If you enjoy growing your own vegetables but don?t have the acreage, don?t despair. An assortment of vegetables can easily be harvested from containers. The Old Farmer?s Almanac All-Seasons Garden Guide shares how to plan and grow several menu-themed gardens in pots, tubs, and barrels.

Be sure your container has drainage holes in the bottom and remember that plastic pots won?t dry out as fast as unglazed ones. Try growing the following groups together to create a themed ?cook?s delight? garden.

Salsa Garden: ?LaRoma? tomato, ?Early Jalapeno? hot pepper, cilantro, and scallions

Pizza Garden: ?Milano? tomato, ?Carmen? sweet pepper, and oregano

French Gourmet Garden: ?Nickel? filet beans, shallots, ?Chartwell? lettuce, and ?Parisienne? cornichon cucumber

Stir-Fry Garden: ?Choko? baby bok choy, ?Zephyr? summer squash, ?New Crown? daikon radish, and snow peas

Don?t forget: Edible flowers such as nasturtiums, calendula, and signet marigolds add color to the pot and to the plate.

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