Council Highlights

In attendance: Mayor Caisley, Councillors Colledge, McPherson,White, Hunter and Schembri.

Approximately ten people in the gallery.

Official minutes can be obtained for this meeting at Town Hall.

1. Call to Order: 5:00pm

2. Adoption of Minutes:

(a) Minutes of the Regular Meeting of Council of March 4th, 2008-adopted as presented.

3. Business arising from the minutes:

(a) Zoning Bylaw Amendment-Dentist

There has not yet been any discussion with Dr. Croll and Council. Mayor and Council will plan to set up a conference call for the upcoming Policies and Priorities meeting, between Mayor, Council, Dr. Croll and Mr. Thompson, so that questions can be asked of Dr. Croll directly.


Councillor White would like more information with regards the apartment Dr. Croll would like to build. Councillor White stated he was initially against the rezoning. However, he has since spoken to many residents who would like to see a dentist in Tumbler Ridge and would not like to shut Dr. Croll out yet.

Councillor McPherson stated he ?hates to see residents downtown? but he would like a dentist.

Councillor Colledge agrees Tumbler Ridge needs a dentist but she still maintains there may be other alternatives to using commercial space for an apartment.

Councillor Schembri spoke of the positive to having eyes and ears among business areas, which can deter crime. Regardless of the positives, she would like to speak to Dr. Croll as well.

4.Petitions and Delegations: none

5. Correspondence:

(a)The Royal Canadian Legion, Re: ?The Military Service Recognition Book? Sponsorship.

Rob Bennett from the BC/Yukon Command Office, of the Royal Canadian Legion, wrote to Council to request financial support for the 3rd Annual Edition of the ?Military Service Recognition Book?. The book will honour over 400 veterans with pictures and biographies on each. Council donated a ½ page in colour in 2007.

Councillor Hunter moved:

That Council contribute ½ page, full colour, which is equivalent to $850.00-motion carried.

(b) Northern Rockies Regional District, Re: Carbon Tax Legislation Opposition.

A letter written by the Town of Fort Nelson, expressing their opposition to the new carbon tax Legislation, was received by Mayor and Council.-Item received for information.

(c) TRSS Leadership Group, Re: Mock Council Meeting

The Leadership students at Tumbler Ridge High school would like to stage a Mock Council Meeting to see how local government works and how decisions are made at Town Hall.

Councillor Hunter moved:

That an invitation be sent to TRSS leadership inviting them to stage a Mock Council Meeting at Town Hall.-motion carried continued page 13

(d) District of Hudson?s Hope, Re: Electoral Boundaries Commission Report.

The City of Prince George forwarded a letter, addressed to Premier Campbell, to Mayor and Council regarding their concern with the recommendations of the Electoral Boundaries Commission. The recommendation which is particularly concerning will lead to the loss of two MLA?s in the North Central Municipal Association.

Councillor Hunter motioned to draft a letter to Premier Campbell expressing concern for any reduction of representation in Northern BC pending the review of the press release from Premier Campbell-carried.

(e) Tumbler Ridge Chamber of Commerce, Re: Request to Use District Logo.

Marie Therriault, Manager of the Chamber of Commerce, requested the use of the District Logo for the sign the Chamber is placing over the office door in the Community Centre-request granted.

(f) Aging Well in Northern, Rural, and Remote Communities Conference.

There is a conference in Prince George March 26-27th, 2008 which will focus on successes and challenges in addressing the effects of social and geographic isolation on seniors? well being.

Mayor Caisley recommended to authorize a member of the senior?s task force to attend, as selected by the Mayor, so that he/she will be able to bring back information to share with the rest of the task force-carried.

6. Bylaws:

(a) District of Tumbler Ridge Bylaw No.538, ?A Bylaw to Provide for the Establishment of a Board of Variance.?

·Third Reading-tabled until Mr. Miller and Councillor White can discuss amendments.

(b) District of Tumbler Ridge Bylaw No. 539, ? District of Tumbler Ridge 2008-2012 Financial Plan.?

·First Reading-carried.


Councillor McPherson would like to see operation budgets for the different departments in the District. He stated his request is not a ?trust issue?, he would just like to do his job and therefore would like to see more numbers.

Mr. Miller advised Councillor McPherson that there is a package that is ?quite extent? but Mr. Miller is willing to go through it with Councillor McPherson ?line for line? if he would like.

Councillor Colledge also expressed interest in discussing some specific items further(i.e. Grant in aid applications).

7. New Business:

(a)Cox, Taylor Legal Fees

Recommendation that Council reimburse Councillor White for the second legal opinion on Section 25 of the Community Charter in the amount of $1904.70-carried

(b)Tumbler Ridge Commercial Investment Strategy Approval

Recommendation that Council adopt the Tumbler Ridge Commercial Investment Strategy as presented was carried.

(c)Schedule of Meetings

Policies and Priorities Committee Meeting-March 25th, 2008 5:00pm

Regular Meeting of Council-April 1st, 2008 5:00pm

8. Councillor Business:

Mayor Caisley: Attended the dog sled races. Also welcomed Councillors Schembri and McPherson aboard.

Councillor Schembri: Attended the budget meeting and stated it was a good initiation into the Council process.

Councillor Hunter: The Budget process has been the focus of the last two weeks.

Councillor White: Commented the dog sled races were successful attracting more racers than last year.

Councillor Colledge: There were approximately 40 people who participated in the International Women?s day event.

Councillor McPherson: After speaking to other Councillors(except Councillor Hunter) and staff, he had a few ideas to share. The welcome package Councillor McPherson received was informative, especially in the areas of respect and professionalism amongst Councillors. He stated that more of those packages should be passed around. The second concern was regards to meeting times. He said he noticed that meeting attendance had been low and he would like the meeting time to be later(7pm) and is hoping that could be placed on the next Policies and Priorities Committee meeting agenda. Councillor McPherson would also like to see more involvement by Mayor and Council with ?stuff around town?. He gave an example of recent land sales that the staff was involved in but Mayor and Council was not. McPherson also spoke of the Portfolios. He said, ?If everyone (Councillors) wants them, then bring it back in?, sooner than later. Finally, he spoke of businesses in Tumbler Ridge and how it is not hard attracting business here, but keeping them here is the hard part. Councillor McPherson would like to have a meeting with all the businesses in town to find out what types of problems they are experiencing.

9. Q & A Period:

Lynn Way asked the following regarding the budget: ? Did each department head justify their needs(funding) for their departments with Councillors??

Mr. Miller stated Council met early in January to ask which services each department liked, wanted to change or wanted to increase. The department heads also itemized what they were/are working on to Council. With that information, staff went away and built a budget on what Council wanted to see. The budget was not looked at line by line.

Lynn Way asked: ? If that?s the case, then why were the 2.2 million dollar recreation centre improvements not included in the budget??

Mr. Miller explained at the time they met, the numbers were not available as they were waiting for the consultant?s report for the list of repairs. Mr. Miller also explained there is another consultant that will be looking at the structural envelope of the community centre to let District know what needs to be done to the building. Also, Mr. Miller stated District may have to spend $4-5 million dollars over the next few years to improve the community centre. He said it is a lot of money, but a better option than tearing it down and building it from scratch.

10. Closed Meeting Items:

(a) Land.

11. Adjournment: Moved to a closed meeting at 5:45pm.