Committee of the Whole

Please note: These are not the official council notes which are posted on the District of Tumbler Ridge?s website or available at Town Hall.

Meeting June 22, 2004: 1. The meeting was called to order at 1PM.

2. Minutes Approved for the Committee of the Whole Meeting of June 8th, 2004

3. No Business Arising From the Minutes

4. Review of the Agenda: Items added to the agenda: Cemetery Sign, House Numbers, 2010 Special Olympics Funding, Relocation Packages.

5. Larry Tokarchuk, recently appointed Chief Operating Officer of the Northeast region of Northern Health Authority (NHA) said he has undertaken to understand each community in the Northeast. Earlier he met with the Tumbler Ridge Umbrella Committee and learned some of the history of Tumbler Ridge. There is tremendous growth in the Northeast and Tokarchuk would like to get a good reflection/projection of what is happening in Tumbler Ridge. He would like information such as: who is living in Tumbler Ridge (seniors, miners, oil and gas, forestry), ages of residents and what percentage of TR?s population is seniors? These statistics will be important in NHA?s planning process. Direction for Nigel Black and Ray Proulx to put together information for NHA.

6. Thompson and Associates sent Mayor and Council a letter stating that they have submitted a proposal to the Oil and Gas Commission for approval. They have proposed a summer hand cut heli-portable program (two cut lines), which involves very little impact. Their activity enters the Tumbler Ridge District Municipal Boundary. Direction to forward letter to Wolverine Nordic Mountain Society for their input, then respond to Thompson and Associates.

7. Community Forest Presentation: EDO Proulx and Councillor Kirby attended the BC Community Forests Association Conference in April. The information they collected at the conference was put into this presentation. Proulx feels that this project is exciting and holds great potential but also holds challenges. Proulx discussed what a Community Forest is and the purposes it serves. It also spoke about tenure responsibilities, provincial considerations, local considerations, and steps to move forward. Following this presentation Greg Lay Forest Resources instructor from Northern Lights College spoke about his involvement in Community Forests. He commended Council on taking this step. He told Council that to go ahead they need community support and a solid business plan in place. Harry Prosser explained what this could mean to small wood-based companies in Tumbler Ridge. He would like to see a steering committee established, which would work closely with Council. Gary Gurnsey, representing the McLeod Lake Indian band, would like to see the community?s interests served first and commercial interests second. Direction for Nigel Black to put a call out to interested community members.

8.Committee of the Whole Meeting Times. This is being brought up because of the difficulty several Councillors are having in attending afternoon meetings. A discussion followed and this will be brought to a vote at a Council Meeting.

9. Area Parades. Tumbler Ridge has been invited to put a float in several parades this summer, including Pouce Coupe, Dino Days and Dawson Creek. There was a discussion as to whether or not a float would be created this year. It was decided that a float would not be ready in time for the Pouce Coupe parade on July 1st. Direction: write a letter thanking Pouce Coupe for the invitation.

10. BC Oil and Gas Conference, Sponsorship Request. Last year Tumbler Ridge sponsored an evening social. There are no significant sponsorship opportunities available this year, but Council would like to be involved in the Tradeshow.

11. 2004 Peace River Regional District Recreation Awards Program was discussed. Direction given for Peter Thomas to submit nominations from Tumbler Ridge.

12. Civic Engagement in Northern British Columbia Project. This is a project that the University of Saskatchewan is doing that will look at the relationship between personal mobility- a fact of life in resource-based economy in Northern BC- and the development of a strong sense of the north and engagement in the social, civic and political life of the region. Tumbler Ridge has been asked to support this project. Direction: Council is giving ?Support in Principal?.

13. Other

Cemetery sign and beautification-Councillor Colledge brought up that the cemetery isn?t being maintained in a fashion that is acceptable. Asked that this be looked into. Staff is looking into a sign but needs clearer direction such as size.

House numbers- Councillor Way commented that house numbers need to be visible from the road for Emergency Responders.

2010 Special Olympics funding- this will be looked into.

Relocation Packages-Councillor Colledge asked if packages could be put together for people relocating to Tumbler Ridge. She would like to see some of the bylaws, information and little gifts in these packages.

14. Adjourn