Committee of the Whole

1.The meeting was called to order at 1PM.

2.Minutes Approved for the Committee of the Whole Meeting of March 9th, 2004

3.Review of Minutes from the Tourism Advisory Commission Meeting of April 6th, 2004

4.No Business Arising From the Minutes

5.Review of the Agenda

6.Devon Canada Corporation re: Sour Wolverine Pipeline Project. Mayor Iles welcomed representatives from Devon Canada. The Mayor expressed his concerns with this pipeline, that discussions have not taken place between Devon and the Muncipality regarding pipeline placement. The pipeline is situated close to the Industrial Park; Mayor Iles questioned the Emergency plans that will be put in place. The Mayor suggested that as a matter of courtesy, Devon should let the Municipality know what development is occurring in our area. The Devon representatives explained that Tumbler Ridge is a new area for Devon. Northstar dug this well several years ago, and the well has sat unused since then. Devon has taken over the well, without commuicating with the District. Discussion continued with the guarantee that the pipeline won?t be operational until the emergency plan is in place.

7. Pam Willis, Northern Lights College proposed job creation partnership. Pam Willis has put together a draft proposal partnering NLC, HRDC and the District of Tumbler Ridge. This proposal puts forward an employment-training program that will offer training to 6-12 people in Tumbler Ridge who currently have or have had in the past three years, an active Employment Insurance claim. The training would take place in the field of log home building. HRDC would fund much of the program; NLC will supply the administration, office, classrooms, etc. The District would be asked to supply the land and the logs. In the end the District would own a log building that could house such things as offices and a Tourist Info Centre. Mayor Iles said that Council would discuss this proposal and get back to Willis.

8. Brian Sipe and Bill Hendley re: TR Cares. Bill Hendley and Brian Sipe gave a history of how the idea for TR Cares came into being. TR Cares will be a Not for Profit organization. The board will be made up of individuals from the programs supported by this umbrella agency. TR Care?s mission is to endeavor to provide and operate services and facilities, meeting social service needs that are appropriate, affordable, accessible, accountable and that promote health living in Tumbler Ridge. Currently TR Cares name has been approved, their constitution overview is complete and they are now ready to present to the District and the public.

9. Website Development. Ray Proulx, Economic Development Officer presented the four most appropriate bids for this job. The job is to completely refurbish the District website as this hasn?t been done since the website was originally created.

10. Managing for Tomorrow: Resource-based Communities and the environment. Council discussed if it would be beneficial for members of Council to attend this conference that will be held in Prince George on May 5-8, 2004. Council agreed that there should be someone in attendance as this conference provides an opportunity to meet with people in the Forest Industry, Oil and Gas Industry, Nature-based Tourism, Mining industry and First Nations. This will be referred to the next Council meeting for travel and conference approval.

11. Councillor Way asked about reopening discussion on the walkway on Gwillim as the individuals involved would like the opportunity to make a presentation. Council will look into reopening this matter. Councillor Way brought up the issue of ATV?s in town. This will be discussed with the RCMP at the next Council meeting.

12. Closed Meeting Items: Council resolved to a closed meeting to discuss a land issue.