Committee of the Whole

July 13, 2004: Disclaimer: The official minutes are available at Town Hall or through the District of Tumbler Ridge website.

1. Call to Order by acting Mayor McPherson

2.Minutes approved for the Committee of the Whole Meeting of June 22, 2004

3.Business Arising from the Minutes-None

4.Review of Agenda

5.Frances Armstrong from the Kiwanis Enterprise Centre made a presentation on Branding the Peace. This initiative, which is being spearheaded by the Kiwanis Enterprise Centre, is a major regional economic development initiative. The concept for this initiative was first introduced in the ?Global Strategy for the Peace Region? report in 1999. Since then the Centre has worked in partnership with various economic development agencies throughout the Alberta and BC Peace Country to make this initiative a reality.

The Enterprise Centre completed a work plan for the Branding the Peace Country Association in the summer of 2003 and in November began on the implementation of the work plan. In April 2004, the unveiling of the Peace Country logo took place in Grande Prairie. During the next few months the Enterprise Centre and the Branding the Peace Association hope to obtain funding from regional, provincial and federal sources.

6.Accounting System: Peter Thomas, Director of Community Services provided background information on this saying that periodically the staff of the Community Centre is asked to sell items for a group. Past items have included Museum footprints, tickets for community events, raffle tickets, Minor soccer registrations, Dr. Helm?s trail identification books, etc. All of these causes are for community clubs or for the promotion of Community Events. Currently, the Community Centre absorbs the administration costs to do this. This can create problems as the money has to be kept in separate envelopes and sometimes the inventory and money do not balance. On most occasions, staff time and Community Centre resources are used to handle the sales, and there is no charge for the services they provide. Thomas asks, ?Should we be charging the group to cover the cost of the time the employee puts into looking after the sale??

Thomas put forward two options. One, the Community Centre buys the product and then sells it so the revenue goes into the Community Centre till. There could be a 10% of sales charge. The second option is that the Community Centre stops selling items and direct customers to places that will sell their items. Thomas points out that at any time, any non-profit community group may set up a table and sell their wares for free in the Community Centre.

The questions presented: should sales be left in the hands of private enterprise?

Should the Community Centre sell and collect a commission to cover the costs?

Should the Community Centre continue to sell for any community club and absorb the cost of administration?

After discussion Council gave staff direction to draft a policy on the sale of tickets, books, etc. so there is consistency with all groups. Will look at drafting a waiver for local community groups.

7.Community Centre Engineering Study Capital Project. Council has budgeted $35,000 to complete an engineering study on the Community Centre facility. Requests were sent out to three engineering firms asking what they would charge to come out and talk to staff and Council regarding proposed reconstruction. In a previous report, Council elected to go with Vick Davies Architect from Victoria, who is currently working on the Dawson Creek Multiplex and who was the architect of the T.R. Aquatic Centre. The scheduled meeting was cancelled. Thomas has since received a call from Roger Field in Grande Prairie, who is willing to travel to Tumbler Ridge for the day and view the facility and meet with staff and Council on July 20th. Approved

8.Union of British Columbia Municipalities Conference. The Small talk Forum is being held on September

21. UBCM is looking for submissions from small communities on key topics that they would like to discuss. There are also registration forms for the Conference, which need to be filled in. Discussion followed which included submitting Health Authority Issues, the proposed benefits for family member homecare subsidies, and regional level emergency planning for items to be included in the Small Talk forum.

9.Job Creation Partnership Project Re-visitation-Log Building. Council looked at the Job Creation Partnership with Northern Lights College. At the June 8th COW meeting Council reviewed the cost figures that were generated to illustrate the potential level of support required from the District for the JCP Log Construction Project. The total cost was $387,100.00. At that time it was decided that perhaps more planning around the purpose and subsequent design of the building should be done before a firm commitment was made to support the project. Upon review of these numbers Mayor Iles reconvened discussion around this subject, hoping to shed some light on more creative approaches to bring this project to fruition. This discussion took place July 8th. It was agreed by everyone that the project held great potential in fostering the development of a new industry in Tumbler Ridge, while creating a much need structure that is both symbolic and supportive of our community?s future direction. Because Mayor Iles and EDO Proulx were away, this item was tabled until the next Committee of the Whole meeting.

10.Other Closed Meeting Items: Council resolved to a closed meeting