Council Highlights

Policies and Priorities Committee Meeting Tuesday August 5th, 2008

In Attendance: Mayor Caisley, Councillors Holmlund, White, Schembri, Hunter and McPherson. Absent: Councillor Colledge

Official minutes for the meeting can be obtained from Town Hall.

1. Call to Order: 7:00 pm

Fire Chief Tim Lee introduced Tumbler Ridge?s New Bylaw Officer. Steven Marshall moved to Tumbler Ridge to start his job as Bylaw officer July 30, 2008. He moved here from the Okanagan and has his Bylaw Level one and two from the Justice Institute of BC.

Mayor Caisley welcomed Mr. Marshall on behalf of council and the community of Tumbler Ridge.

2. Approve Minutes from Policies and Priorities Committee Meeting of July 8th , 2008-adopted as presented.

3. Business Arising from Minutes- none.

4. Review of Agenda-Item 11. Grizfest, Item 12. Adjourn

5. David Szucsko, Re: Oil

and Gas Activity Concerns.

Mr. Szucsko was not in attendance.

6. ATV Concerns and

Vandalism at Flatbed Falls.

The Wolverine Nordic and Mountain Society(WNMS) wrote to Council regarding Flatbed Falls Hiking Trail and the Regional Park that ?continues to suffer extensive pollution and unrestricted ATV Access? The chain on the gate that was to deter ATVs has been broken and the ?No ATV? signs have been broken or removed. There is considerable pollution, broken glass and trail deterioration because of the misuse of the trails. WNMS has offered to help maintain trails that District manages but have been ?declined, on the grounds of taking away union jobs?. However, what needs to be done in terms of clean up and repairs is not being done in a timely fashion. WNMS would like District to address the issues by enforcing the bylaws in place by giving tickets or confiscating the ATVs.

The District will do the following immediately:

1. Public Notice of Infractions in the Newspaper and the Bulletin Board,

2. Gate to be repaired,

3. Sign to be replaced, and

4. increased enforcement and patrols in this particular area (Bylaw Officer and Police will work on this together).


Councillor McPherson: ?Can we have a licensing requirement within the community?? ?Can we threaten to close the trails??

Ms. Isaak commented that after talking to the town of Elkford, who has implemented a local licensing program for ATVs, the program was not as successful as they had hoped.

Councillor Schembri: ?This trail is also a hiking trail, therefore closing it isn?t really an option?.

Councillor Holmlund voiced two concerns. The first being that it is hard to know ?who it is? that is causing the problems. Also, there are many young children/teens that are driving the ATVs, many who are unlicensed drivers.

Councillor Hunter commented that licensing and insurance are not required and this is ?part of a larger issue?. There is a need for lobbying the government to require licensing and insurance on ATVs.

Mayor Caisley commented that identification of the ATV users is an issue (who are they?), there is a concern over enforcement, there is a safety concern (seniors and children), and there needs to be self enforcement by parents and users of these ATVs.

7. Occupational Health and Safety Program

McMullen and Associates were hired in 2007 to complete an audit of the present Occupational Health and Safety Program in the District. They were further retained to update the District?s Occupational Health and Safety Program over a three year period.

McMullen and Associates are providing an Occupational Health and Safety Program that will be site specific to the District and meet the required legislation of Work Safe BC.

8. UBCM Ministry Meetings

The following Ministry Meetings and topics are those Council wishes to attend at the upcoming UBCM convention in Penticton:

?Ministry of Agriculture and


Management Framework),

?Ministry of Environment

(increased funding for Provincial


?Ministry of Transportation

(Upgrade of Murray River Forest

Service Road to a Provincial

Highway) and Ministry of Public

Safety (ATV Licensing).

9. Minister Blair Lekstrom, Re: UBCM Appointments

Mr. Lekstrom, who is the newly appointed Minister of Community Development, wrote Mayor and Council a reminder letter to request a meeting with him at the UBCM convention no later than August 11, 2008.

10. Council Remuneration Review Committee

There will be an ad in the paper soon looking for people with business backgrounds who are interested in being on the Council Remuneration Review Committee. Council is seeking three individuals for the task.

11. Grizfest

Ms. Isaak took the time to formally congratulate Ms. Hayden and her staff for the very successful Grizfest weekend. Approximately $118,000 was brought in at the gate plus the advance sales. These numbers made it a record breaking weekend. Ms. Hayden commented that the weekend was a ?huge success? and it went ?over and beyond our expectations?.

The weekend had an advance start with Men of the Deeps performing on Thursday evening. Their $1700.00 in CD sales will be given to a local charity.

12. Adjourn: 7:40pm