Council Highlights

Regular Meeting of Council: September 18, 2007

In attendance: Mayor Caisely, Councilors Kirby, White, Hunter and Holmlund.

Official minutes can be obtained for this meeting at Town Hall.

1. Call to Order: 6:00pm

2. Adoption of Minutes: From Regular Meeting of Council September 4, 2007.

3. Business arising from the minutes: Council Kirby:

Q: What are the numbers in the schools?

A: each school has a population over 200.

4. Petitions and Delegations: none

5. Correspondence:

(a) Mayor and Council received request from Marla Barrett,who walked in the the Paws for a Cause, for a donation. Motion for $100 donation passed. Money will be taken out of Miscellaneous donations fund.

(b)Mayor and Council received letter, dated August 28th 2007, from Derek Griffin, Associate Deputy Minister of BC. Letter is to inform Tumbler Ridge that BC?s environmental assessment(EA) process for the Thunder Mountain Wind Park Project, proposed by Aeolis Wind Power Corporation (AWPC) has been initiated. AWCP is proposing to develop a wind park approximately 33km southeast of Tumbler Ridge. Tumbler Ridge can contact the Project Assessment Manager, Sue Bonnyman, if it wants to participate in this review. Received for information.

(c) The Union of British Columbia Municipalities(UBCM) is requesting that Mayor and Council inform the UBCM office of intentions to ?sign on? to the BC Climate Action Charter. The UBCM is requesting this information before the convention. Mayor and Council feel that this request does not give enough time for discussion or digestion of this information. Although the intentions of the Climate Action Charter are good, there is not enough time to consider what the implications would be to Tumbler Ridge if a decision is made to ?sign on? at this time. More specific information with regards to how this will benefit Tumbler Ridge as a town is needed. Motion to ?sign on?: defeated.

After Mayor and Council attend the UBCM conference in Vancouver, this request may be revisited.

(d) Letter received for information by Charlie Wyse, MLA for the Cariboo-South. Letter was to advise Mayor and Council the following: Wyse requested Minister Abbott act immediately on the necessary repairs at the Kamloops Dispatch Centre. These repairs must get done to ensure the safety of the staff and the safety of 75% of BC who rely on the dispatch service. Important repairs/issues that need to be addressed at the dispatch centre are: Strong Sewage odours, lack of heat mould and extensive water damage due to flooding.

6. Staff Reports: none

7. Bylaws:

(a) Bylaw 532, 2007 ?District of Tumbler Ridge Animal Control Amendment Bylaw? – first and second reading.

This bylaw will amend the Animal Control Bylaw which will prohibit residents from walking their dogs without leashes in the residential and commercial areas of the community. The proposed bylaw will clearly define that dogs MUST be on a leash at all times.

(b) Bylaw 533, 2007 ?District of Tumbler Ridge Tax Exemption Bylaw?- first, second and third readings.

Properties included in this bylaw will be exempt from tax in 2008.

8. New Business:

(a) Community Forest Probationary License Application Update: Motion for Council to authorize additional funds of $7500.00 to complete and submit The District of Tumbler Ridge?s application for a probationary community forest license has been approved.

(b) Northeast Regional Community Foundation: Tabled to next Policies and Priorities meeting for further discussion.

(c) Video Surveillance Policy: Council approved adoption of Video Surveillance Policy, Admin 4. The policy will help to establish guidelines for the use of video surveillance. This will enhance security and safety of person, properties, things and activities that are in, on or near facilities owned or occupied by the District of Tumbler Ridge in accordance with the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.

(d) Development Permit Application #2007-011: Council has approved in principle the Development Permit Application #2007-011 which in turn authorizes staff to proceed with a technical review.

This application has been submitted by KC?s Dollar Store by owner Kees Van DeBurgt. He is wanting to construct a new retail building on Lot K, the vacant commercial lot at 320 Founders Street, directly across from the Fire Hall.

9. Councilor Business:

Councilor Kirby: Is angry with persons contributing to the slander of Michele Burton, Library Manager, on the blog.

Councilor Kirby feels there needs to be something done with regards to what is being written about people on it.

Councilor Hunter: District of Tumbler Ridge has received a welcome letter from the Coal Association of Canada. Also, the UBCM AGM is next week and Tumbler Ridge has a few motions on the table. Councilor Hunter is excited to get to it to see what happens there. Councilor Hunter also reported: George Rowe, with the Ministerial Association, is interested in developing space in his church to offer a food assistance program, similar to the food bank.

Councilor White: Attended Library meeting and his pleased to report the library is part of the Northeast Federation of Libraries. It will be under the umbrella of the Ministry of Education which will result in some cost savings. Councilor White sends out congratulations to the City of Taylor to their new public Library.

Mayor Caisely: Museum meeting was attended recently. Structural issues were further discussed. There will also be another field trip soon(for Mayor and Council) to more sites the museum is working on.

Mayor Caisely discussed issues arising around BC Hydro and electrical boundaries. BC Hydro is looking at removing all work crews from the Peace region, including Tumbler Ridge and Hudson?s Hope. If this is done, then the nearest repair/work crews will be at least 4 hours away(in Prince George). There are meetings with the government and BC Hydro to discuss concerns with towns that will be affected by this change(if it is to take place).

10. Q & A Period:

Kees Van DeBurgt thanked council for approving his project for a new retail store in principle.

Bob Norman is concerned with the wording in Bylaw 532, 2007 with regards to the term ?residential?. Also, he feels that leash length should be written into bylaw to avoid people having dogs on very long leashes.

11. Closed Meeting items:

Closed meeting held to discuss land and legal issue under section (90) 1(e) and (g) of the Community Charter.