Council Highlights

Council Highlights

By Stacie Gruntman

Regular Meeting of Council:

December 4, 2007

In attendance: Mayor Caisley,

Councillors Colledge, Kirby, White, and Hunter. Absent: Councillors Holmlund and Sipe.

Official minutes can be obtained for this meeting at Town Hall.

1. Call to Order: 6:00pm

2. Adoption of Minutes: Regular Meeting of Council November 20, 2007.

3. Amendment to Agenda:

Lonnie Miller presented Ray Proulx, Economic Development Officer, with his certification from Economic Developers Association of Canada (ECAD). Ray Proulx is one of eight Certified Economic Developers in BC. There are only 160 across Canada.

4. Business arising from the minutes: None

5. Petitions and Delegations: none

6. Correspondence: none

7. Staff Reports: none

8. Bylaws:

(a) Bylaw 534, 2007 ?A Bylaw to Regulate the Meeting of Council of the District of Tumbler Ridge and the Conduct Thereof?.

-first reading: carried

-second reading: carried

-third reading: carried

(b) Bylaw 535, 2007 ?A Bylaw to Amend the Five Year Financial Plan 2007-2011 Bylaw No. 521, 2007?

-first reading: carried

-second reading: carried

-third reading: carried

(c) Land sales Reserve Fund

Expenditure Bylaw No. 536, 2007

-first reading: carried

-second reading: carried

-third reading: carried

These funds will facilitate the purchase of Claude Galibois School. In order to comply with the community charter requirements and as part of the audit and year-end process. A bylaw must be adopted to move the required funds from the Reserve Fund to the General Fund to balance the payment of this purchase.

9. New Business:

(a)Tumbler Ridge Museum Master Plan.

Motion Carried: Council provided approval in principle for the amended proposal for master planning services by Aldrich Pears Associates and to increase the allocated budget to reflect the increase in costs pending agreement by the Museum Development Committee.

Discussion: Mr. Lonnie Miller advised council that Ray Proulx, EDO, has been working with Rich McCrea and Aldrich Pears. The architect is not yet involved at this time. However, if the need arises, the cost of the Master Plan will increase by $34,166 plus some additional disbursements during on-site visits.

Councilor Hunter: What rational is it having the firm in place (Aldrich Pears) now that we (District) are buying the school?

Mr. Miller?s Response: Claude Galibois is the interim solution. The architect will still need to work with the space to make it functional. Aldrich Pears will also do market research to determine how many people can be drawn into Tumbler Ridge for the museum.

Ray Proulx also advised council that the architectural firm will work with space and design. They will help determine ?space? requirements and sizing. The architectural firm ?will only be used to the point they are needed?, explained Proulx.

(b) Claude Galibois Use.

The District will legally acquire Claude Galibois School December 21, 2007.

The District?s estimated cost to renovate the facility to code and use the entire building for public use is estimated at $944,000.

At the current time, there are 2 options for the use of the school; using it for the museum and using it for a senior?s housing complex. To renovate it for the use of a senior?s housing complex would cost District over $1 million dollars. Using it as a museum will cost less than $944,000.

Councilor White: ?I would like to have an open house or town hall meeting for the public to be able to have a say in what is done with the school?, since it actual fact belongs to the public.

Moved to Planning and Priorities Committee Meeting for a less formal discussion.

(c) Two Year Building Covenant on Lot K.

Moved to general Discussion:

Councilor Kirby: In a letter prepared beforehand, Councilor Kirby questioned the District?s desire for development in the downtown core. He also brought up several cases in which the restrictive covenant caused development plans to be abandoned. In his own experience, it will cost Councilor Kirby over $1.1 million more than if he were to build his new grocery store in Edmonton. It will cost him 40% more to build it and in the end it will be worth 40% less.

Councilor Kirby commented that he believes Kees Vandeburgt (KC?s Dollar Store) fully intended to have development under way on Lot K and therefore does not support motion to buy back the lot for $1.

Councilor Colledge: Does not support removing covenant, however does support an extension of a year, since there has been precedent set for a private resident.

Councilor White: Is willing to be compassionate and support an extension of the restrictive covenant.

Councilor Hunter: The covenant that is in place is legally binding and there may be huge ramifications to taxpayers and residents of Tumbler Ridge if there is a precedent set in terms of removing the covenant, explained Hunter. Councilor Hunter explained he does not like either option (purchasing land back for $1 or extending/changing covenant). Hunter is torn as he supports Kees Vandeburgt as an individual but feels he needs to be supportive of the recommendation to purchase the lot.

Mayor Caisley: ?I don?t believe that the delays were at all due to council?s actions?. Mayor Caisley Supports recommendation.

Motion to accept recommendation: That Council send a letter to Kees Vandeburgt, 1058887 Alberta Ltd. confirming that he/it has until December 31, 2007 to fulfill the agreement or the District will exercise its option to purchase the lot for $1. Motion Defeated with 2 in favour( Councillor Hunter and Mayor Caisley) and 3 against( Councilors Kirby, Colledge and White)

After the above recommendation was defeated, a new recommendation/motion was brought forward by Councilor Colledge as follows: That Council send a letter to Kees Vandeburgt, 1058887 Alberta Ltd. confirming that he/it has until December 31, 2008 to fulfill the agreement or the District will exercise its option to purchase the lot for $1. Motion Carried.

This motion gives Mr. Vandeburgt an extension of a year to complete development.

(d) Establishment of a Task Force on Senior?s Needs.

Recommended and Carried: That Council approve the Terms of Reference for the ?Mayor?s Task Force on Senior?s Needs? AND THAT Council appoint the following individuals to the task force; Mayor Mike Caisley, Mr. George Hartford, Dr. Charles Helm, Mr. Dave Price and Ms. Gail Neumann.

(e) Council Governance Model Policy.

Recommended and Carried: That Council adopt the Council Governance Model Policy-EO 4 effective immediately AND THAT Council Rescind TR. 21 Policy.

Mayor Caisley reminded Councilors the portfolios will be started in the new year and he would like Councilors to advise him of their interests.

(f) 2008 Acting Mayor Schedule.

Recommended and Carried: Council has approved the 2008 Acting Mayor Schedule as presented.

(g) 2008 Council meeting and Policies and Priorities Committee Meeting Schedule.

Recommended and Carried: That Council adopt the 2008 Regular Meeting Schedule and the 2008 Policies and Priorities Committee Meeting schedule and direct staff to post the schedules.

(h) Schedule of Meetings.

December 11, 2007 6pm: Policies and Priorities Committee Meeting

December 18, 2007 6pm: Regular Meeting of Council

10. Councilor Business:

Mayor Caisley: Recent purchase of Claude Galibois School: Mayor Caisley was happy council was able to meet all the deadlines purchasing the school even though Mayor Caisley feels there were unfair deadlines imposed upon them.

The Mayor?s Food Drive has been rescheduled for December 10th.

Kirby: Pleased that the Chamber of Commerce is starting to gain momentum.

Colledge: There will be a small march from Town Hall to the tree light up on December 6th to acknowledge the National Day of Remembrance.

Councilor Colledge would like Mayor and Council to discuss issues of ?blanket? funding to those people who require social assistance. There is one formula to allow for heating/costs of living and the government does not look at cases individually.

Hunter: Supports Councilor College on her requested discussion. Pleased to hear that a seniors task force has been formed.

White: Recently attended a meeting Dawson Creek on invasive weeds. He commented that it was more interesting than it may sound. Monkman Park is starting to be invaded by these weeds and it is becoming an issue closer to home. The worst culprit for spreading these invasive weeds are gravel trucks.

Councilor white also attended the Police Open House. There is a prolific use of drugs in Tumbler Ridge, by many youth and adults. Also, commented on the demise of the Police Blotter and said it is ?unfortunate? as it is read around North America.

11. Q & A Period: No Questions from Gallery. Approximately seven people in attendance.

12. Closed Meeting Items: none

13. Adjournment: 6:57pm