Constable Bids Farewell To First Post

Constable Josh Buck was a familiar and friendly face around the community. His desire to be either a firefighter or a Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) officer ultimately brought him to his first post in Tumbler Ridge. He and wife Krista will be bringing up their daughter Ava in a new location, Kamloops, BC. Buck ponders for a moment before adding, ?I never really considered another law enforcement? he says, reaffirming his decision to join the RCMP.

His focus appears to have been with the youth in Tumbler Ridge. He makes sure he is understood when saying that he feels if just a few kids are causing trouble, that doesn?t mean they all are. Says Buck, A few bad youth give them all a bad wrap. For the most part, kids are pretty good. He says that helping the youth is a priority with the RCMP. Buck was responsible for the resurrection of Citizens On Patrol (C.O.P.S.) , which is a group on volunteers who monitor the community and report back to the RCMP. He gave credit to the many who made the job of the RCMP easier.

His wife Krista, the petite and pretty mother of their daughter Ava, now running about and squawking, will be moving to territory she is more familiar with. She and her husband were engaged when they first came to Tumbler Ridge in 2001, following Josh?s completiion of his RCMP training in the Regina, Saskatchewan RCMP Base.

She is an aspiring singer, having competed in the 2004 Canadian Idol and was placed in the top 80 vying for the final spot. She had to come home, but says she feels ready to try again. She passed on auditioning this past year as she had traveled to Canadian idol with her daughter, as well as her parents and grandmother. The timing is better now that Ava is a bit older. She also hopes to start up with a band in Kamloops.

Typically, in Northern regions, an RCMP?s posting is four years with a possible extension of another year, but generally they then move on. This is known as a Limited Duration Post. Buck was assigned Tumbler Ridge and has enjoyed his stay here, bonding with fellow officers and firefighters especially. His transfer came though in April and he and his family left for Kamloops on July 7th. They will be staying with family until they take possession of their new house on July 12th and Bucks first day with the Kamloops City RCMP is July 21st.

While Krista is excited to be starting some new endeavors in Kamloops, she said she was a little sad as the departure grew closer. Josh confirms that he feels the move will be bittersweet. This was his first post, the home and his first years of marriage and the birth of his first child. He played hockey for the first time here, having never even skated before. Memories will be strong and fond for them as we wish them well in their new home and hope they will come back to visit us when they can.

And a special thank you to Constable Buck for his service in our community.