Committee of the Whole

Official minutes are on the District website and can be obtained at Town Hall.

1. Call to Order by acting Mayor MacPherson

2. Minutes approved for the Committee of the Whole Meeting of July 13, 2004

3. Business Arising from the Minutes-None

4. Review of Agenda- added to the Agenda: Pine Beetle concerns, replacement Doctor.

5.Steve Siegfried from Thompson and Associates was on hand to discuss Husky Oil Seismic lines running through the town site. On July 21st, Siegfried consulted with the District regarding two seismic lines being proposed by Husky Oil. That meeting resulted in Mr. Siegfried being invited to speak with Council at a Committee of the Whole meeting. Siegfried, in his presentation, provided Council with maps, which showed where the lines would be. He explained that the lines would be approximately one meter wide. The lines would not be wide enough for ATVs to use as trails. One line will run close to the Public Works building, the other will run close to the ball diamonds and south of the Bird Sanctuary. The surveyors will be using GPS to lay the line, therefore they are able to make their line have little impact on the area. Equipment will be brought in by helicopter; therefore there is no need for a heli-pad or vehicle access.

6. Dino Days.

Councillor Colledge reported that Florence Stirling was unable to attend this meeting due to medical reasons. What this society is asking for is any support that Council can give. This is a family event that will be similar to the old Grizzly Valley Days. There will be a parade, games and duck races. Councillor Way asked what the specific needs are. Councillor Colledge replied that there are liability insurance issues as well as a lack of volunteer support. Councillor Young would like to see Dino Days receive the same support from Council as Grizzly Valley Days did in the past. Councillor Colledge will arrange a meeting with the Dino Days Committee to work out specific needs.

7.Support Request from Prince George Film Commission.

Film PG has approached several communities in northeastern BC for funding support. Tumbler Ridge has been specifically requested to pay the amount of $1000 for the remainder of 2004. Film Prince George is an organization that markets Northern BC locations to the North American film industry for use in commercials, television programs, and feature-length films. Some well-known productions brought to the north through Film PG include: Dreamcatcher, Seven Years in Tibet, Insomnia, Mystery Alaska, Reindeer Games and Double Jeopardy.

There is great potential economic impact related to this industry. One 30 second commercial may generate hundreds of thousands of dollars for the host community through product purchases, use of local services and employment opportunities. If the film is a major production the figure would be much greater. An added bonus is the free, effective marketing the community would receive globally. The money that Tumbler Ridge invests would be used towards creation of a portfolio highlighting this community. The portfolio would be made available to companies looking for a film site for which Tumbler Ridge would meet the needs of. A discussion around the viability of this proposal followed the presentation by Economic Development Officer Ray Proulx. Council agreed that this could be a great opportunity for Tumbler Ridge. The money will come out of the Economic Development budget..

5. In response to a budget shortfall caused by a lack of provincial support, Export North has been requested to pay $2000 for the remainder of 2004. Export North is a partnership of 12 northern BC economic development agencies that help regional firms enter foreign markets through the provision of a variety of services. At this time Tumbler Ridge does not have any local firms that are actively exporting products. The recommendation was made that Council review the information provided and give direction as to whether or not they would like the District to provide Export North with a $2000 contribution for the remainder of 2004. After a discussion Council has decided to hold off on this contribution.

6. Northern Tourism Expo. The Expo is being coordinated with the intent to create an open venue for northern tourism operators and stakeholders to share ideas and build a foundation for future partnerships in order to generate tourism opportunities, and increase visitors to the north. Delegates will be coming to Tumbler Ridge October 1. Northern Tourism Expo is asking Tumbler Ridge to consider a financial contribution or consider sponsoring a specific event. This conference will serve as a showcase for Northeastern BC. There was discussion surrounding Tumbler Ridge?s level of financial commitment to this event and confusion surrounding whether or not a commitment had previously been made. Councillor Younge will look into this. Northern Tourism Expo will be put on the next Council Agenda.

7. Oil and Gas Conference to be held in Fort Nelson. Last year this event was held in Dawson Creek and Tumbler Ridge had a very positive presence at the conference. Recommendation that this is brought back to the next Council meeting for travel expense approval.

8. Northwest Corridor Development Corporation Conference and Annual General Meeting to be held in High Level, Alberta. Councillor McPherson commented that he has attended three of these conferences in the past and they were very useful. Councillor Younge said that this is the same weekend as the Northern Tourism Expo. This will be brought back to Council for expense approval for one person to attend.

9. Councillor McPherson brought up the Pine Beetle cuts. There was a discussion on this, which resulted in a decision to compile a list of concerns from the community and send them to interested parties.

10. Councillor Colledge brought up the doctor who was to be replacing Dr. Szelag. There is a hold up on this due to a decision by the Colledge of Physicians. Council agreed that this was a priority and that contact be made with MLA Blair Lekstrom to discuss the next move.

11. Committee of the Whole adjourned