Computer and TV Recycling

Electronic items are just a part of our everyday lives. There are televisions, clocks, music players, computers, microwaves and many more. Each and every electronic item presents challenges to recyclers. When electronics wear out or break down they become part of what is known as e-waste. E-wastes have many different types of materials within them ? metals, plastics, etc. ? and often times contain hazardous materials such as mercury, lead and cadmium. The provincial government is addressing the issue of end-of-life electronic products, beginning with computers and television sets. On August 1st, 2007, the Electronics Stewardship Association of BC launched their province-wide electronics stewardship program. Currently, the only collection depot in our region is the Eco-Depot in Fort St. John. Chetwynd Recycling Depot has applied to become a collection depot and NEAT/Waste Reduction Office has a one-day collection event planned for October 13th in Dawson Creek.

An important issue to remember about this program is that it is designed to recover raw materials such as metals, glass and plastics. This program is not set up to find reuse opportunities for working equipment. This program offers no guarantees of security of information stored within computers so information of a secure nature should be deleted prior dropping it off at the depot. Materials currently accepted as part of the e-waste recycling program include: televisions, computers, monitors, desktop printers, keyboards, scanners, mice and all the cables.

For more information contact NEAT/Waste Reduction Office in Fort St. John 1-888-689-6328 or visit