Council Highlights

Council Highlights

Policies and Priorities Committee Meeting: November 27, 2007

In attendance: Mayor Caisley, Councilors White, Hunter, Holmlund and Kirby. Absent: Councilor Colledge

Councilor Hunter chaired meeting.

Official Meeting Minutes can be obtained from Town Hall.

1. Call to Order: 6:00 pm

2. Approval of Minutes from Policies and Priorities Committee Meeting of November 13, 2007.

3. Business Arising from Minutes:

Since the last Policies and Priorities Committee meeting, the Mayors Select Committee with the Wolverine Nordic Mountain Society has been formed.

The Select Committee consists of Councilor Hunter, Ray Proulx (Economic Development Officer), the Fred Booker(President of WMNS), and Dr. Charles Helm(secretary of WMNS. The committee was formed to deal with items of mutual benefit between WMNS and the District of Tumbler Ridge. One item that will be addressed with this committee is the Track and Field Project.

4. Review of Agenda: Amended

Addition to agenda: Item 12-Closed meeting to discuss a land issue under Section 90 1(e) of the Community Charter. Item 13-Adjourn.

5. Green Strategy.

Councilor Holmlund stated she has ?brought back? the issue of Green Strategies because she feels it ?needs more attention?. Councilor Holmlund is sure there is not enough being done through the Federal and Provincial government levels and Councilor Holmlund thinks the work the municipalities carries out towards sustainable living will and can make the difference. The buzz word has been ?sustainability? over the last 10 years. So what has been done? What can we be doing?

Councilor Holmlund feels there needs to be an assessment that will

1-define our (Tumbler Ridge?s) aquifer and watershed,

2-define our resources and

3- calculate our consumption of energy. Once this assessment is done, then priorities can be addressed.

Mayor Caisley stated that he had no objections to Councilor Holmlund?s proposal. However, at this time, there is an insufficient amount of staff to undertake all the objectives and projects that Mayor and Council would like to complete.

6. Land Disposition Strategy

The final draft of the Land Disposition Strategy (LDS) was presented to Mayor and Council. Mayor and Council were given the opportunity to raise some concerns with the document and make suggestions as to whether it is alright as it is, or whether some areas need reviewing. The LDS report was prepared by Urban Systems, in Kamloops BC.

The LDS was developed in order to facilitate new development in a way that reflected Council?s goals and objectives for the community.

At this time, there is approximately 300 vacant lots in Tumbler Ridge that can be built on, explained Mr. Miller (Chief Administrative Officer). What Tumbler Ridge does not have at this time are larger estate lots. This report suggests that larger estate lots be the next stage of development.

Also, this LDS wants development to target specific investors that possess both a successful track record and an appreciation of Tumbler Ridge?s broader objectives.

A few concerns of Council were brought forward at this time. Under the heading 6.1 Residential Land Disposition Strategy(RLDS), item 6:

The District will develop a restrictive covenant for the estate development to ensure that development is timely and meets the District?s goals in terms of the form and character of the development.

Councilor Holmlund feels restrictive covenants have restricted land developments within the community in the past. Mr. Miller explained that the new restrictive covenants give developers two years to lay the foundation of the development and there have been fewer problems with the new covenants in place.

Item 8- under the RLDS

The District will not make available the upper and middle benches of land until opportunities at the golf course are fully explored.

Comments on this item:

Councilor Kirby: ?I don?t see why this is in here.?

Councilor White: Councilor White believes this is restricting us and it is being ?too restrictive? if the golf course is put ahead of other development.

The LDS will be placed on the next Policies and Priorities Meeting for further discussion.

7.Community Centre Murals

Cheryl Hayden, Director of Community Services, is eager to install six murals on the front of the Community Centre. Hayden explained the Community Centre is boring to look at in its current state and the murals will help promote tourism as well as recreation within our community. The plan is to install murals on the front of the building in the bare area between the library windows. The murals would consist of two 7′ x 7′ murals and four 4′ x 7′ murals. Estimated cost would be $11,206.00

Cheryl Hayden has approached Joan Zimmer to create the murals for the community centre.

Joan Zimmer was the only one contacted for this work and as Hayden explained, ?she has done other murals? around Tumbler Ridge. Also, in the past when Hayden has talked to other artists, they were not interested in projects of this size explained Hayden.

Mayor and Council think the murals are a great idea. However, general consensus is that it would be a mistake to go ahead without any public input. Also, Mayor and Council would like Cheryl Hayden to approach other local artists to see if they would also be interested in doing these murals. It is important to give ?other artists the opportunity?, explained Mayor Caisley.

8.Youth/Senior Centre

The Youth Centre is currently operated by Tumbler Ridge Youth Services. At this time, the youth centre is open three days/week. There is a feeling that this space has the potential to serve more of the community members than it currently does.

The proposal to use the current space for both seniors and youth would mean renovations would have to be done to accommodate and appease both groups.

There are also plans to hire a senior/youth coordinator to enhance the programming needs. Other workers may be hired and there is a plan to integrate both senior and youth programming into other areas of the community centre, including the climbing wall.

The proposed budget, including renovations to the space and wages would be approximately $169,652.00. Costs to set up an office would be $84,000 and yearly operating costs would be $85,652.00


Councilor White: Agrees there is a need to fix up the space but doesn?t agree to hiring a coordinator.

Councilor Kirby: ?Do we need a coordinator?? Councilor Kirby is curious to know if the seniors would rather organize their own activities.

Councilor Hunter: ?Will there be a revenue we might bring in??

In response(Cheryl Hayden): ?There is no way to know how much revenue this plan would bring in.? It was a thought that seniors may pay a drop in fee and youth may purchase a monthly pass.

Mr. Miller: There is a need to utilize this space more and more and there is no way to do this with existing staff or the existing budget. Therefore, the request is for an increase in budget and staff. If we are to use this space on a full time basis, there is no way we can expect volunteers to do that much work. That is why a coordinator would be hired.

Mayor Caisley: ?I am in favour of a change, but I don?t know what the teens want.? Mayor Caisley is in favour of a fresh look as the space in question definitely needs an overhaul. Caisley believes the teens need to play a greater role and it is important to know what the teens want from this space.

Cheryl Hayden: at this time we have not talked to seniors about using this space. At present, there are seniors programs operating(happy hookers, floor curling), but mostly in attendance are women and we are hoping to get more men to come in, especially if there is a pool table or shuffle board for them to use.

9.Council Procedural Bylaw

Once the procedural bylaw is adopted, meeting times will be at 5pm(trial period for a couple months).

Also, participating in meetings electronically will only be done when there is a need for quorum.

10.Council Governance Model Policy

General consensus amongst Mayor and Council: The governance model is alright, but there is a desire to bring back the portfolio system.

Councilor Hunter likes the portfolio system and feels the Mayor can get more done with it.

11.Financial Reporting to October 31, 2007

District is still awaiting confirmation of grant funding for 2 capital funding projects(Ice plant and Spirit Squares).

The contractor hired to complete the elevator in the Community Centre has since started work.

Councilor Hunter thanked Mr. Seibel for the easy to read format.

12.Closed Session: Land Issue

13.Adjourn: 6:45pm