Council Highlights

Special Meeting of Council: April 28 , 2008

In attendance: Mayor Caisley, Councillors Colledge, McPherson, Holmlund, Hunter and Schembri.

Gallery: 10 people in attendance, including delegates.

Official minutes for the meeting can be obtained from Town Hall.

1.Call to Order: 5:11pm

2.Petitions and Delegations.

(a) Mayor?s Seniors Needs Task Force and Greg Halseth.

Dr. Charles Helm spoke to Mayor and Council about the Seniors Needs Task Force. He stated that this initiative had been tried in previous years, but nothing ever came of it. This time around though, it is working. Dr. Helm explained the volunteer group has been meeting weekly on Mondays and they have been very methodical and disciplined in their approach. They are aware that they need reliable data if they plan on approaching the government for money. So far there have been a few ways that data has been gathered. There has been a public meeting, focus groups and a door to door survey. There were no big surprises, but now there is statistical evidence to confirm suspicions. The task force would now like a part time coordinator to be hired in order to continue the momentum the task force has gained.

There will be a follow up public meeting on May 26th at 5pm in room 4 at the community centre.

Greg Halseth, Acting Director of the Community Development Institute from UNBC, gave a presentation to Mayor and Council on the results of the survey, the door-to-door survey and the drop off survey. In total, 524 surveys were completed for a response rate of 59.5%. Most respondents were married, newcomers to the community(since 2000), home owners and they were from middle income households. Nearly 2/3 of respondents were in the near retirement age in the age profile section.

The purpose of the study was to examine Seniors needs; infrastructure/planning, housing, health care, social support services, transportation networking, physical environment and education.

Housing renovations will be a key local issue. Homes will require retrofitting with ramps, wider doorways and grab bars to assist with mobility in peoples homes.

The following are some of the key summary findings from the survey:

?Approximately 86% of respondents support the development of a Seniors? housing complex, which should have a common activity room that is accessible by older residents in the community for day recreation, socializing, meals and activities.

?There is a need for a dentist to fill in key health care gaps and there needs to be greater flexibility in the delivery of home care services.

?Residents would like better attention to winter snow and ice clearing on roads and sidewalks. Also, handicap parking and existing wheelchair ramps needs expansion and/or relocation.

?There is a need for care for caregivers (respite care).

·More services are needed to help seniors with the maintenance of their homes(home repair, housecleaning, yard work).

·Transportations services(Handidart, shuttle bus) are needed, especially wheelchair accessible van for medical transportation.

·There was support for a seniors drop in centre, and programs and activities specific to seniors.

·Health and wellness programs to cope with aging.

·One stop shop for information services.

The recommendation:

That council instructs staff to advertise for Expressions of Interest for a Part-Time Seniors Needs Coordinator for a six month term has been carried.


(a) Bylaw No. 539, 2008 ?District of Tumbler Ridge Financial Plan Bylaw 2008-2012.?

The Recommendation:

That Council rescind the third reading of the ?District of Tumbler Ridge 2008-2012 Financial Plan Bylaw No.539,2008.? -was carried.

That the financial plan be amended to increase Grants to Other Organizations by $11,178($2,000 for TR Seniors (+55) Group and $9,178 for TRSS and TRE PAC) and that Transfer from Surplus be increased by $11,178 to fund these additional expenditures- was carried.

That the financial plan be amended to increase General Government Services by $33,735(Seniors Needs Task Force) and that Transfer from Surplus be increased by $33,735 to fund this expenditure-was carried.

That Council pass the third reading of ?District of Tumbler Ridge 2008-2012 Financial Plan Bylaw No.539,2008.? as amended-was carried.

4.New Business

(a) Tumbler Ridge Golf Course-Liquor License.

The following recommendation was carried:

Be it resolved that:

1. Council recommends the issuance of the proposed liquor license as it will allow for the continued beverage service on the golf course. The golf course is an important social venue for the residents of Tumbler Ridge, particularly during the summer months.

2. Council?s comments on the prescribed considerations are as follows:

(a) The golf course is located in the northwest part of town and is easily accessible by all residents of the community. It is the only golf course within 75 km?s of Tumbler Ridge and it is a suitable location for the intended use of the license.

(b) The local health facilities, schools, churches and recreation centre are not located within a 1km radius of the golf course and therefore do not conflict with the operation of the golf course and the intended use of the liquor license.

(c) The hours of operation from 10am to midnight, 7 days of the week is appropriate for the operation of the golf course. The requested capacity of one beverage golf cart and one kiosk are also acceptable.

(d) The existing liquor license establishments are larger public house establishments that focus on larger gatherings. The proposed establishment is only for beverage service on the golf course while patrons are playing a round of golf and does not interfere with or conflict with the other liquor primary establishments in the community. There are no other facilities with a similar focus as the proposal at the Tumbler Ridge Golf Course.

(e) The proposed establishment is not expected to negatively affect traffic patterns and noise is not expected to be an issue because of the location of the golf course in relation to the residents and businesses in the community. The facility is properly zoned for the proposed license.

(f) The population of the community is continually growing and is getting closer to the population levels of the mid 1990?s when the previous liquor license-club was issued for the Tumbler Ridge Golf Course. The anticipated population growth in Tumbler Ridge supports maintaining the same number of licensed establishments.

(g) Tumbler Ridge has a very low unemployment rate compared to the rest of the province and the projected annual growth in employment demand is much higher for the northeast region than it is for the rest of the province. Tumbler Ridge has a growing tourism industry, of which the golf course is a contributing factor.

(h) If the application is approved, the impact is expected to be positive in that it will support the growth in tourism and offer a social venue for our residents.

3. Council chose not to formally gather the views of the residents for the following reasons:

(a) The residents were consulted when the original liquor license-club was issued to the previous operator.

(b) This liquor license application is simply for replacing the liquor license-club that had been in place at the golf course for the past 15 years.

(c) The issuance of the liquor license would not interfere with the other liquor licensed establishments or residents as it is not increasing the number of liquor licensed establishments; it is only maintain the same level of licenses and the continuity of the golf course.

(d) There are no public buildings, social facilities, churches, other primary liquor licenses or residents within a 1km radius of the golf course clubhouse.

(e) The population levels are close to the same levels when the original liquor license was issued during the mid 1990?s.

5.Closed Meeting Items

(a) Land and Legal Matter.

Motion to move to closed meeting at 6:08 pm to discuss land and legal matters under section 90 1 (e) and (g) of the Community Charter-carried.

6.Adjournment: 6:08pm