A series of dinners and a night out at the Legion has been held in Tumbler Ridge to benefit long time resident, Lodge Higdon, who is currently suffering with poor health. Lodge and the rest of the Higdon family have put on many musical benefits for other town residents over the years so it was fitting that a series of events was held on his behalf.

Things began with two dinner parties held at the Twilight Lodge. Mayor Clay Iles and his wife, Fern, hosted the evenings. After an excellent meal, guests enjoyed each other?s company and recalled their different experiences with Lodge in the early days of the town?s development.

The next event was a little less formal and took place at the Legion. Brian Bray organized the evening in conjunction with other supporters and well-wishers of Lodge Higdon. Things got going around 7 pm and tables were being added to accommodate the large crowd within an hour. The evening featured music by many of Tumbler Ridge?s talented musicians, as well as darts and generally having a great time for a great cause.

The Higdon family would like to thank all of those who have come out to support Lodge. A special thanks goes out to the Ile?s, the Bray?s and the many others who helped make sure the evenings were such a success.