Constant Chatter: Cabin Fever

Jade Steckly


Is cabin fever hitting anyone else’s house hard?

We live in the north, we know that every February this will happen, and yet the feeling still hits every single year. We are tired of making comfort food and eating the “in season” apples, oranges and bananas. We are ready to BBQ and eat watermelon now!

We are tired of bundling up to go outside; we are ready for flip flops. Most of all, we are ready to kick the kids outside so they stop sinking into the cycle of whining and fighting with each other, and quit “hurricaning” their rooms every day!

Despite the slow descent into insanity, there have been some pretty cute moments around here lately.

Just this morning, I decided to take the kids out one more time before the forecasted -30 weekend hits. I took the younger two to the pool while the older two were at school. It ended up being so much fun! It was really quiet there, which was nice. I put a life jacket on them and handed them each a pool noodle, and we kicked around the pool for almost two hours. The warm water also took away some of the soreness I’m starting to get with the pregnancy.

Last night I had a sweet moment with Tegan. I was dealing with morning sickness, and she came in to check on me. After a few minutes of looking concerned, she said, “when you were pregnant with me, did I make you this sick mom?”

I told her that no, I was only sick for about 14 weeks with her, but I would have been sick every day of my pregnancy if it meant I still got to meet her. It wouldn’t have mattered. She got the biggest smile on her face and looked so relieved as she hugged me. I often forget just how tender her little heart is…we are so blessed by her.

Daniel decided to make the most of the rest of the winter with the girls and introduce them to one of his favorite pastimes…snowboarding. He found board and gear for the older three girls and they have had so much fun learning about it this week! I absolutely love watching them out in the yard. There have been a couple nights this week where I’m lucky they came in for dinner at all.

Addison and Tegan are venturing into the creative world this winter as well. Thanks to some friends at school, they have taken up finger knitting recently and they both love it! Grandma Steckly also recently sent them a rainbow loom to make bracelets. Limiting video game time is always a struggle around here, but between the crafts and the snowboarding, those two have been keeping nice and busy lately, and I love that!

On that note, I hope everyone else is coping alright with the inevitable cabin fever…and if anyone has any other suggestions to make it through the next three months with a shred of sanity intact, I am always open to suggestions!