Committee of the Whole

Mayor Iles, Councillors Colledge, Kirby, McPherson, Way and Steele were in attendance.

Absent: Councillor Younge

1. The meeting was called to order at 1PM.

2. Minutes Approved for March 1, 2005

3. Business Arising From the Minutes: None

4. Review of Agenda

5. Canadian Ranger Program brought forward by George Meeks and Glenn Miller. Meeks began by commenting that he feels that the Rangers are under-utilized in this community. He explained that the Rangers are technically part of the military (Federal) and they duplicate much of the planning that the District is doing. Meeks feels that the Rangers can teach many things including how to read maps and setting up a command post. Mayor Iles said that the District is currently working on the Emergency Plan. Councillor?s Steele and Way believe the Rangers are doing a good job and should be kept on board. Councillor McPherson said that he has never heard the Rangers mentioned at any of the PEP training he has attended. Glenn Miller commented that although they have let the Search and Rescue know that they are available; the Rangers have not been used. Dan Golob said that he has requested names and information for the District Emergency Plan and is waiting on this information. Mayor Iles thanked the Rangers.

6. Cheryl Hayden and Brian Bray, Grizfest.

The committee is planning and implementing this year?s festival. They are requesting the District?s assistance in preparation of overflow camping sites. Last year sites were being pre-booked as early as May. Moving the event to a different site in the future to ensure room for growth was discussed.

7. Community Celebrations Committee: This will be put out again asking for submissions.

8. Dental Service for Tumbler Ridge. Councillor Kirby said that the dentist has not accepted the proposal that the District put forward to them. Councillor Steele commented that he was happy with the proposal that was put forward and he is not prepared to go with what the dentists want. Councillor McPherson would like to see the continued canvassing of universities to see if there is any interest. Brenda Banham stated that as a Chamber they cannot support what the dentists are asking for. Councillor Steele thanked Councillor Kirby for his work on this matter. Councillor Colledge agrees with Councillor Steele. A Dentist is vital to TR, but Council shouldn?t fund private business. Mayor Iles agreed. Councillor Kirby stated that he will continue working on finding a dentist for TR.

9. 9.1 Community Salvage/Fire Protection.

Councillor Kirby began by saying that they are currently looking at a community salvage license for Tumbler Ridge and this seems to be the way to go. Mayor Iles would like to see someone from Forestry brought in to tell the District what needs to be done for both the Pine Beetle and Fire protection. Once this is identified, then a public meeting must be held to inform the public. Councillor McPherson would like to see this done sooner than later. Mayor Iles feels that if we act now, Tumbler Ridge could be used as a model in BC. Harry Prosser was called forward and feels the same; we have to proceed with caution. A consulting forester needs to be brought in. As far as Harry knows selective logging has never been done to this scale. Mayor Iles said that there is money available from UBCM to Firesmart communities. Nigel Black asked that Dan Golob be asked to get the information.

9.2 The Tumbler Ridge Senior Secondary Leadership group is doing fundraising, they are selling work vouchers.

Councillor Way has concerns over the condition of the road to Dawson Creek around the camp. There is a lot of litter, mud and big rocks on the road. Black suggests that a letter be written to the Ministry of Transportation.

9.3 Shovel Bucket location. After discussion Council has decided to move the bucket in the green space/Peace Park across the street from Town Hall.

9.5 A discussion surrounding changing the school zone signs to playground signs around Claude Galibois.

10. Adjourned