Council Highlights

Policies and Priorities Committee Meeting: March 11, 2008

In attendance: Mayor Caisley, Councillors White, Hunter and Colledge.

Councilor Hunter chaired meeting.

Official Meeting Minutes can be obtained from Town Hall.

1.Call to Order: 5:00

2. Approval of Minutes from Policies and Priorities Committee Meeting of February 26,2008.

3. Business Arising from Minutes: none

4.Review of Agenda.

5.TR Hospice and Palliative Care Society, Re: Grant-in-aid Request.

Doug Foerster, President of the Tumbler Ridge Hospice and Palliative Care Society, attended the Council meeting to answer any questions Mayor and Council may have with their grant-in-aid request. Mr. Foerster explained the society currently has 19 volunteers but they cannot take care of nursing needs. He explained there is a course offered by Northern Lights College, with a minimum of six people, that is a Home Care Training Program. The 25 week program would train people in order to prepare them for jobs working with persons who need home care. The Palliative Care Society would like to subsidize the cost of the program for persons interested in order to train them for jobs within Tumbler Ridge. The Society would like to be able to provide care support so families have a choice to provide care in the home, rather than going to the hospital right away. The Palliative Care Society is requesting $48,000, to be placed in a trust account, so that if people are in need of funds to pay for home care support, they would be able to be access these funds based on a means test.


Councillor White: ? How did you come up with $48,000??

Mr. Foerster explained this was just an estimate. He is not sure how many people will need to access these funds. He explained that if the funds are depleted, then perhaps they will need to be replenished at a later date.

Mr. Foerster also explained the contracts would be between the families and the home care support worker. The home care support workers would be recommended by the palliative care society to the families who are in need of the care support.

This will be addressed at the upcoming budget meetings.

6. Grizzly Valley Saddle Club, Re: Barns #?s 9,10 and 12.

Lynda Halpin spoke on behalf of her husband Doug Halpin and Rene Primeau (who were in attendance), with regards to a letter received from the Saddle Club Board of directors, advising Mr. Halpin and Mr. Primeau to remove their barns? illegal porches by March 15, 2008. They must remove their porches because these porches encroach the 60 ft road allowance required, according to a letter from Ken Klikach, building inspector. The Halpins and Mr. Primeau do not disagree that their porches encroach the 60ft road easement, but they have done their own measurements of all the barns at the saddle club and state there are several other barns that also encroach the required 60ft and feel if their porches need to come down, then all the others need to come down as well.

Comments/Questions: Councillor Colledge: ?Do you (Mr. Primeau and Mr. Halpin) own these barns?? Mrs. Halpin explained the Saddle Club leases the barns from the District and then the Saddle Club leases the barns to the members.

Mayor Caisley: ? Have you spoken to Mr. Miller and the building inspector??

Mrs. Halpin stated they had spoken to Ken Klikach, the building inspector. Mr. Klikach advised the Halpins that he went up to investigate certain barns at the saddle club after the electrical inspector had been to the saddle club and saw some concerns.

Mr. Halpin questioned why it is just barns # 9,10 and 12 in question. He stated a lot of other barns will have to come down as well based on their measurements. Mr. Halpin also stated that his porch was built with permission from the saddle club many years ago, although he does not have documentation of this. Councillor Hunter commented that this issue is an ?internal matter? with the Saddle Club.

Mr. Miller said he would be happy to work with both parties to confirm what should happen, either allowing the porches to remain, or whether they do in fact have to come down.

7. Grizzly Valley Saddle Club

Crys White, Secretary Treasurer of the Saddle Club spoke to Mayor and Council with regards to barns # 9,10 and 12. She explained that there is a new board at the Saddle Club and they have spent a lot of time and money on electrical issues and building issues up at the Saddle Club. Mrs. White also explained that Mr. Primeau had been heating barns 9 and 10 during the winter months which violates the lease and would ?nullify the insurance? the Saddle Club has. On December 10th, 2007, power was cut to Mr. Primeau?s barns and remains cut. In October 2007, notices were sent by the board, to all members of the Saddle Club, who had illegal porches on their barns. These notices advised the members that they must remove their porches. Mrs. White stated all members complied except Mr. Primeau and Mr. Halpin. There have been numerous requests of compliance sent to Mr. Primeau and Mr. Halpin to remove their porches, stated Mrs. White, which have all been ignored. Mr. Halpin and Mr. Primeau are not members in good standing and that is why they have been given the deadline to remove their porches by March 15, 2008 or they will need to remove all their belongings by March 31, 2008 and their memberships will be revoked.

Comments/Questions: Mayor Caisley: ? Have you (the Saddle Club Board) given these two men the opportunity to talk?? ?And they have refused to comply??

Chrys White stated yes to both of these questions.

8. Peter Thompson, Re: Dr. Croll-Variance to Zoning Bylaw

Mr. Peter Thompson spoke to council once again with regards to the need for a dentist in Tumbler Ridge. He spoke also about Dr. Croll, a dentist from Victoria, who is setting up practices in Dawson Creek and Chetwynd and how Dr. Croll would like to set up a practice in Tumbler Ridge, if there is a change to the zoning bylaw to allow him to build a small residence in the dental practice.


Councillor White: ?Has Dr. Croll thought about buying a condo??

Mr. Thompson explained the residence is only required as a temporary need and Dr. Croll does not want to buy a condo.

Councillor Colledge: ? Does Dr. Croll intend on being open five days a week??

Mr. Thompson explained he thinks it is the intention to be open full time, but other dentists will be employed by Dr. Croll.

Mayor Caisley commented that he would still like to speak directly with Dr. Croll himself.

9. Tumbler Ridge Commercial Investment Strategy Review

Ray Proulx, Economic Development Officer, spoke to Mayor and Council and the Commercial Investment Strategy (CIS), that was initiated by the Economic Development Department in 2007. Proulx explained the CIS is an ?action born out of a community vision in 2006?. He also explained that it was developed though ?raw, honest feedback?. ?After speaking to businesses within Tumbler Ridge, the businesses agree that Tumbler Ridge is a great place to live?, explained Proulx. ?But we need to work on it being a great place to do business?.


Councillor Colledge explained to Proulx that she had read the last strategies written in 1994 and 2000. ?What do you(Proulx) see that we can do differently this time around??

Proulx explained that the last documents written were not action based, they were based more on great ideas. This time, a local consultant was used.

Mayor Caisley stated he was impressed with the work that was done by the consultant, Ryan Murray, and he would like the strategy to move ahead.

10. NCMA Annual General Meeting and Conference

The NCMA Annual General Meeting and Conference will be held in Prince George May 7-9th, 2008. This year?s theme is ?Change, Challenges and Success?. Mayor Caisley requested Mr. Miller to contact the two new Councillors to see if they would like to attend. The Council Remuneration Bylaw allows for all members of Council to attend. Cost per person is approximately $900/person if traveling in a District vehicle.

11.Northern Women?s Symposium

The Northern Women?s Symposium is being held in Tumbler Ridge on April 2-3rd, 2008. Mayor Caisley encourages the women Councillors to attend as well as anyone else who may be interested.

12. 2008 Planning Institute Guest Speaker -Stephen Lewis

The conference is June 10th-13th, 2008 and will be held in Prince George. Stephen Lewis will be the main keynote speaker for the conference on June 11th, 2008. He will be speaking on Climate Change. Mr. Lewis if the former United Nation Secretary-General?s Special Envoy for HIV/AIDS in Africa.

Mayor Caisley encourages all who can attend to do so, Councillors as well as senior staff.

13. Adjourn: 6:33 pm