Committee of the Whole

1.The meeting was called to order at 1PM.

2. Minutes Approved for the Committee of the Whole Meeting of January 13, 2003

3.Business Arising From the Minutes:

4.Tourism Advisory Commission Minutes: After a lengthy discussion, Mayor and Council have made the decision to meet with members of the Tourism Advisory Council on February 3rd in Council Chambers.

5.TR Days Society made a presentation re: Grizfest. The purpose of this meeting was to update Council on this year?s Grizfest activities. There was also a request that Council support this year?s festival in the amount of $10,000.00.

6.Encana: presenters didn?t show up because of weather.

7.2010 Olympic Legacy Fund has funds available and is asking for a proposal or letter of intent from the Mayor to access these funds. The criteria isn?t clear but the proposal must be based on a legacy or advancement of sport, keeping in mind that the municipality will have to come up with 50% of the funds. Proulx would like direction so this letter of intent can be sent out. Councillor Steele stated that he supports the Skateboard Park and this could be an option. Councillor Younge asked if perhaps the Core Lodge could be looked at, as it was important to several events. Mayor suggests that this item is tabled and discussed further at the Budget Meeting.

8.Federation of Canadian Municipalities Conference in Edmonton. Mayor Iles said that this would be a good conference to attend. Councillor McPherson said that he had attended this conference last year and it was very beneficial. He doesn?t see a need for the full Council to attend but he would like to see someone attend. Councillor Colledge and Councillor Younge both voiced an interest in attending.

9.Greyhound Bus Schedule. Mayor Iles would like to set up a meeting with Greyhound to discuss the possibility of Greyhound resuming bus service to Tumbler Ridge.

10.British Columbia Achievement Awards and Order of British Columbia. Mayor Iles asked Council to think about whether they would like to nominate anyone for these awards.


11.1Councillor McPherson expressed concern over application process for rural subdivisions by Rymore Development. Nigel Black responded that the plan is in development approval process and there are conditions in places that have not been met.

11.2Councillor Colledge would like more information on the Teen Centre. Councillor Younge would like to follow this with a meeting with the teens.

11.3BC Tourism Industry Conference: Councillor Younge asked if Council would like her to attend this conference. Referred to Council meeting for approval of expenses.

11.4The Grizfest Committee has requested a letter of support to assist in an application for funding from BC Lottery. Council in favor. Councillor Colledge said that this request would have be made through TR Days Society. Councillor Younge asked to draft a letter of support.

11.5 In the January 19th COW meeting Council looked at what to do with Lot 127 Plan 30292: The two options are to #1 Dedicate this parcel as a pedestrian walkway, incurring the costs of proper development and maintenance. #2 Sell the parcel to the resident and incur no cost. After consideration Council agreed to retain this land and fence it.

12. Meeting Adjourned