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Beware; this is one of the worst scams of all! There are companies that produce supposed spyware removal programs that actually are spyware! Many of these have anti-spyware-sounding names like Spy Deleter, SpyKiller, and Spy Wiper, and come from what look like legitimate software companies, like a company called Enigma Software Group that makes a program called SpyHunter. Some of these programs try to confuse people by using names that are very similar to legitimate spyware removal products; for example, SpywareBlaster is a legitimate spyware removal product, while SpyBlast is a fake.

If you?ve already purchased one of the fake programs, then consider yourself scammed! The best thing you can do is uninstall the program from your computer and use legitimate spyware removal programs to protect your computer. We strongly recommend using “Ad-aware” and “Spybot ? Search & Destroy,” free programs that scan your computer for spyware and remove it. These two programs do basically the same thing, but we recommend using both, as often one finds things the other missed.


Make instant messages, emails, and websites interactive and animated with help from the Logitech QuickCam Messenger Web Camera. The webcam offers everything you need in a web camera: Ease of use, quality video, a built-in microphone, and all the software you need to transform your home PC into a budget video communication studio. The enhanced communication experience provided with a webcam, more then pays for the initial investment.


Question: How can I help make sure my computer is up to date?

Answer: You can keep your Microsoft Windows®-based computer up to date using Windows Update, which is a free online service from Microsoft. Windows Update includes the Automatic Updates feature, which works with Windows Update. You can use the Automatic Updates feature to schedule the delivery and installation of critical updates on a schedule you specify.

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