Community Meeting

On April 28th, 2009 Tumbler Ridge mayor and council held a community council meeting to announce budget items, council updates and the district?s strategic plans. Announcement of senior housing brought about by the Senior Needs Committee was presented. Nineteen communities qualify for senior housing and Tumbler Ridge will receive funding for senior housing, the number of housing units was not available at this time.

Some of the other items announced were infrastructure costs in Tumbler Ridge, a ?no go gas zone?, wildfire interface, and a theatre project. Dr. Charles Helm congratulated the present mayor and council and commented that in his 17 years here that the present mayor and council were doing the best job.

Local resident Peter Thompson mentioned that Tumbler Ridge is one of three towns being considered for the building of a 400 million dollar wood burning power-generating plant. The other two towns besides us in the race for this project are Ft. Nelson and Port Alberni. There were concerns regarding senior?s application for grants, the scoring of contracts with the district, continuing deadlines for the Lakeview Inn, unavailability of affordable retail space to encourage business and the on going hot topic of ATVs in Tumbler Ridge.