Cool, wet weather controls Cowmoose fire

Trent Ernst, Editor


A five hectare fire on the flanks of Cowmoose Mountain is under control, thanks to cool, wet weather last Thursday.

The fire was first reported on August 16, and was caused by lightning.

The fire is 30 km from town, and is still being monitored by the Prince George Fire Centre.

The fire, located high up on the flanks of an unnamed peak near Cowmoose Mountain, at the base of a ridge, was visible from town and Highway 29.

However, due to dangerous terrain and a lack of safe accessibility, the fire is considered a modified response fire. “The fire is not currently threatening any values. The fire is currently five hectares in size.” said the BC Wildfire Branch last Wednesday, when the fire was at its largest.

Strong winds and warm weather on Wednesday caused the fire to flare up, shooting gouts of flame hundreds of feet in the air. However, despite the impressive fire behaviour, it did not grow very fast as the prevailing winds were pushing the fire east, into the rocky base of the cliffs.

The Bullmoose gas plant is two and a half kilometers south, downhill from the fire was the most obvious structure to worry about, but has not been in any real danger so far, as fires travel slowly down hills, and the fire was located high up on the mountain.

While the fire will continue to be observed over the next few days, there was no observable smoke as of Monday.

The BC Wildfire Service expects fire activity to be minimal, as cooler weather and rain have kept the fire under control.

If the fire does flare up again, and reaches a point where crews are able to access it safely, then suppression will occur, says a spokesperson for the Wildfire Service.