Regular Meeting of Council: December 19, 2007

In attendance: Mayor Caisley, Councillors Colledge, White, and Hunter.

Official minutes can be obtained for this meeting at Town Hall.

1. Call to Order: 6:00pm

2. Adoption of Minutes: Regular Meeting of Council December 4, 2007 and Special Meeting December 11, 2007.

3.Amendment to Agenda:

Additions- Item 8 (e) Resignation of Councillor Kirby and

Item 8 (f) Resignation of Fire Chief Dan Golob

4. Business arising from the minutes: None

5. Petitions and Delegations: none

6. Correspondence:

(a) TRSS Leadership Council,

RE: 2008 Yearbook Sponsorship

Mayor and Council received a request from Tumbler Ridge Secondary School?s Leadership Council for a $100 sponsorship. The money is for the yearbook project underway.

Motion to donate $100 carried.

(b) District of Hudson?s Hope,

RE: BC Hydro Recruitment

A letter was received from L. M. Harwood, Mayor of Hudson?s Hope. The letter was addressed to Mr. Bob Elton, the president and CEO of BC Hydro, Hudson?s Hope is inviting Mr. Elton to visit the community to discuss the issues facing both BC Hydro and The District of Hudson?s Hope. The letter was written to express their ?sincere displeasure with the position BC Hydro has taken with staffing and recruitment to Hudson?s Hope?.

Letter received for information.

(c) Royal Canadian Legion # 286, RE: Thank you

Ron Downes, President of Royal Canadian Legion #286, sent a Thank you letter to Mayor Caisley for attending the 2007 Remembrance Day ceremonies.

Letter received for information.

(d) Tumbler Ridge Chamber of Commerce, Re: Greyhound Passenger Service

Marie Therriault, Manager of the Tumbler Ridge Chamber of Commerce, wrote to Council requesting a letter of support for the Chamber to send to Greyhound. The Chamber of Commerce is eager to send in a signed petition as well as the letter of support to help reinstate passenger service to Tumbler Ridge.

Motion carried to send a letter of support, with any previous correspondence attached, to the Tumbler Ridge Chamber of Commerce.

(e) TR Ministerial Family Assistance Program, RE: Thank you

A letter of thanks from Joanne Liebelt was sent to Mayor and Council to express gratitude for the Mayor?s Food drive for 2007. This year the drive provided enough non-perishables for all hampers and also an abundance is remaining to be used throughout the year to assist families.

Letter received for information.

7. Staff Reports: None

8. Bylaws:

(a) Bylaw 534, 2007 ?District of Tumbler Ridge Council Meetings Procedural Bylaw?

-final reading: carried

(b) Bylaw 535, 2007 ?District of Tumbler Ridge 2007-2011 Financial Plan Amendment Bylaw?

-final reading: carried

(c)Bylaw 536, 2007 ?District of Tumbler Ridge Land Sales Reserve Fund Expenditure Bylaw?

-final reading: carried

9. New Business:

(a) Seniors Needs Proposal

The Mayor?s Task Force on Senior?s needs recommended the acceptance of the proposal put forward by the Community Development Institute of UNBC. The cost is $7,500. The proposal includes three objectives of a research plan:

1. Background issues report

2. Issues and Priorities report and

3. TR Senior?s Population profile.

Motion to accept the proposal from UNBC carried.

(b)Adoption of Land Disposition Strategy

Recommendation that Council adopt the Land Disposition Strategy as presented.

Motioned and Carried.

(c) Community Centre Murals

After a request for proposals for the murals was advertised, Joan Zimmer and Rita Henderson applied for the project. Zimmer?s proposal has an estimated cost of $11,206.80 and Henderson?s estimated cost is $4,840. Based on the proposals? objectives, content requirements and proposal evaluation, Joan Zimmer?s proposal better meets the objectives, requirements and scores higher in the proposal evaluation. The plan is to install the murals on the front of the community center building in the bare area between the library windows.

Recommendation that council enter into a contract to commission Joan Zimmer to create the murals for the front of the Community Centre. Motioned and carried.

(d)Schedule of Meetings

No changes, absences known at this time.

(e)Resignation of Councillor Kirby: In a letter dated December 13th, 2007 Kirby tendered his resignation effective immediately for ?personal reasons?.

Mayor Caisley wished ?him the very best of luck? and we are ?certainly going to miss him?. Mayor Caisley also mentioned the by-election in March will be for two positions.

(f)Resignation of Fire Chief Dan Golob

Fire Chief Dan Golob will be moving to Fort St. John and his last day working in Tumbler Ridge will be January 30, 2008.

10. New Business:

Mayor Caisley: There is a by-election coming up in March. The Seniors? needs select committee is on-going and the Task force for the museum has had some very productive meetings. Mayor Caisley was very pleased with the success of the food drive.

Councillor Colledge: Colledge is interested in attending the UBCM seminar coming up that will focus on policing strategies since there is an ?obvious drug problem here? in Tumbler Ridge. She feels that ?the presence of

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smaller, rural communities is important? a these seminars. If Mayor Caisley does not attend, she would like to attend.

Hunter: Hunter is pleased to see the development of the senior center.

White: White would like to see a discussion on snowmobiles on the next Policies and Priorities meeting agenda. Motion to send a letter to Chetwynd expressing Tumbler Ridge?s regrets to the recent Canfor Shutdown. Carried.

11. Q & A Period: No Questions from Gallery. Approximately fifteen people in attendance.

12. Closed Meeting Items: A closed meeting is required to discuss two employee relation issues under section 90 1(c) of the Community Charter.

13. Adjournment: moved to a closed meeting at 6:27pm