Council Highlights

Regular Meeting of Council: November 20, 2007

In attendance: Mayor Caisley, Councilors Colledge, Kirby, White, Holmlund and Hunter.

Official minutes can be obtained for this meeting at Town Hall.

1. Call to Order: 6:00pm

2. Adoption of Minutes: Regular Meeting of Council November 6, 2007.

3. Business arising from the minutes: None

4. Petitions and Delegations:

(a) Ellen Sager, Tumbler Ridge Garden Club

Ellen Sager attended the Council Meeting on behalf of the Garden Club. She stated the garden club was ?very pleased with the help they received? this year from the District of Tumbler Ridge with watering Hartford Gardens and the other flowers in the downtown area. In a letter addressed to Mayor and Council, Ellen Sager wrote ?Cutting the grass and watering have been significant in assisting us (the garden club) with keeping the gardens (Hartford gardens) looking great.?

Ellen Sager also extended her gratitude to Public Works to all their help with watering. ?We understand the water truck was stolen?, she said. ?So it made it difficult to continue?. The effort put forth by district to ensure the downtown area and the information center looked nice was also appreciated, explained Sager.

(b) Tumbler Ridge Chamber of Commerce: Introduction of Executive, Directors and New Manager.

The Tumbler Ridge Chamber of Commerce has hired a new Manager, Marie Therriault. Therriault, who was introduced by Ellis Howard (President), was hired in October. Howard, President of the Chamber, explained to council that the Chamber has had a tough year. Also in attendance from the Chamber was Sandy Miller (Director), Anthony Boos (Vice- President) and Peter Mandiville (Treasurer). Therriault explained to Mayor and Council that one of the goals this year is to get higher numbers. Mayor Caisley commented that the Chamber ?has been struggling? and he looks forward to ?everything that the Chamber will be doing? in the future.

5. Correspondence:

(a) Community Futures Peace Liard, RE: Self Employment Program Letter of Support.

Mayor and Council received a letter from Sue Kenny, General Manager of Community Futures Peace Liard(CFPL), requesting a letter of support from The District of Tumbler Ridge. CFPL is requesting letters of support for continuation of their Self Employment Program as well as being supportive of CFPL with the deliverance of this program in the Peace Region.

Motion to send letter of support has been carried.

6. Staff Reports: none

7. Bylaws: None

8. New Business:

(a)Wolverine Nordic and Mountain Society(WMNS) Requests.

Motion Carried to establish a Select Committee consisting of one Council representative(Councilor Hunter), one economic development department representative (Ray Proulx), and the president (Fred Booker) and secretary (Dr. Charles Helm) of the Wolverine Nordic Mountain Society to deal with items of mutual benefit.

Motion Carried to grant the work completed to date on the project (Track and Field) and transfer a full $10,000 to WMNS as per the original grant received from TruSport.

(b) Tumbler Ridge Golf Course

Motioned and Carried that Mayor and Council approve up to $377,500 plus applicable taxes to complete the Golf Course renovations and that the costs are funded from reserves.

Costs are identified as follows:

Plumbing $35,000; Elecrical $13,000; Clubhouse Renovations $212,500; Flooring $35,000 and kitchen renovations $82,000.

The costs are broken down into three components: Critical, Important and Necessary. The cost allocations, including descriptions are as follows:

Critical (Plumbing, Heating, Electrical, Kitchen) $130,000

Important (Painting, Windows, Doors) $127,000 and

Necessary (Exterior, deck repairs and roof repairs) $120,500.

Motioned and Carried that Mayor and Council approve $53,700 to payout the existing golf cart leases and that this amount will be funded from general revenues.

As part of the agreement with the Golf Club Society, the District acquired the assets, and related debt, of the golf course equipment. The lease payout would be recorded as a capital acquisition (the golf carts).

(c) Schedule of Meetings

Policies and Priorities Committee Meeting November 27, 2007 will be held at an earlier time starting at 5:15pm.

Next Regular Meeting of Council will be held December 4, 2007 at 6pm.

9. Councilor Business:

Holmlund: recently attended EPCOR meeting with regards to Chinook Energy (wind energy).

Mayor Caisley: also attended the EPCOR meeting. Mayor Caisley commented that EPCOR is in the very early process of setting up turbines for wind energy. This was just a ?preliminary meeting?.

The first meeting to gather information on seniors needs within the community of Tumbler Ridge was held on November 19, 2007. 10-12 people were in attendance for this meeting. This committee will be aiming to identify specific needs so that a program can be put together to address the needs of seniors in Tumbler Ridge.

Kirby: recently attended a meeting regarding land disposal strategies. Councilor Kirby is hoping to get Realtors involved to help with this.

Hunter: excited to start working towards meeting the needs of seniors within the community of Tumbler Ridge.

Colledge: Attended the recent open house for Peace River Coal. 50-60 people were in attendance. Colledge commented, ?they appear to be on track for permits?.

10. Q & A Period: No Questions from Gallery. Approximately ten people in attendance.

11. Closed Meeting Items: none

12. Adjournment: 6:45pm