Council Highlights

Regular Meeting of Council: May 20th , 2008

In attendance: Mayor Caisley, Councillors Colledge, McPherson, Holmlund, White, Hunter and Schembri.

Approximately 15 people in the gallery.

Official minutes can be obtained for this meeting at Town Hall.

1.Call to Order: 7:00pm

(a) Presentation

Former Mayor Clay Iles was presented with a portrait that will be hung in Council Chambers. The portrait was commissioned from artist Darcy Jackson. Iles was the mayor of Tumbler Ridge from 1999-2005. Mayor Caisley stated that Iles was instrumental in Tumbler Ridge?s revitalization. He was passionate about his job as Mayor and he carried Tumbler Ridge through the mine closures and the transition period. Councillor McPherson complimented Iles by saying ?he brought the best out of all of us that were on Council?. McPherson also wanted to acknowledge that Iles was ?responsible for us owning our own homes?. It was Iles who went to CMHC to make that happen. McPherson concluded by saying ?thank you for making a difference?. Councillor Colledge spoke candidly and stated, ?Working under the leadership of Clay Iles was difficult at times for a newcomer? but ?his dedication was always sincere?. Colledge stated she learned a lot about local government from Iles. Councillor Holmlund thanked Iles for the leadership he provided. Councillor White stated it was the housing sales that brought him to Tumbler Ridge and as soon as he came to town, he got involved with the community. White explained the first project he worked on with Iles was the Skateboard Park. Councillor White stated, ?At first, he (Iles) was a hard nut to crack.? ?Knowing Clay Iles for many years has been a privilege?, stated Councillor Schembri. She spoke of true leadership and how a true leader is one who inspires. Clay Iles, she said, is a true leader.

Clay Iles responded by saying, ?it was quite a journey?. ?I served with good Councillors and yes at times it was challenging and there were some personality conflicts. But at the end of the day we call each other friends.?

2.Adoption of Minutes:

(a) Minutes of the Regular Meeting of Council of May 6th, 2008-adopted as presented.

3. Business Arising from the Minutes: none

4. Petitions and Delegations:

(a) Doreen Young, Re: Proclamations for Stay Another Day Program.

Doreen Young explained to Mayor and Council that it is the seventh year of the Hello North Visitor Stay Another Day Program, which encourages visitors and residents to Live a Day the Northern Way. The Northern Rockies Alaska Highway Tourism Association requested two proclamations to be made.

Mayor Caisley made the following proclamations:

·In the months of June, July, and August 2008, the residents of Tumbler Ridge invite visitors to celebrate our way of life and ?Live a Day the Northern Way?.

June 2008 has been proclaimed, ?Be a Tourist in Your Own Town Month? to raise awareness in the local community about the economic and social impact of the tourism industry, and encourage everyone in the tourism industry to celebrate this month.

Both proclamations were carried.


(a) City Of Burnaby, Re: Highway Maintenance Specifications

The City of Burnaby is requesting that Council endorse a resolution regarding enhanced monitoring and reporting procedures to assure the public and key stakeholders that the contractual standards are being met.

Item received for information.

(b)UBCM, Re: Resolutions

A copy of the provincial response to the 2007 resolutions put forward by Mayor and Council and endorsed by the UBCM membership at the convention was sent to Mayor and Council.

Item received for information.

(c) Wolverine Nordic Mountain Society (WNMS), Re: Ridge Ramble Biathlon.

On June 7th, the WNMS is holding their 19th Annual Ridge Ramble Biathlon. WNMS is requesting that Council authorize road blockades to make it a safer environment for the kids who are participating. The intersections will be blockaded from 8:50am to 10am on June 7th. The following intersections will need to be blockaded: Bergeron-Monkman Way, Southgate-Monkman Way, Highway 29-Monkman Way, Northgate-Monkman Way.

Motion to carry out blockades: carried.

6.Bylaws: none

7.New Business:

(a) Release of Outstanding Two year Options to Purchase

In September 2003, Municipal Council implemented a land sale policy in which the District required that a two-year option to purchase be registered in favour of the District as a condition of certain lots being sold by the District of Tumbler Ridge. The option to purchase states that the District can choose not to exercise the option to purchase for any reason.

The District under this policy, between May 2004 and March 2006, sold 36 properties.

These options to purchase have become controversial within the District and among Council. The Ministry of Community Services has been involved in attempting to resolve the divide within Council and the Ombudsman has begun an investigation into the effect of the Options to Purchase on the residents of Tumbler Ridge. On April 28th, there was a meeting between District Legal Council and Mayor and Council to discuss the Options to Purchase policy. As a result of that meeting, Mayor and Council have asked legal counsel and District staff to proceed to develop a resolution that would allow for the release of the remaining options to purchase.

This resolution directs and authorizes staff and legal council that the Options to Purchase be discharged from the following 22 properties(civic addresses): 120 Kiskatinaw Crescent, 292 Murray Drive, 132 Kiskatinaw Crescent, 136 Kinuseo Ave., 132 Bullmoose Crescent, 188 Wapiti Crescent, 192 Wapiti Crescent, 196 Wapiti Crescent, 200 Wapiti Crescent, 204 Wapiti Crescent, 208 Wapiti Crescent, 212 Wapiti Crescent, 216 Wapiti Crescent, 220 Wapiti Crescent, 232 Wapiti Crescent, 236 Wapiti Crescent, 240 Wapiti Crescent, 244 Gwillam crescent, 248 Gwillam Crescent, 116 Kinuseo Ave., 120 Kinuseo Ave., and 124 Kinuseo Ave. This resolution also instructs the solicitors to file a notice of Discontinuance in Action No. 17213 (Tumbler Ridge v. Tranquille and Ferrari), as well as rescinding resolution No. 07-23-18 in regard to commencing legal proceedings against Mr. Sandy Wayne Williams and rescinding resolution No. 08-10-03 in regard to exercising the option registered by Mr. Gary Guernsey?s property.

Motion to accept this resolution-carried in a 5:2 vote (Mayor Caisley and Councillor Hunter against).


Councillor McPherson: ?I don?t think it is the business of Town Council to take its residents to court?.

Councillor Hunter: ?I cannot support this motion?. ?It is contrary to the advice given to us by our legal counsel?.

Councillor McPherson: ?Lydstone, Anderson and Young (Districts solicitors) gave use three options and we are taking one option?. Councillor McPherson stated the bylaw was not made for the town to make money. The town ?made their money when they sold the damn things?, stated McPherson.

Councillor Schembri: These lots are in the residential areas explained Schembri. She stated it is not ?Councillors business to make money off of taxpayers?.

Councillor Holmlund: Echoing McPherson and Schembri, Holmlund also stated that this has ?created a division in our community?. ?Let?s take a look at our land sale policy and let?s learn from this?.

Councillor Colledge stated, ?One thing is for certain, there?s been a lot of nothing happening?. Also, she stated that regardless of ?what decision we make, I am confident that it will be carried out by staff?.

Mayor Caisley explained that he ?does not mind that we change the policies? but he has a ?big problem changing midstream?. Caisley also confirmed he would bring this motion back to the next regular meeting of Council.

(b) BC Rail Caboose

The recommendation that the BC Rail Caboose should be leased to Casual Concepts was decided on the high score they received with their proposal.

The recommendation:

That Council accept the expression of interest received from Casual Concepts and enter into a two year lease agreement with Casual Concepts for the use of the BC Rail Caboose for the purpose of retail sales in sporting equipment, bike repair and men?s and women?s clothing-was defeated.

That Council accept the expression of interest from Local Motion and charge rental fees of $150.00/month-defeated.

That Council accept the expression of interest from Dan Cassan and enter a lease with rental fees at $250.00/month-defeated.

That Council refer the item to the next Policies and Priorities Meeting and invite Local Motion to discuss their proposal-carried.

(c) Document Signing Authority

The recommendation:

That Trevor Seibel, Chief Financial Officer be appointed Deputy Corporate Officer, for the purpose of signing documents on behalf of the District of Tumbler Ridge, in the absence of the Corporate Officer-carried.

(d) Conference Centre Completion Deadline Extension (Days Inn)

The recommendations:

That Council approve the requested deadline extension for Mr. Brar to complete the restaurant and conference centre by August 31st, 2008 and

That Council direct staff to work with legal counsel to draft a modification agreement that will legally register the new deadline and incorporate adequate recourse if Mr. Brar should fail to meet it.-were carried.

(e) Senior?s Needs Coordinator

The recommendation:

That Council endorse the recommendation from the Seniors? Needs Task Force to hire Mr. Dave Price as the Seniors? Needs Coordinator for a six month term at a salary of $33,735-carried.

(f) Departmental Priorities

Mayor and Council were given a list of the different departments in the District and their lists of priorities. Ms. Isaak wanted to make Council aware that they are once again short staffed and there is a lot on their plate at the moment.- Item received for information.

(g)Development Variance Application #2008-02(Lot K)

The recommendations:

That Council grant approval in principle for the issuance of development variance permit 2008-02 to 105887 AB Ltd and that Council direct staff to proceed with the technical review and notification requirements for the permit-were carried.

(h) Agenda Committee

The recommendation:

That Council authorizes the appointments of Councillors Holmlund, White, and Schembri to the Agenda Committee-carried.

(i) Men of the Deeps Motion from last meeting to stand.

The recommendation:

That Council commit the amount of $10,490 to bring ?Men of the Deeps for a performance Thursday July 31st, 2008 in celebration of BC?s 150th anniversary was carried.

The performance will be free to all those who want to attend.

(h) Schedule of Meetings.

The next Policies and Priorities Meeting is May 27th, 2008 at 7pm.

The next Regular Meeting of Council is Wednesday June 4th, 2008 at 7pm. **Note:Meeting date has been changed to Wednesday for this week.**

8.Councillor?s Business:

Councillor Colledge: Attended the NCMA and while there met with Northern Health (Kathy Ulrich) along with Councillor White. At the meeting, Home Care was identified as the number one concern/need in the north.

Councillor Hunter: The last couple of weeks were spent on labour issues, NCMA and land issues. He complimented the leadership group on their mock Council Meeting that took place earlier in the evening.

Councillor White: Curious about the Board of Variance, he asked if they have been given any direction since being appointed. Ms. Isaak explained there is a letter along with packages from Lydstone,Young and Anderson that will be sent to the Board of Variance.

Councillor Holmlund: Attended the NCMA and was pleased to receive a nomination for regional representative.

Councillor Holmlund expressed concern with the protest held outside Town Hall Friday May 16th. She has no argument with regards to the union protesting on their own time (lunch) but she stated the comment made by Mayor Caisley ?that we all need an enema? was disappointing. She also stated that if the union has issues with with the termination of Mr. Miller, then perhaps Council should speak to senior staff and union.

Councillor Schembri: Attended the NCMA conference and while there, she attended a Measuring up the North Seminar and a Carbon Neutral Conference (different from carbon tax). She would like the District to sign on to the Carbon Neutral agreement, which means making carbon smart choices as a District (fuel-efficient cars, newer, more efficient furnaces)

Mayor Caisley: Commenting on the meeting he had with the union executives, he stated they were interested to know why Lonnie Miller (CAO) was fired. Caisley explained he had been ?Terminated Without Cause?. Also, in order for the firing to go through, there had to be a 2/3 majority vote which is five people in favour of firing him.

9. Question and Answer Period:

Wayne McBrearty: Explaining he had spoken to a dozen residents in regards to the two yr buy back option who only shared the opinions of Hunter and Caisley,. He asked Councillors McPherson and Colledge, ?Why the flip flop?(then-voting for the policy when put in place vs. now-wanting to remove the policy)?.

Councillor Colledge explained to Mr. McBrearty that things have changed for her; there have been many changes in the last few years. Also, there have been extensions granted to business and residents. Admitting decisions made were inconsistent, she explained is she could do it over, she would.

Councillor McPherson stated he has changed his mind.

10. Closed Meeting Items:

(a) Personnel Matter

The recommendation:

That Council resolve to a closed meeting of Council as per section 90 1(e) of the Community Charter was carried.

11.Adjournment: 9:15pm