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Viruses! Viruses! Everywhere Viruses! Doesn?t it seem that every time you turn on your computer, there is a virus warning in your email, in a popup on your screen, or the latest website is proclaiming your computers end, because of the latest virus? In this article we?d like to provide you with some ?virus safety guidelines? regarding safe computing on an internet filled with potential viruses.

The first thing you need to do is, keep your operating system up-to-date. When the system prompts you to install updates, install them as soon as possible. Many times they are security fixes for vulnerabilities that viruses often take advantage of. One of the most important updates that you can do is a Windows Update.

The next important step is to run a full virus scan on your computer at least once a week. And finally, when receiving email containing unwanted or unexpected attachments, do not open them until they are verified safe from viruses. Make sure your virus checking program is automatically scanning your computer and email for the latest viruses!


Bringing along electronic files when you are on the road, or transferring from PC to PC is a snap with the latest cigar hard disks! They?re a portable hard drive in a durable 2 inch by 4 inch enclosure that connects to any USB port and provides for up to 20GB of storage capacity! Whether you?re creating a business presentation, storing your favorite MP3 songs, or your most memorable photos – you can do it all with the cigar drive.


Question: What do I need in order to transfer old VHS home movies onto a DVD? I?d like to use my home computer.

Answer: You?ll need the Dazzle Digital Video Creator to transfer VHS tapes onto your computer. Next, you?ll need a DVD-RW drive to burn the transferred movies onto a DVD. Many new computers come with a built-in DVD-RW drive.

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