Council Highlights

Council Highlights

By Stacie Gruntman

Regular Meeting of Council: July 15 , 2008

In attendance: Mayor Caisley, Councillors Schembri, Holmlund, Colledge and White. Absent: Councillors Hunter and McPherson.

Official minutes can be obtained for this meeting at Town Hall.

1.Call to Order: 7:00pm

2.Adoption of Minutes:

(a) Minutes of Regular Meeting of June 16th, 2008-adopted as presented.

(b) Minutes of Special Meeting of June 24th, 2008-adopted as presented.

(c) Minutes of Special Meeting of June 30th, 2008-adopted as presented.

3. Business Arising from the Minutes: None

4. Petitions and Delegations:

(a) J&E Homes TR Inc., RE: Lot 91, District Lot 3164, Plan 30291

Representatives from J&E Homes (Eric Antkowiak and Joe Fierro) spoke to Council regarding Lot 91. At one time J&E Homes owned Lot 91 with a covenant in place. J&E Homes signed back the lot to District ?with reluctance?. Due to the recent removal of the covenants (buy back stipulation) on properties in Tumbler Ridge, J&E Homes would like Mayor and Council to review the return of lot 91 to J&E Homes. ?The spirit and intent of J&E Homes in 2006 was to build homes in the community? of Tumbler Ridge, stated Antkowiak.

Comments: Mayor Caisley stated they ?will review the request and get back to J&E Homes in due course?.

Councillor White: ?If you were to receive it back, what is your(J&E Homes) intention??

The intent is to build on lot 91 and have a home on it within the next 12 months explained Antkowiak.

Councillor Holmlund: ?Did you receive an extension?? The request for an extension was not granted.

5. Correspondence:

(a) Honorable Mobina Jaffer, Q.C, RE: Bill C-50-New Immigration Policy for Canada

In a letter sent to Council, written by the Honorable Mobina Jaffer, it states ?immigration reforms advocated by Bill C-50 would give unprecedented power to Canada?s Minister of Citizenship and Immigration to limit the number of applications taken in for processing and also allow the Minister to emphasize skilled labour categories of his or her choosing?. -item received for information.

(b) Tumbler Ridge Secondary School Parent Advisory Council, Re: Funding Update

A letter, dated June 17th, was sent to Mayor and Council from the TRSS PAC. The letter was sent to update Council on how the school bus was utilized in the last reporting period.

Move for discussion-carried

Councillor Schembri commented that she is appreciative of the work that has been done and of the people that are working with our youth.

(c) Tumbler Ridge Chamber of Commerce, RE: Grizfest Music

Festival Invitation

Mayor and Council received an invitation to participate in this years Grizfest Music Festival, including the annual parade that will take place on Saturday August 2nd, 2008.

Move for discussion-carried.

Councillor Colledge commented that there is a plan to enter into the parade this year.

(d) Tumbler Ridge Chamber of Commerce, RE: Grizfest Parade Road Closure Request.

The Chamber of Commerce requested that the roads be blocked off for the duration of the parade on August 2nd, 2008, starting at 9am.

The motion:

That Council approve the road closure request based on the enclosed map of the Grizfest Parade-carried.

(e) District of Chetwynd, Re: Chetwynd BC 150 Homecoming Celebrations Invitation.

The District of Chetwynd is having BC150 Homecoming Celebrations on August 22nd-24th, 2008.

Move for discussion:carried

Councillor Colledge asked if there is anything in particular that Council should attend.

Kim Isaak explained that there is nothing specific that Council has been invited to, but if any Councillors wish to attend then to let Ms. Isaak know and rides can be arranged.

(f) Reynars Funeral Home, Re: Request for Letter of Support.

Reynars would like to provide limousine services to the community of Tumbler Ridge for special occasions such as weddings and graduations. The District of Tumbler Ridge must provide a letter of support to Reynars so that they can apply for a limousine service permit from the Ministry of Transportation.

The recommendation:

That Council send a letter in support of Reynars Funeral Home and Crematorium?s application for a limousine service-was carried.


(a) Bylaw No. 545, 2008, ?A Bylaw to Provide for the Determination of Various Procedures for the Conduct of Local Government Elections and Other Voting?.

·Final Reading-carried.

(b) Bylaw No. 546, 2008, ?Mail Ballot Authorization and Procedural Bylaw No.546, 2008.?

·Final Reading-carried.

7.New Business:

(a) Appointment of Members to the Seniors Needs Task Force

The recommendation:

That Council appoint Michael Sidwell, Joan Sidwell, Donna Mandeville, Mila Lansdowne, Marie Therriault and George Rowe to the Seniors Needs Task Force-was carried.

(b) Aims and Responsibilities for Occupational Health and Safety Policy.

The purpose of this policy is to establish a policy that recognizes the District of Tumbler Ridge?s responsibility to provide a safe and healthy work environment for its Employees, Workers of other Employees and others.

The recommendation:

That Mayor and Council rescind policy TR4 Accident Control Philosophy-was carried.

The recommendation:

That Mayor and Council adopt the Aims and Responsibilities for Occupational Health and Safety Policy TR4-was carried.

Information on the changes to this policy will be presented at an upcoming Policies and Priorities meeting.

(c) Travel Expense Approval

The Council of Senior Citizens? Organizations of BC(COSCO) is holding a conference on seniors ?health, housing and income in a global age friendly community?. The cost for two persons to travel is approximately $3100.00

The recommendation:

That Council approve travel expenses for the Seniors? Needs coordinator and one member of the Task Force to attend the COSCO conference in Richmond, BC on September 15th and 16th, 2008 and that the money come from the Seniors? Needs Budget-was carried.

(d)Mobile Veterinary Clinic Lease

The lease amount is $250/month, which is to be received for the use of the land.

The recommendation:

That Council approve the proposed lease agreement to be established between the District and Dawson Creek Veterinary Clinic(2002) Ltd. for the use of the subject property-was carried.


Councillor White commented that he would like to see something in the lease agreement regarding the removal of animal waste.

(e) Grizfest

The recommendation:

That Mayor and Council motion to support Grizfest financially until festival funds(admission, souvenir and beer sales) have been deposited into the District Accounts.-was carried.

Ms. Isaak commented that this year it looks like they will be relying on sales at the gate.

(f) Anndale Skate Sharpening Space Request.

Owners Wesley and Brenda McEwan of Anndale Skate Sharpening would like to renew the lease on the skate sharpening outlet.

The recommendation:

That Council enter into a lease with Anndale to lease the space known as the ticket booth for $54.09/month plus GST for a one year period starting September 1, 2008-was carried.

(g)Chamber of Commerce Office Space Lease

The Chamber of Commerce has leased the office space in the community centre for the last two years and the Chamber has been very active and continues to use the office space on a regular basis.

The recommendation:

That Council enter into a one year lease agreement(September 1, 2009-August 31st, 2009) with the Chamber of Commerce with a month rental rate of $122.19-was carried.

(h)Council Remuneration Review Committee

The recommendation:

That council approve the establishment of a Council Remuneration Review Committee and that it consists of three community representatives-was carried.

(i)Letter to Canada Post

The recommendation:

That Council approve the letter to Canada Post requesting a change in the hours of service for the residents of Tumbler Ridge-was carried.

(j) Tumbler Ridge Mountain Pine Beetle Project Update

The following five recommendations were carried.

1. Provide a special thanks to the people and community organizations involved, for their assistance in the Verbenone Deployment and their continued efforts to sustain a model community.

2. Council to allocate $6000 from the available funds remaining in this years budget for the MPB program, to be used to contract Forestry Professionals, to compile the said funding programs including; The ?Federal Mountain Pine Beetle program Hazard tree Removal from Municipal Lands?, ?Federal Mountain Pine Beetle Program-Community Wildfire Protection?, ?Community Operational Fuel treatment Program?, (UBCM), and any other available funding to assist in the removal of the hazard trees within the municipal owned lands and crown lands surrounding the town site.

3. Council to reserve the remaining $10,000 from DTR?s 2008 MPB Program budget to allocate toward the NRCan MPB Programs, to be applied for.

4. Council to support that the ?Wildland Urban Interface Committee? including; Public Works Staff, the Fire Chief, key individuals from local industry and Ministry of Forests, and third party interest groups act as an advisory to the Forestry Professionals for objective direction, and implementation of this project.

5. Council to direct that District of Tumbler Ridge departments work together to maximize out in-kind contribution to the said funding programs for this year and upcoming years dealing with the Mountain Pine Beetle Infestation and the Wildland Urban Interface issues.

(k) Schedule of Meetings

Next Policies and Priorities Committee Meetings-August 5th, 2008 at 7pm

Next Regular Meeting of Council- August 12th , 2008 at 7pm

8.Councillor?s Business:

Councillor Colledge: Attended graduation and the Big Bike ride at the end of June. Colledge encourages all to attend the upcoming, free, Men of the Deeps performance on July 31st, 2008. Councillor Colledge commented that their entry into the Pouce Coupe parade earned them first place in their category. Colledge also commented on the correspondence she received in the mail(sent by Mayor Caisley). She would like to have a town meeting as it has been a long time and would like to take it to the P and P meeting to discuss when it may happen.

Councillor Holmlund: Holmlund is happy to say that the Wildfire Interface Committee is well on its way. She noted that there are good representatives from Council, the community, staff and business. She also commented that she enjoyed the Canada Day celebrations, including the Fireworks and her participation in painting faces.

Regarding the letter in the mail(from Mayor Caisley), Holmlund stated that this was ?not endorsed by Council, it had nothing to do with the staff and that Mayor Caisley did it on his own.?

Mayor Caisley: Commented that he attended the high school graduation and it was nicely done. Also, the letter he sent out into everyone?s mailboxes, was done on his own and he welcomes discussion whether it be in the form of a Town Meeting or in other ways.

Councillor Schembri: Recently returned from Brazil. Schembri was working with Compassion Canada and commented that the people were ?very poor but rich in spirit?.

Councillor White: White made one comment regarding the letter he received in the mail from Mayor Caisley. To quote the letter, ?Tumbler Ridge deserves better?, Councillor white announced he will be running for Mayor in the upcoming election.

9.Question and Answer Period: none

10.Closed Meeting Items:

The recommendation:

That Council resolve to a closed meeting of Council as per section 90 1(c) and (g) of the Community Charter-was carried.

The closed meeting was required to discuss employee relations and a legal matter.

11.Adjournment: Moved to a closed meeting at 7:55pm.