Constant Chatter: A letter to my sister in Australia

Jade Steckly


Dear Jael,

I know it is really hot in Australia right now, and while that sounds awesome, I thought you might be missing snow.

While I was in Carstairs over Christmas, I found something really cool…fake snow!

The package said that is the type of fake snow that they use on movie sets and in winter decorating at malls, plus it said that it’s moldable!

You only need a little…one teaspoon in a cup of water made quite a bit it said. I pictured it being a similar consistency to that new magnetic sand, and thought it would be fun for your kids.

I even wrote a cute (if I do say so myself)note challenging the kids to a cross-continental snowball fight!

While I was checking out at the store, the cashier made a joke about it not making it to you because it was white powder. Lol.

Anyways, I went to send it last week, and found out it was going to cost $40 because of the weight! Sue, my awesome postal lady said that if I could get it under 500 grams it would be cheaper.

“Ok, so I’ll just go home and put 499 grams of this white powder into a baggie to ship to Australia. Maybe I’ll cut the front of the original packaging off and include it juuuuuust in case”

So today I finally got around to repackaging it. After I opened it I thought maybe I would try some out to see what it’s actually like. I stirred a teaspoon of it into a measuring cup of water for 20 seconds like it said to.

Oh! I also learned today what they put in disposable diapers to absorb all that moisture.

Have you ever had a kid’s diaper burst and get those little beads everywhere? The ones you can’t clean up because they are made of pure evil? Yeah. That’s what this “snow” is. I would bet money that it’s the exact same product. The girls thought it looked so pretty and kept asking to play with it. Can you imagine? *twitch*

So sister, I thought a cross-continental snowball fight would be super fun. But I love you enough to not send this to your house. You. Are. Welcome.

As I was throwing it in the garbage, Daniel had second thoughts. We stood laughing in the kitchen for a good five minutes at the thought of tossing half a cup of it in someone’s toilet.

Don’t worry, we probably wouldn’t do that :)