Council Highlights

Special Meeting of Council

Tuesday June 24th, 2008

In Attendance: Councillors White, Holmlund, McPherson and Schembri.

Acting Mayor, Councillor Holmlund.

Official minutes for the meeting can be obtained from Town Hall.

1.Call to Order: 6:25pm


(a) Bylaw 542, 2008 ?District of Tumbler Ridge Bylaw to authorize the borrowing of the estimated cost of mechanical system upgrades to the Community Centre?.

Final Reading-carried

The estimated cost for repairing the mechanical system is $2,286,804.

(b) Bylaw 545, 2008 ?District of Tumbler Ridge Election Procedures Bylaw?.

The election procedures bylaw must be adopted by August 1, 2008 for the November election.

First reading-carried; Second reading-carried; Third reading-carried

(c) Bylaw 546, 2008 ?District of Tumbler Ridge Mail Ballot Authorization and Procedure Bylaw?.

Previously the Local Government Act allowed voting by mail in extraordinary cases of illness. It now has been extended to electors that will be out of the community on both the advanced and regular voting days.

First reading-carried; Second reading-carried; third reading-carried

3. New Business:

(a) 2007 Annual Report

The recommendation:

That Council adopt the 2007 Annual Report as presented-carried.

Note: There was only one formal submission for feedback on the annual report.

4. Adjourn: 6:50pm