Completion of First Modular Based Glazier Training Proven Successful

Vancouver, BC – Glazing Contractors Association of BC?s response to the Glass and Aluminum [Glazing] industry demand has proven successful in helping bring new talent to the industry.

A major shortage of Glass and Aluminum Technicians has prompted the Association to create a modular based program where individuals can be employment ready in just six weeks.

The fast hiring of the first 14 students proves the programs success in responding to industry needs.

?This is Canada?s first Glazier training program that offers a pre-employment training module that will create entry level work for individuals in glass fabricating, manufacturing, installation and services? said Victoria Schifferns, Executive Director of the Glazing Contractors Association of BC. ?Students had to the opportunity to choose from numerous companies looking for employees, you don?t see that very often.?

?You train them, we will hire them,? said Boris Sawicky, President of Prestige Glass in Port Coquitlam.

?Eight companies were requesting contact with the students before they even completed the six week program.? said Victoria Schifferns, Executive Director of CGA of BC. ?With such a great response, we have announced another intake for the six week program at BCIT.?

The second six week pre-employment module offers FREE tuition and starts September 25th, 2006 at BCIT. There will be an information session at BCIT on August 15th to inform individuals about the opportunities that are available in the Glass and Aluminum Technicians [Glazier] Industry.

After completing the introductory module and working in the industry for a period of time, the apprentice can return to school to take six separate specialty modules aimed at particular aspects of the industry. These include development of skills in areas such as Fabrication of Aluminum Systems and Installation of Residential High Rise Window Systems. Upon completion of all six of those modules and 6800 hours of work in the industry, the apprentice can become qualified to work anywhere in Canada by writing a Red Seal examination.

Glazing Contractors Association of BC?s modular based training was developed in partnership with the Window and Door Manufacturers of BC, the international Union of Painters and Allied Trades, District Council and other industry representatives.

The Glazing Contractors Association of BC is a recognized community of glazing professionals dedicated to providing the highest quality of product possible.