Community Registration Summary: Things to do in TR

Trent Ernst, Editor


Community Registration has come and gone, but that doesn’t mean that you’re out of luck. (Unless you want to sign your kids up for figure skating. Then you’re out of luck.)

While the registration event is designed so people can figure out what they’re doing for fall/winter all under one roof, we here at the News realize not everybody can attend the event, due to being on the wrong shift. Or forgetting.

Never fear; our intrepid team of reporters (would you believe me and an iPad?) attended Community Registration and asked the tough questions, like “is there anything that people need to know that isn’t on this piece of paper you’re handing out?”

And we’ve taking that information, on paper and off, and collated it into this semi-comprehensive list of things for you and your family to do this year.

Minor Hockey

Minor Hockey is looking to attract a few new kids, especially kids in high school. They currently need more kids from PeeWee to Midgets. If you’re interested in signing up your son or daughter, the cost is $400 for the season. Call Billie Jo at 250-257-1384 to sign up.


Tumbler Ridge’s on-again, off-again Scouting program is on again. Or at least, that’s the hope. The organizers are still looking for a few more adults to run the older programs, but “we will probably get Beavers up and running. Cubs, maybe. Scouts, maybe.” The group has no definite start time, but will probably get underway “after Thanksgiving.” Fees are also to be determined. Contact Tamara Dell at 250-242-5025 for more information.

Work in Progress

Work in Progress was at Community Registration not because they’re looking for volunteers, but to raise information about their programs. Most importantly, the Good Food Box, which will be starting up later this month. If you’re interested in receiving a Good Food Box or in coordinating the program, contact Angela Robertson, at 250-242-5591 or

Forever Young

The Forever Young Society is looking for seniors (50+), mostly but open to any adult. The cost to join is negligible, a mere $5 for membership, plus the cost for any special programs and/or trips. Call 250-242-4422 for more information.

Northern Light College

The college was at Community Registration to tell people about their programs, specifically the Free Workplace Essential Skills classes being offered. These 30-hour classes are for employees and unemployed individuals looking to improve their skills for jobs in mining, oil and gas and manufacturing. Rita Henderson was at the Northern Lights Booth, as she will be leading an expressive healing art program, starting in October.

Emergency Social Services

ESS is the social side of emergencies: food, shelter, clothing. The team is looking for volunteers, as well as to raise awareness for their Get Prepared Campaign. For more information on being prepared for an emergency, visit To sign up as an ESS volunteer, contact Chief Matt Treit at the Fire Hall, at 250-242-3939.

Figure Skating

Not enough coaches and too many kids has made figure skating the hot ticket item this year, with most of the classes filling up by 7:30. There is, says club volunteer Jan Proulx, some space in the senior’s groups, or at least was, but those might be full by now, too. There is a waiting list. If you want to get on it, email or call Ashley at 250-242-4440.

Quilting Club

It is $25/year to be a member of the Rippers, says Cheryl Hayden. The club is looking for people interested in quilting in a social environment. There is currently no youth quilting program, but they are willing to add one in if there is enough interest.

Ridge Riders

Last season, the Ridge Riders, which had been dormant for a year, came back to life with a vengeance. The local snowmobile club has been hard at work over summer registering trails and dealing with political issues. They have even managed to attract an annual ride to raise money for cancer research to come to town. Over the next year, they’ll be raising money for a new groomer, as the last one is pushing 40 years old. And, of course, there’ll be plenty of riding, too.

Northern Rockies Karate-Do

Sensei Jason comes to Tumbler Ridge twice a week to teach locals Chito Ryu karate. It costs $375/year for lessons, plus an annual registration fee of $7 for kids under 15 and $95 for kids and adults 16 and over. The club is open to everyone, including adults. Call 250-401-1130 for more information.

Tumbler Ridge Library

While there was no specific program the library was promoting, the library was at Community Registration. According to head librarian Paula Coutts, the library board is currently short a few members. They were also promoting the library’s online offerings, including a new language course called Mango, and online magazine subscriptions through Zinio. Both are free, via the library’s website.

Tumbler Ridge Curling Club

Thinking about joining curling this year? They’d love to have you. You need a broom (which you can buy from the club) and clean pair of shoes. Don’t know how to curl? The club offers curling lessons, or just learn as you go. The club is doing a goodbye golf, hello curling event on October 5. Best Ball golf, followed by curling and supper. President Jenna McQueen says they haven’t decided on costs for this year, but last year’s cost for an adult to play in a league was $150, and $40 for juniors. For more information, contact Jenna at 250-242-4055 or 250-257-1372.

TR Children’s Centre Society

While all the programs have already started for the year for TRCCS, they were at Community Registration “to get our name out there, and to let people know that we are here,” says Raelene Bauman, Executive Director. She says they do have some space left in their daycare program. In addition, she says, they are planning a Make and Take program for parents and caregivers in the evening, “where they can come in, make a craft, have a snack and ask questions.” It would be a chance for people to interact and be resources for each other. They need a minimum of eight people. The first evening is tentatively planned for Oct. 2. Call 250-242-4503 for more information.

Success by Six

Success By Six is an early childhood development initiative “dedicated to providing all children with a good start in life,” says the marketing material. SB6 does not generally run its own program (though there are typically a few events throughout the year), but generally stands in support of other programs. This year SB6 helped fund the Library’s Summer Reading Club and the Learn to Crawl programs at the Community Centre.

They are, however, looking for adult volunteers to sit at their strategic planning group, which happens the first Wednesday of the month at noon in the library. Everybody’s welcome.

TR Search and Rescue

While Tumbler Ridge has a strong, active search and rescue team, they are always looking for more people. They are looking for adults (18 or older, teens as young as 16 can join with parental permission). If you want to help but don’t think you’re outdoorsy enough, they also need people for base operations and administration. SAR meet the first and third Tuesday of each month for training. For more information, contact Craig at 250-242-7450 or

TR Rock Climbing Club

The climbing club meets Monday night at the youth centre climbing wall at 7:00. No experience necessary, and there is equipment available for use, although if people have their own harness, shoes or belay device that they are familiar with, that is a bonus. The cost is $5 and all funds go directly back to the maintenance of a climbing wall (ropes, holds, belay devices, harnesses and shoes). Go at your own pace and meet other climbers. Contact Craig at 250-242-7450 or