Committee of the Whole

1.The meeting was called to order at 1PM.

2. Minutes Approved for the Committee of the Whole Meeting of April 27, 2004

3.Review of Minutes from the Tourism Advisory Commission Meeting of April th, 2004

4. No Business Arising From the Minutes

5. Review of the Agenda

6.Glen Olsen, ICBC. Mayor Iles welcomed Glen Olsen to the COW meeting. Glen Olsen presented The Community Crash Reduction Challenge to Mayor and Council.

7.Danny Way and Winn Hys-byl, Ministry of Forests. Councillor McPherson commented that in the past West Fraser and Canfor have discussed cut blocks, which are located within the Municipality, with Mayor and Council. Recently there has been little communication and McPherson has noticed a lot of clear-cut logging. The clear-cut logging is coming right up to the highway and Councillor McPherson would like to know why this is happening. Danny Way responded that there are often visual objectives in place for cut blocks, and it is up to the company to decide to contact the Municipality to discuss this with them. If there are no visual objectives, the company would likely not contact the Municipality. ?At the end of the day? said Way, ?we have to follow the legislated guidelines. EDO Proulx said that Tumbler Ridge is in the process of considering applying for Community Forest. Proulx asked if Way would clarify the Forest Management initiatives that are in place in our Municipality as the Municipality would like to clear out the dead wood as a part of fire management. Way responded that the Community Forest and Community Salvage licenses are unresolved. These are the two areas that clearing out dead wood would fall under. The Government is currently looking at these licenses but as far as Way knows, the Government hasn?t given Municipalities rights to log, even if it is for fire management. Update on the Pine beetle: the insects have been found inboth both Monkman and Kinuseo Parks through aerial detection. The beetle is very scattered. Ministry of Forests will be very aggressive in the fight against the beetle.

8. Sue Malcolm and John Turner, Duke Energy. Representatives from Duke Energy gave an update on Duke?s activity in the region. There will be major energy developments which will generate significant local community benefits. Mayor Iles asked if coal bed methane could be run through Duke?s system. John Turner replied that yes it could, once the methane has been treated. Councillor Kirby asked, ?What will the start up at Cutbank mean for Tumbler Ridge? Turner replied, ?that is a question for Encana.? EDO Proulx talked a bit about the Field and Gas Operators course that Northern Lights College offers and asked if Duke could speak to the college about how to make the course more workable for oil and gas companies. Turner is pleased to do this, a representative could even speak to students.

9. David Kidd and Bill Studly, Peace Energy. Bill Studly explained what the Peace Energy Cooperative is. The Peace Region is rich in renewable resources including wind, solar and geothermal. Technology in this area is advancing rapidly. David Kidd discussed memberships and shares in the company, as well as some of the technical information surrounding wind energy. Wind testing is still being done in the Tumbler Ridge area.

10. John More, Rymore Developments. More is looking at developing land within the District, into 60 acreages ranging in size from 1-5 acres. He is currently asking the District of Tumbler Ridge to consider paying for the sewer services into the proposed subdivision. More commented that he has had 96 requests for acreages in the past three years. There was discussion about the District putting in the sewer services up to the subdivision property but that More would be responsible from that point in. More questioned whether District sewer was a necessity. Mayor Iles said that when you are developing, it should be done properly right from the start so water and sewer don?t become an issue down the line. Shorty Smith commented that most fire departments have rural protection to service subdivisions. Because of water pressure, there would have to be a pump system in place, this could be pricey. The other option is a tanker truck to shuttle water between existing hydrants and the fire truck. Council gave direction to administration to research the possibility of installing a sewer line out to this property and the cost of a pump for fire service in this subdivision.

11.Tree Removal from District Land. Harry Prosser was called to the table to discuss the clearing or thinning of mature or standing dead timber within the town site. Two letters have been received regarding this issue. The first suggests constructing a firebreak by cutting back mature trees. The second is from a local business that would like to select log, standing dead, diseased or hazard trees and pay the appropriate stumpage fees to the District. Mayor Iles asked if Council could hold a public meeting to look at this issue. EDO Proulx suggested that before a meeting is held there should be a plan in place that could be presented. Prosser commented that any logs he takes would be sold to mills in this community.

12. Fee Waiver Requests. After a short discussion, it was agreed that Council should continue to judge each request as it comes in.

13. Emergency Preparedness. Councillor Colledge said it is vital that Emergency Preparedness be moved to top priority in our community. Colledge would like to see Council make major plans in dealing with ESS, Fire Management, etc. Nigel Black replied that with Shorty Smith leaving, this meeting might have to be delayed until a new Fire Chief is hired. Council will declare May 2-8 Emergency Preparedness week.

14. A local benefactor offered to purchase, plant and maintain a rose garden around the signpost. Council directed Clark Hazelhurst to meet with the benefactor.

15. Blair Lekstrom has invited Mayor and Council to view the Achieve BC exhibit on Friday April 30th. Meeting adjourned at 4:45 PM.