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Wage War on ?Spam?

Spam is out of control! Like any other annoying fact of life, you can let it drive you crazy or you deal with it. In the age of cyber communication, ?Spam? has become the main way to get the message out to the masses. But if you think about it, ?Spam? has always been with us. Before the Internet, when it came in our mailbox, we called it ?junk mail?. On TV, we call it an ?infomercial?. Over the telephone, it?s ?telemarketing?. The determined marketer will find an annoying way to try to get his message to the people.

So what can we do about it? The best way, of course, would be not to buy any product or service offered by a spammer. If they don?t make any money as a result of their spamming, they eventually will get the message and stop. However, this solution would have to be undertaken on a global scale to be effective and there must be plenty of people who are reading and acting on the spammer?s message to prevent this from happening. Like trashing ?junk mail?, turning off the ?infomercial? on TV or not answering the phone when it?s a ?telemarketer?, You can take an individual stand!

TECH TOYS Are you ready to go digital? Deciding whether to make the leap? Do you feel like you?re the last person on your block that still uses film? Do you get embarrassed when your friends ask you to email them a picture? Are you on a first name basis with the hour-photo clerk? Maybe it?s time to make the leap to digital. It can be a tough decision, especially if you are a bit attached to your film camera. Going digital has never been easier!


Question: Are free Anti-Virus programs like AVG any good?

Answer: AVG compares well with any of the commercial anti-viral products such as Norton. Even if it were not free I would probably continue to use it, if the price was comparable to others, but as a completely free program it?s the best possible value!

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