summer dust from the dirt road is a big issue. Gary Doonan pointed out other communities who have built indoor arenas and the cost estimates which are based on size. The Saddle Club feels that an indoor arena would give Tumbler Ridge the ability to host events. The Poker Ride is successful, and an indoor arena would only serve to improve this event and make other events possible. Council will consider what the Club is asking for.

6. Air Ambulance Service: There are concerns with the fact that BC Ambulance won?t land planes in Tumbler Ridge. Dr. Helm has written a letter in regards to this issue. Councillor McPherson would like to have staff directed to gather information as to why BC Ambulance won?t land here. Councillor Steele would like to see a discussion take place and have the appropriate people at the table. Councillor Colledge pointed out some of the BC Bedline policies that make things difficult for communities.

7. District Policies: The District Department?s have undertaken a comprehensive review of policies and procedures. Several policies were recognized for attention. The majority of the changes are in the way of housekeeping such as title changes and elimination of policies that are redundant. District Policy TR 7 states that municipal buildings are not available for rental to commercial enterprises, unless approved by Council. The choices for this policy are to keep the existing policy as is, and have any commercial enterprise apply to Council if they wish to rent a room or delete the policy, and ensure the rates in place will make the renter pay their fair share for selling their product/services. Council decided to keep the existing policy. Other changes include a change in absentee call in policy for employees; Room two is removed from the booking list, eliminate the half price family Sunday fee and raise the family fee from $6.00 to $8.00.These changes will go before a regular meeting of Council for formal approval.

8. North Central Municipal Associations AGM is scheduled for May 4-7 in Terrace. The Executive of the NCMA encourages a submission of resolutions on issues of concern. Council discussed resolutions they could put forward with focus on the railway, BC Ambulance landing and oil and gas camps.

9. North Central Municipal Association call for nominations for the 2005/2006 NCMA Executive. Mayor Iles is willing to let his name go forward for Director at Large.

10. Order of British Columbia: A ?call for nominations? for the Order of British Columbia, the Province?s highest award for excellence and outstanding achievement, has been put forward to recognize individuals. Any person or organization may nominate a resident of British Columbia for this award. Mayor and Council will put forward a nomination.

10. BC Chamber Oil and Gas Summit: Mayor Iles has received an invitation to attend an Oil and Gas Summit in Victoria from February 29-March 1. The focus of the summit will be on the future of the oil and gas industry in British Columbia. Council agreed on Mayor Iles attendance at this summit and Administration is directed to bring formal this forward to a Regular Meeting of Council for formal travel approval.

11. Community Forest Meeting: Verbal report from the EDO, an update on Community Forest.

12.Community Event Funding Program and Community Celebrations Committee Update. Progress report given by EDO

13.Logo Use Request: A request from the cross country running coaches/parents to use the TR logo in orange, to match the jackets and promote the town. Council discussed this matter and decided that possibly the team could look at different coloured hats and leave the logo. A letter will be sent.

14. Other: Discussion of letter of concern from resident regarding placement of the skate park. A letter of response will be sent to the writer thanking her for her input. These concerns will be passed on to developers.