Constant Chatter: A cure for cabin fever

Jade Steckly


Daniel and I have travelled many times with all four of our girls, but almost all the trips have been to Calgary to see his family or to camp at a lake. This spring break is the first full on, hot weather family vacation that we’ve taken with all of our girls. It’s an experience! It’s also super fun and something that none of us will ever forget. Sure, the vacation was still to see the grandparents, but it is at their condo in Phoenix, so it counts

The fun started at the airport. I felt like an attention grabbing drama queen the whole day, and I can’t imagine Daniel felt any different. Just so all the men out their know…if you want attention, bring your four daughters and visibly pregnant wife to an airport. It’s something people notice.

Vacations look different when you’re travelling with your family, and the airport is where it all starts. I’ve only ever been on an airplane when it was just me, just Daniel and I, or just me and one child. Taking four children means that everyone had their own carry-on luggage that we needed to keep track of, and four different hunger, thirst, and bathroom schedules to try and coordinate.

With a little organization and a little “I don’t care if you have to go to the bathroom, I need you to try because there is one right here”, we made it through with no major incidents. Thankfully, the “tons of kids” comments was the craziest it got that day. I was expecting at least one melt down from one of the girls, but surprisingly, good behavior won out, and I barely even had to bribe any of them! Daniel, on the other hand….

There are so many things to do in Phoenix, including a zoo, butterfly atrium, hiking, shopping, and waterparks. Pretty much none of that matters to these girls though, because there is a pool at Grandma and Grandpa’s condo. We have ventured out a few times, but a good chunk of our days are spent at the pool, swimming and suntanning.

The best part is that Myka and Danica have found their confidence in life jackets and they just paddle all around the pool playing with their sisters. I have been lounging in a poolside chair, working on my tan and keeping a close eye on my little fishies (and incidentally, working on this for almost a week…the sun has caused some serious writer’s block!).

I have been so grateful for their recent independence, and as much as I am looking forward to meeting our new little princess (in nine weeks!), I am enjoying not holding a child, changing any diapers, or worrying about sleeping through the night for the next two months, and especially on this trip!

This brings us to today: our last day here. My emotions are ranging from “I do NOT want to leave ever!” To “nesting is starting to kick in, and I have nothing ready for baby yet. I need to go home now!” The girls are a little more clear in what they are feeling. Last night Myka let out a huge sigh with a “I don’t want to go back to winter time” before bed. If they could have their way, we would just move all of their friends down here and stay forever.

For now though, I’m going to enjoy one last cup of coffee on the patio before organizing and packing all of our stuff for the flight tomorrow…while praying that the flight home goes as smoothly as the one here did.

See you tomorrow, snow…please don’t stick around much longer, OK?