Community Futures introduces annual volunteer award

Helping local businesses succeed has remained Doug Patterson?s passion for nearly two decades. At a recent provincial Community Futures Development Corporation conference, Doug was acknowledged for his outstanding service in the field of community and business development. The commitment, vision and concern of volunteers like Doug aid in the success of Community Futures organizations all across Canada. Doug has been awarded the Community Futures Volunteer of the Year Award.

In 1988, Doug Patterson was appointed the Peace Liard Venture Corporation as a Retail Business representative. The PLVC controlled the Loans Portfolio for the federal government at that time. Within a short time frame the PLVC amalgamated with the local CFDC and Doug followed the flow and became a CFDC-PL Board member. He has served on several committees and held several portfolios but he has remained a stalwart member of the Loans Portfolio committee.

With 17 years of history supporting the Loans Portfolio, Doug is very deserving of this honour. He has remained committed to his role in CFDC while major changes occurred in his life. In 1999, Doug closed his long time family business and went into a teaching role in the school system. Today he is the Vice Principle of the Dawson Creek Campus of Northern Lights College. Through all his life altering career moves, Doug has remained a staunch champion of CFDC and local regional businesses.