Construction begins on Family Skatepark

Years of planning and dreaming have become a reality for the residents who have worked to bring a skate park to Tumbler Ridge. The ground breaking was part of Tumbler Ridge?s Anniversary celebrations in April, and NewLine Skatepark, the contractors, began the excavation phase of the ten week project on April 18. The project will have an experienced team of four living and working in Tumbler Ridge until the skatepark is completed. All other workers, goods and services will be provided locally.

Mark van der Zalm is the skatepark designer, and on a recent visit to Tumbler Ridge he commented ? the design is to make sure the skatepark is fully integrated into the landscape.? The intention is for the park to look like it has always been there, and is a natural part of the landscape.

Phase Two of this project will integrate the skatepark into other facilities that will make the area a gathering place for the whole family. As part of that process there will be a public process in place, conceptial drawings, and a steering committee will be drawn from within the community. Some suggestions include a water park, and toys, and a BMX track for racers to practice on.

Tumbler Ridge is already blessed with a beautiful setting and, thanks to the foresight and planning that went into the townsite in 1982, we have a urban landscape that is the envy of much larger towns. The vision to have a fully integrated family landscape that would encompass the Roman Walkway, the Community Centre and the Family Park is compelling.

We could dream of seniors lawn bowling, children playing in the park, teens skateboarding, and generally families sharing that rare commodity ?family time?. On any day anywhere in the community families bike together, stroll down the paths, have lunch in the Roman Walkway, and generally enjoy Tumbler Ridge for exactly what it is; a beautiful place, in a town that has always been ahead of its time.