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(c)Resolution for Oath of Office for Bylaw Officer


That Council resolve that Timothy Lee is hereby appointed as a Bylaw Enforcement Officer for the purpose of enforcing all bylaws of the District of Tumbler Ridge; and that Timothy Lee is hereby authorized to enter onto and inspect property pursuant to section 16 of the Community Charter for the purposes of determining whether all regulations, prohibitions and requirements are being met in relation to the District?s Bylaws-approved

(d) Zoning Bylaw Amendment-Dentist

The recommendation that Council deny the request (from Dr. Croll) to develop a small portion of the existing commercial strata lot in the downtown core for residential purposes-has been tabled pending a meeting between Dr. Croll and Mayor and Council.

(e)Community Centre Mechanical System-


(f) Schedule of Meetings:

February 26, 2008-Policies and Priorities Meeting.

March 4, 2008-Regular Meeting of Council.

7. Councillor Business:

Councillor Holmlund:

Holmlund would like to encourage people to donate their bottles/cans to the grade 5/6?s at Tumbler Ridge Elementary. They are currently raising money to help build a school in Africa.

Councillor Hunter: Hunter was pleased to advise everyone that we are ?inching forward with a resolution for the covenant issue.?

Councillor White: White recently returned from the Outdoor Show in Vancouver. He said the Tumbler Ridge booth was well received with about 560 people inquiring about business opportunities, trails and outdoor activities. Councilor White said he also met many people who had lived and worked in Tumbler Ridge at one time. He enjoyed it and is hoping to go to the upcoming show in Calgary to further promote the town of Tumbler Ridge.

Councillor Colledge: Colledge spoke of the need for affordable and low income housing in Tumbler Ridge. It is an emergency situation in Tumbler Ridge. She said she is not sure if Council would be able to sway BC Housing, but perhaps we can apply some provincial pressure to help solve this problem. Most people in need are seniors with health issues, stated Colledge.

Also, Councillor Colledge spoke about the water in Tumbler Ridge and how in the warmer weather, people have been noticing a discoloration of the water. She advises people to contact Town Hall right away if you are having problems with your water.

Mayor Caisley:

Caisley stated there will be a detailed discussion about Claude Galibois School at the next Policies and Priorities Meeting. Also, he will have a further report with regards to the museum.

8. Q & A Period: no questions

9. Closed Meeting Items:none

10. Adjournment: 6:25 pm