Connecting Technical Problems with Appropriate Solutions:

The Vancouver Community Network (VCN) is pleased to announce the launch of an online Information Management/Information Technology Training and Technical Support Network (IM/IT Network) for the voluntary sector in BC and the Yukon. Opportunities exist for community groups, individuals and companies to register their technical services and for voluntary and non-profit organizations to find resources in their area. If you have computer hardware you no longer need; post a notice on our Website. If you are looking for hardware; make your request on our site. The same applies to technical help, workshops, online resources and stories. These services are located at The Vancouver Community IM/IT Network will form an important resource for voluntary sector organizations throughout BC and the Yukon that need help with technology and Information Management.

“This is a great opportunity for non-profit groups to get the help they need at a cost they can afford? said Peter Royce, of the Vancouver Community Network. ?It also benefits everyone who is providing technical services and training in the region. It?s an excellent opportunity to market technical services to groups who need them.?

While the network will promote a huge range of technology related services, including help with difficult questions to developing technology strategy plans, they will also emphasize free services, hardware exchange, and encourage group support.

If you would like further information about the Vancouver Community IM/IT network, please email You can also contact the network if you are interested in facilitating an introductory workshop in your area.

The Vancouver Community IM/IT Network is part of a Canada-wide IM/IT network being established with funding from the Government of Canada through the Voluntary Sector Initiative (VSI). The VSI, a joint undertaking between the Government of Canada and Canada?s voluntary sector, is aimed at strengthening the sector?s capacity to serve Canadians and their communities.