Committee of the Whole

Please refer to either the District website or Town Hall for the official minutes of the meeting.

Present: Councillors Lynn Way, Rose Colledge, Glenn Steele, Doreen Younge, Pernell Kirby.

1. Call to Order by acting Mayor MacPherson

2.Minutes approved for the Committee of the Whole Meeting of July 27, 2004

3.Business Arising from the Minutes-None

4.Review of Agenda- Added to the Agenda:

?District tenders: Councillor Kirby,

?Pot Holes on Fellers: Councillor Way,

?Pitbull Puppies: Councillor Colledge,

?Dino Days: Councillor Colledge

5. Jerrilyn Schembri, Emergency Planning Coordinator

discussed the appointment of an Emergency Planning Committee to assist in research prior to the rewriting of the Community Emergency Plan. Local Authority must appoint the members of an Emergency Planning Committee which should include a member of Council, Administrative Officer, Emergency Coordinator, Heads of selected functional departments (Fire, Police, BC Ambulance, Emergency Social Services, Public Works), and Health Services. The committee will complete a hazard risk and vulnerability assessment. They will also provide information respecting the preparation for, response to and recovery from emergencies and disasters. Direction given for this committee to be appointed at the next regular meeting of Council.

6. UBCM Ministry Meetings discussion to determine which Ministers Council would like to meet with at the UBCM Conference in September. Suggestions are:

Minister of Transportation: to discuss the replacement of the spur line to Tumbler Ridge and access to provincial parks in the area. Minister of Energy and Mines: to discuss the issue of Oil and Gas camps skirting Tumbler Ridge, selling of Ridley Island, overlapping user tenures, and the rail lines.

Ministry of Forests: to follow up on Community Forest allocation process and urge government to increase the Annual Allowable Cut for our area and Pine Beetle concerns.

Ministry of Heritage: to discuss sites for dinosaur finds.

Ministry of Health: to discuss health, lack of resources and senior issues in Tumbler Ridge, changing demographics and the College of Physicians standards.

7. Councillor Colledge brought forward the Emergency Preparedness Conference in Vancouver. She would like to see representatives from Tumbler Ridge attend. The conference is intended for Emergency Service Volunteers, Elected Officials, Frontline Responders, Emergency Coordinators, Emergency Management Consultants as a means of education and information. Discussion followed on who should attend and the importance of attending this conference. Direction given to bring this to a Regular Meeting of Council.

8. Peace River Municipalities Association Meeting which will be hosted by the Peace River Regional District and held in Fort St. John. Speaker will be speaking on Community Charter Conflict of Interest legislation. Response required as to number of attendees. Councillor Younge is unsure as to whether she will be able to attend.

9. Other: a) Councillor Kirby asked about the policy and procedures the District uses to determine tenders. Nigel Black responded that if the quote is for $10,000 and over it goes out to tender. If it will be under, then three quotes are taken. Councillor Kirby asked whether this is always done. Black responded no, that sometimes there is only one supplier and in that case it wouldn?t be done. Peter Thomas commented that if they have had good luck in previous dealings with people they will sometimes stick with their services. Discussion followed about the possibility of looking at having the policy rewritten to allow for these variances. Policies and procedures will be brought up at a future meeting.

b) Councillor Way brought up her concerns with the pot holes on the Fellers highway. Councillor McPherson said that paving will be done on 38 kilometers of this highway.

c) Councillor Colledge brought up concerns people have over the number or Pitbulls in town. Councillor Way said that German Shepherds have a higher bite rate. As there have been no problems to this point Council will leave this.

d) Florence Stirling asked Council to waive the fee for Flatbed Campground and tables and chairs from the Community Centre. She is also looking for direction on how to go about getting the streets blocked off for the parade. The route will be the same as in past years.

10. Adjournment