Committee of the Whole

The Meeting was called to order April 25 at 1pm. (#1- 5 agenda review/approvals)

6. Rural Subdivision: John More presented to Council that fire protection throughout the development isn?t viable. The cost is estimated to be $600,000. After further discussion, Council decided that as long as purchasers were made aware of the fire protection issues, they would give staff direction to draft a letter allowing More to proceed.

7. Proposed RV Park Shower House: Clark Hazlehurst, Public Works is requesting that the project to replace the existing RV Park Shower house with a larger more attractive facility be postponed until next year because of increased usage in the park. If this project is built where the current shower house is situated, the shower facilities will be unavailable for people to use this year. Mayor and Council in agreement.

8. Tumbler Ridge Log Construction Work Experience Project. The basic idea of this program is for Northern Lights College to develop a ?hands on? training opportunity for log home building and in the process supply the community with an asset that could be used to fill a need or void in the community. The project would replace the current Visitor Information Booth, offer space for a Chamber of Commerce as well as a location for a Seniors Centre. Mayor Iles said that he would like to see this initiative proceed. This project will provide a chance for unemployed people to work and the town will end up with an asset. The college is looking for a commitment so they can go ahead and pursue this project. Younge said that she is not sure she likes the proposed uses for this building. She would like the Visitor Information Booth to be larger. Mayor Iles responded that at this time the proposal is conceptual, if the logs are slightly longer, it would increase the size of the building. We aren?t locked into the look or size of the building, we are committing to the supporting this project. Councillor Younge said that if this proceeds she would like to see innovative heating in this building. Councillor Colledge said that the cost quoted is only to lock up stage. There will be additional costs afterwards to develop the building. Nigel Black agrees that there will be additional costs, but they won?t know those costs until after the use and size are determined. This project will have to be completed by March next year. All in agreement.

9. Shovel Bucket Location. On direction of Council, a committee was formed whose objective was to attain a piece of equipment from one of the mines for a downtown display. The equipment the committee agreed on was a bucket from one of the shovels used at the Quintette operation which will represent the mine industry. Mayor Iles said that he is in agreement with this proposal and believes the bucket should be put close to our new tourist info centre. All in agreement.

10. Performing Arts fee waiver granted forthe use of the Community Centre Stage. Tumbler Ridge Senior Secondary School, Northern Lights College and community arts organizations are working together to host ?An Evening of Performing Arts? on June 25.

11. Community Centre Engineering Study Capital Project. Council has budgeted $35,000 to complete an engineering study on the Community Centre facility. Possibilities include renovation or expansion, with the goal of making the facility more user friendly as a conference facility.

12. ?Be a Tourist in Your Own Town.? Economic Development Officer Ray Proulx presented this to Council for information. There are many activities planned for this event.

13. Community Promotion Ray Proulx wanted to give Council a heads up as to the creation of an information portfolio that he is currently working on for Tumbler Ridge.

14. Bob Sandford?s Visit to Tumbler Ridge. Bob is the Chair of the United Nations International Year of Fresh Water and Wonder of Water initiative in Canada and he will be in Tumbler Ridge during the ?Be a Tourist in your own Town? event.

15. Ridley Terminals Board of Directors. Mayor Iles expressed his interest in being a part of the Ridley Terminals Board.

16. Tumbler Ridge Hospice and Palliative Care Society Funds Request. Councillor Younge said that it appears that TR Hospice and Palliative Care Society is asking Council to fund their entire operations for a year. Councillor Way is not in favour of the grant because of the conflict with TR Cares. Councillor Kirby is in agreement with Councillor Way. Councillor Colledge added that Council needs to stick with grant procedures.

17. Encana Public Open House. June 3

18.Emergency Planning meeting.

19. Councillor Younge asked for direction on the sign post garden. Council gives direction for Younge to look into this further.

20. Meeting adjourned.