Council Highlights

September 4, 2007

In attendance: Councilors Sipe,White, Kirby, and Hunter. Acting Mayor was Councilor Holmlund.

The official minutes can be obtained from Town Hall.

Councilor Sipe confirmed he will be attending the Keepers of the Water II: Keeping the Peace Conference in Fort St. John September 28th, 2007.

Mayor and Council received a letter thanking the District of Tumbler Ridge for their ?Platinum Level? contribution to the Emperor?s Challenge. Contribution by the district included: the use and transportation of 4 port-o-potties plus barricades and pylons, the ?Emperor?s Challenge? banner, the black wooden cut-out runners, Tumbler Ridge T-shirts and DVD?s, and the free entrance of 68 adults and 16 children into the pool. The letter was received for information.

Councilor White extended a big compliment to the organizing committee of the Emperor?s Challenge for this year. Having a record number of 280 participants from all over the world is thanks to the hard work and dedication of the organizing committee. Councilor White stated Steve Osadiuk, the 2007 winner, said the Emperor?s Challenge was the toughest run he has done.

Correspondence was received from Prince Rupert?s Mayor, Herb Pond, to President Brenda Binnie of the Union of BC Municipalities(UBCM) regarding the increase/decrease of elected representatives in British Columbia. The city of Prince Rupert is requesting the UBCM to add the ?Emergency Resolution? to agenda at the upcoming conference in Vancouver. The British Columbia Electoral Boundaries Commission has recommended an increase in elected representatives in BC from 79 to 81, although decreasing numbers by one in both Kootenays and Northern British Columbia. The Resolution offered: Reinstatement of the elected officials in the north and the Kootenays as well as UBCM supporting overall increase. Councilor Hunter stated Council should send a note stating Tumbler Ridge supports this resolution presented. Councilor Sipe stated this issue is an ?emergency that needs to be discussed? at the upcoming conference.

Mayor and Council received a letter written by representatives of the BC Chamber of Commerce, the BC Restaurant and Food Services Association, BC & Yukon Hotel?s Association, the Canadian Federation of Independent Business and Retail BC. The letter was requesting communities across BC to support the Single Business License initiative to ?streamline the licensing process? , making things easier for small businesses. Letter received for information.


Bylaw NO. 529, ?District of Tumbler Ridge Freedom of Information Bylaw?. Final reading, carried. In favour: Councilors Hunter, White and Kirby. Opposed: Councilor Sipe.

As per section 252 of the Community Charter, Council has approved that manufactured homes with delinquent taxes outstanding will be sold by distress. The manufactured homes will be sold in conjunction with the Annual Tax Sale at 10:00 am , Monday September 24th, 2007.

Community Forest Probationary License Application Update: Item to be tabled. Further discussion required.

Council appointed Councilors White and Holmlund to be part of the Community Tourism Foundations program stakeholders group.

Council approved the revised Terms of Reference for the Peace Regional Museum of Natural History Development Committee. Members are expected to attend all meetings. If unable to attend a meeting, a committee member can assign an alternate to attend in his/her place.

Council approved the five year lease agreement between the District of Tumbler Ridge and Astral Media Inc. Period beginning September 4, 2007 and ending September 3, 2012. Annual lease rate is $300.00. The decision gives Tumbler Ridge residents the continued service of CJDC Dawson Creek radio station.

Council approves joining the Coal Association of Canada. Fees are minimal compared to other associations. Cost: $600.00.

Councilor Sipe commented he is very curious to know how many new students have registered in our two schools. Many new families have moved to Tumbler Ridge with children. The numbers for this year will be announced September 12th, 2007 at the School Board Meeting.

Councilor Hunter enjoyed his Dino tour with Rich McCrea and is looking forward to the next field trip. Councilor Hunter also commented on the Emperor?s Challenge. He said he was thrilled to be a part of the Challenge this year, especially with the record number of participants. The Challenge has become very big over the years and Councilor Hunter said, ?Kris Swanson ran an incredible race, it was a great battle to the end?.

Reminder to everyone: The Fireman?s Ball is coming up on September 22nd, 2007. It is a black tie event and a great fund raiser for Muscular Dystrophy. Councilor Hunter wants to remind people that tickets can be purchased at the Community Centre and they MUST be purchased in advance.

Councilor White attended the 2nd annual Skateboarding Competition September 2, 2007. He sends a big thank you to Kris Arsenault for organizing this event for the second year. On another note, Councilor White is extremely disappointed the tables donated by the Lion?s Club at the Skate Park have been broken. The table tops have been taken off. The ?disregard by some kids is beyond him?.

Councilor Holmlund attended the 4th Annual Duck Race at Flatbed. She commented on Veritas buying 100 ducks. Veritas had three of their ducks cross into the nets first. Money won will be donated back to Lion?s Club.

Councilor Holmlund commented on the new look of the Spring newsletter put out by the community centre. The look is fresh and great to see another one out for the fall.

The museum committee is moving along nicely and moving along through issues. Councilor Holmlund reports four people have been chosen as the final member of the committee. Letters will be sent to these individuals inviting them to participate. Also, AldrichPears, the consulting firm in Vancouver, has been given the go ahead to start the Master Plan.

Next Regular Meeting of Council: September 18th, 2007 . Meeting held in Council Chambers at 6pm.