Council Highlights

Regular Meeting of Council: June 16th , 2008

In attendance: Mayor Caisley, Councillors Schembri, Holmlund, Hunter and White.

Official minutes can be obtained for this meeting at Town Hall.

1.Call to Order: 7:00pm

2.Adoption of Minutes:

(a) Minutes of Special Meeting of May 26th, 2008-adopted as presented.

(b) Minutes of Special Meeting of May 27th, 2008-adopted as presented.

(c) Minutes of Regular Meeting of June 4th, 2008-adopted as presented.

3.Business Arising from the Minutes: None

4. Petitions and Delegations:

(a) Mrs. Kennedy?s Grade 5/6 Class, Re: Update on Building School in Africa Project.

Mrs. Kennedy, along with three students (Jay R Weipert, Kyrstie Coates and Symonne O?Neill) visited Council to provide them with an update on their fund raising project they have taken on this year with Mr. Greengrass? class.

The goal was to raise $15,000 this school year which was to be donated to World Vision. World Vision will use the money to build a small school or a part of a larger school. As of June 16th, 2008, the two classes combined have raised $13,944.56 and there is about $150.00 still to collect at the bottle depot. The classes believe they will finish the year with about $14,200 raised. A huge undertaking, the students stated they were able to raise the funds through bottle drives, a paper route, corporate donors, individual donors, donations from not-for profit organizations, garage sales, raffles, working concessions at hockey tournaments, dances and a gigantic penny drive. The penny drive itself raised $1700.00 (all rolled by students). The bank actually ended up asking the students for some of the pennies since they had used all the pennies up in town! The students are so close to their goal, just a mere $800.00 from it, but they are determined to finish the fund raising in the fall for the project if need be.


Councillor Hunter: ?You have done an amazing job?.

Councillor Holmlund: ?I am amazed that you have raised what you have?. ?Are you going to restart the fund raising in the fall??

The students explained the fund raising for this project will be completed first, if needed to, and then next year they plan on raising money to fill the school they helped build with books, desks and other school supplies.

Councillor White: White commented on the leadership of the teachers in Tumbler Ridge and it is only through their efforts that this was possible.

Councillor Schembri: Schembri commented that she can relate to what the students are working towards as she works with a similar organization. She stated, ?the work that you are doing is awesome, keep doing it?.

Mayor Caisley: Caisley commented that in the fall if the students are in need of the money still, then to visit council and put in a request from the District. Councillor Holmlund responded by saying, ?I don?t know why we can?t just give them the money now.? No motions were made.


(a) Tumbler Ridge Community Arts Council (TRCAC), Re: Thank you.

TRCAC sent Council a thank you letter for the grant in aid they received in 2008 for the 2008 Banff Mountain Film Festival.

Item received for information.

(b) Taylor Gold panning Committee, Re: Invitation

The town of Taylor is hosting the 36th Annual World?s Invitational Championships in gold panning August 2-3rd, 2008. The events will be held at Peace Island Park. The Gold Panning Committee invited Mayor Caisley to be a special guest to compete in the 2008 Celebrity Gold Panning Event on Sunday August 3rd.

Mayor Caisley stated that a representative will be there, if not him, then another Councillor or staff member.

(c) MLA Robin Austin, Re: Letter to Minister Coleman

A copy of a letter written to Minister Rich Coleman regarding the needed help in finding affordable housing in the north, including within Tumbler Ridge, was forwarded to Council.

Item received for information.

(d) Northern Health, Re: NCMA Meeting on May 9th, 2008.

A letter of thanks was received from Cathy Ulrich from Northern Health. The letter thanked Councillors White and Colledge for taking the time at the recent North Central Municipal Association Convention in Prince George to meet with Northern Health and to discuss areas of concern in Tumbler Ridge (the lack of palliative care, dentists and physiotherapists).

Item received for information.

(e) Office of the Premier, Re: LocalMotion and Town For Tomorrow Initiatives

A letter was sent to Mayor and Council requesting comments on the LocalMotion and Towns for Tomorrow initiatives. Tumbler Ridge received a grant under the Towns of Tomorrow program for the community centre elevator and therefore is required to send quarterly reports to comment on the funding and how it has improved the town commented Trevor Seibel, CAO.

6.Bylaws: none

7.New Business:

(a) BC Climate Action Charter

The recommendation:

That Council endorse the concept of the ?regional community? approach to the BC Climate Action Charter as proposed by the Peace River Regional District by way of community participation.-was carried.

That Council sign onto the BC Climate Action Charter with the Province and the Union of British Columbia Municipalities Association.-was carried.

(b) Revised Terms of Reference for the Mayors Task Force on Seniors? Needs.

At the May 26th, 2008 Seniors Needs Meeting, the committee members agreed to increase the membership numbers from 5-11 to allow for additional participation from other senior support groups.

The recommendation:

That Council approve the revised Terms of Reference for the Mayor?s Task Force on Seniors? Needs-was carried.

(c) Community Centre Elevator Maintenance Contract-item will be dealt with at a later meeting.

(d) 2008 Acting Mayor Schedule and Policies and Priorities Committee Chair Schedule.

With the addition of two council members, the rotation schedule of Acting Mayor and Policies and Priorities Committee Chair has changed.

The recommendation:

That Council approve the revised Acting Mayor Schedule and Policies and Priorities Chair Schedule as presented-was carried.

(e) Fireworks Services

The recommendation:

That Council direct the Fire Department and their volunteer staff to conduct the Canada Day fireworks display including the required training and practice for the event-was carried.

(f) T.R. 31-Occupational Health and Safety Program Disciplinary Policy.

As part of the Occupational Health and Safety Program Review it has been recommended that the District of Tumbler Ridge adopt a Disciplinary Policy that outlines the disciplinary steps that will be taken in the event of non compliance to safety in the workplace.

The recommendation:

That Council adopt the Occupational Health and Safety Program Disciplinary Policy T.R. 31 effective immediately-was carried.

(g)Tumbler Ridge Tourism Investment Strategy Approval

The recommendation:

That council adopt the Tumbler Ridge Tourism Investment Strategy as presented-was carried.

(h) Development Variance Application #2008-02

A development variance permit has been submitted by 1058887 AB Ltd. (Kees and Christine VanDeBurgt) in hopes of adjusting the building setbacks to accommodate a larger building envelope for their proposed development.

The recommendation:

That Council approve the issuance of Development Variance Permit 2008-02 to 1058887 AB Ltd.-was carried.

(i) Special Meeting of Council.

The recommendation:

That Council schedule a Special meeting of Council for June 24th, 2008 at 6:15pm and that staff be directed to post notice of meeting-was carried.

(j) Schedule of Meetings

Special Meeting of Council- June 24th, 2008 at 6:15pm.

Next Policies and Priorities Committee Meetings-June 24th, 2008 at 7pm and July 8th, 2008.

Next Regular Meeting of Council- July 15th , 2008 at 7pm

8.Councillor?s Business:

Councillor White: The Monkman Musings, a play to educate on the Monkman Road, was held on June 13th. Councillor White attended. He commented there will be three more held, one in each month of July, August and September. The third annual skateboard competition will be held August 3rd. There is a hope that a couple demo teams will be here this year. There has already been several sponsors secured for the event.

The Verbenone applications started June 16th, 2008 and Councillor White is once again helping with this.

Councillor Holmlund: no business to report.

Mayor Caisley: Attended the South Peace Economic Commission Meeting as well as the Museum Foundation meeting. Caisley commented that the Museum Foundation is making their business plan and once complete, will present it to Council.

Councillor Hunter: Commented that First Coal will close their doors in Tumbler Ridge next week and move to Chetwynd.

Councillor Schembri: Attended the volunteer BBQ and Councillor Schembri sends out congratulations to all the volunteers. Also attended the inter agency meeting and thought it was a good meeting between those in attendance. Councillor Schembri has been asked to be the new liaison to the Chamber of Commerce and she wants to pass on the importance of ?supporting local business?.

9.Question and Answer Period: none

10.Closed Meeting Items: none

11.Adjournment: 7:34pm.