Council Highlights

In attendance: Mayor Caisley, Councillors White, Hunter and Holmlund

Councilor Hunter chaired meeting.

Official Meeting Minutes can be obtained from Town Hall.

1.Call to Order: 7:02 pm

2.Approval of Minutes from Policies and Priorities Committee Meeting of January 29, 2008.

3.Business Arising from Minutes: none

4.Review of Agenda.

5.Questions on January 29th, 2008 Proposal from Museum Foundation:

The Museum Foundation was ready to answer questions regarding the previous presentation they had given to Mayor and Council as to why Claude Galibois School would be a good fit for the Museum?s new home.


Mayor Caisley: ?Would there be any additional space that you would not require??

Dr. Helm explained it is always nice to work with other not-for-profit groups if possible. There are two concerns that come to mind, explained Dr. Helm. Security is a concern if other groups are using the space and a compromise of our ideas would also be a concern. Dr. Helm would like to see the other proposals of the groups that are interested in space at Claude Galibois school to see if there is any way the museum could work together with the groups. The museum knows they are groups with legitimate needs.

Councillor Holmlund: ? How are you with the NDI grant??

Rich McCrea: ?We are in the process of bringing in experts for estimates as to what the renovation costs would be.?

Holmlund: ?Is there a time line??

McCrea: ?It all depends on what happens with the school.?

Holmlund: ?The new excavation site that you found last year, is that your big project??

McCrea: ?Yes, that is our big project.? ?We are left with an increasing need for space.? McCrea explained that if the museum items were ever to go onto the market, they would earn a seven figure amount. With no security, there is a big risk at the moment.? ? The museum will have valuable assets that need to be protected?. McCrea also explained that BC is following Alberta in legislating where these artifacts will need to go. The Museum Foundation is hoping that the new space will help the Tumbler Ridge Museum Foundation become on of these depositories.

Councillor White: ?When can you move if you get the go ahead??

McCrea: ?Our wish is to get it done before the snow flies, hopefully by the fall.?

Mr. Miller: ?Do we have enough land developed for parking??

McCrea explained he is happy with the parking as it is now. There is access for motor homes which will be good for tourists, explained McCrea. As for outside development, murals can initially be done quite easily. Later, we would like to develop outside sculptures he explained.

Hunter: ?If you get the green light, what do you see as your plan of all plans??

Dr. Helm and Dave Price explained the proposal for the use of Claude Galibois is for 10 years. Price explained at the end of ten years, TRMF will have outgrown the space. Therefore, at the 5 year mark, the museum will need to be working on the next plan.

6. Use of Claude Galibois School

There have been six expressions of interest, not counting the museum, for space within Claude Galibois School. These groups are: Tumbler Ridge Rangers, Junior Canadian Rangers, BC Seniors Games Society, the Terry Lansdowne Foundation, Lions Club of TR and TR Search and Rescue. Mr. Miller gave Mayor and Council three options to consider for these proposals. The first choice is to continue assisting these groups to find alternative space and grant the Tumbler Ridge Museum Foundation (TRMF) exclusive use of the facilities(Claude Galibois) as per its request and presentation to Council January 29th, 2008. The second choice is to grant TRMF exclusive control of the building through a lease and include as a condition of the lease the requirement to allocate 1000-3000 square feet of space for other not-for profit group use. The third option is to determine the total space required and enter into separate leases with each group including TRMF.


Councillor White: ?There is a definite need for room? for these individuals. However, Councillor White has concerns for security with mixing these groups. White stated he would like to get a feel for what the community would like.

Councillor Holmlund is also interested in ?what the public has to say about the building(Claude Galibois School). She stated that some of the groups who expressed interest have already been before council to request space. Councillor Holmlund would also like to see a summary of how the rooms at the community centre are being used. She would like more information before she makes her final decision as to what should be done with Claude Galibois School.

Mayor Caisley: I am ?in favour of a Town Meeting? stated Caisley. ?I also appreciate the options that were given to us in the report?.

Councillor Hunter confirmed with those present that the Next Regular Meeting of Council will be held at 6pm on March 4th, 2008. The later start will enable more time for the Town Meeting with regards to the use of Claude Galibois School which is at 4pm that same day.

7. Proposed Inter-agency Discussion Initiative

There is a proposed list of groups/organizations/businesses to participate in proposed quarterly inter-agency meetings. This list includes(but may be changed): District Council, District Economic Development Officer, Peace River Coal, Western Canadian Coal, Chamber of Commerce, Northern Lights College(Workforce training and Continuing Education Department), School District #59, Tumbler Ridge Employment Needs Development Services, RCMP, and the Northern Health Authority. According to a memo written by Ray Proulx, EDO, this list represents an effective cross section of key decision makers in our community. Two people from each group would be asked to attend these meetings. ?Not only would this group be expected to report to their respective organizations, they would be also expected to report to the rest of the community on the results of discussions and any actions that may arise.?


Ray Proulx stated this is ?essentially a simple idea that is well overdue?.

Mayor Caisley stated this ?will be a good form of communication?.

Councillor Holmlund was hesitant on the size of the group that has been proposed. She said, ?when I look at the size of this, I think it is kind of large?. ?It is hard to work in one direction and focus when you are working in a large group.?

Disagreeing with Councillor Holmlund, Councillor White agrees everyone should be included and is supportive of the number of groups that has been proposed.

Ray Proulx was given direction from Mayor and Council to move forward and to send a heads up to people that may be involved so they can think of who they may want to send to these meetings.

8. Board Of Variance Bylaw

Mr. Miller explained there was a previous bylaw for a Board of Variance in the 1980?s, Bylaw 12, that has since expired. Therefore, a draft has been produced for consideration. If the bylaw is passed, there will be a need for advertising for the three positions and Mayor and Council will need to appoint three people to the Board of Variance.


Councillor White expressed concerns with section 5.2 that reads ? Upon receiving an application to the Board, the Approving Officer(Mr. Miller) shall first determine whether the application is within the jurisdiction of the Board, and if the application is considered beyond the jurisdiction of the board, the applicant will be advised of other avenues to consider.? Councillor White stated not all Board of Variance Bylaws include this and he feels it ?looks like a screening process?. Mr. Miller responded by saying he has no problem taking that section out. Section 5.3 will also be removed.

Councillor Holmlund wanted clarification as to whether the members of the Board of Variance were paid a wage or stipend. Kim Isaak, Corporate Officer/Deputy C.A.O., explained the people on the board must be ?paid reasonable expenses? but they are not given a wage or stipend. A reasonable expense would be to cover wages for a lost work day.

The Bylaw will be brought forward for readings at the next regular meeting of Council. Mr. Miller advised Mayor and Council that changes can be made until the third reading if there are further concerns at a later date.

9. BC Rail Caboose

There have been two inquiries to utilize the space in the BC Rail Caboose since the January 29th, 2008 Policies and Priorities Meeting.


Councillor White has concerns with suitability for use as he has heard there is a mold issue in the caboose. Also, there is no water and there are no washroom facilities. White would like to see it open to tender.

Councillor Holmlund would like to see the caboose and the giant shovel relocated. ?It is hard to heat?, she said, ?and usually if people go into it it is only for the summer.?

Mayor Caisley would like it to be advertised to see if there is any other interest. He also said, ?it wouldn?t bother me if it is moved.?

After deciding if the caboose is usable, a decision will be made to advertise for interest or look into relocating the caboose.

10. Citizen Survey

Mr. Miller said the District was pleased with the response from the citizen survey that was done in September 2007. ?There were 193 surveys returned out of a possible 3000?, stated Mr. Miller. At the time the surveys were distributed, people were told the results would be made available for the public. There will be a link on the District website where people will be able to see comprehensive results. There are plans to advertise when it is on the District website as well as to inform people they will be able to pick up a summary of the results from Town Hall.

11. Resolution Submission Deadline-North Central Municipal Association

There will be a minimum of three resolutions brought to the Regular Meeting of Council that will address Homelessness, high speed Internet and Carbon Tax. These resolutions will then be discussed at the North Central Municipal Association?s Convention in Prince George May 7-9, 2008.

12. 2008 Planning Institute of British Columbia (PIBC) Conference and Annual General Meeting

The conference is June 10th-13th, 2008 and will be held in Prince George. Stephen Lewis will be the main keynote speaker for the conference on June 11th, 2008. He will be speaking on Climate Change. Mr. Lewis if the former United Nation Secretary-General?s Special Envoy for HIV/AIDS in Africa. An estimated cost to attend the conference will be brought forward to Council at a later date.

13. Adjourn: 8:20pm.