Council Highlights

Regular Meeting of Council: February 2, 2009 In attendance: Mayor White, Councillors Wren, McPherson,McKay, Beale, Schembri.

Approximately 10 people in the gallery. Official minutes can be obtained for this meeting at Town Hall.

1. Call to Order: 7:00pm

(a) Oath of Office-Fire Chief Matt Treit

Matt Treit was officially sworn is as Fire Chief for the District of Tumbler Ridge.

2. Adoption of Minutes:

(a) Minutes of the Regular Meeting of Council of January 6, 2009-adopted as amended.

Minutes were amended to state Rich McCrea from the Museum Foundation gave a presentation to the North Peace Development Economic Committee, not to NDI.

(b) Minutes of the Special Meeting of Council of January 12, 2009-adopted as presented.

3. Business arising from the minutes: none

4.Petitions and Delegations: none

5. Correspondence:

(a)Tumbler Ridge Secondary School Graduating Committee, Re: Thank you

The TRSS Graduating Committee sent a thank you letter to Mayor and Council for waiving the room rental fee and for lending two bus tubs and a coffee urn for their Toy Bingo Fund raiser on November 23rd, 2008. They raised approximately $4000.00 to go towards their June ceremonies.-item received for information.

(b) Tumbler Ridge Secondary and Elementary Schools PAC, Re: Thank you

The TRSS and TRE Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) sent an update to Mayor and Council regarding the funding used from the grant in aid Council gave to both school?s PACs for bus costs. The money helps sports teams travel out of town for games and tournaments.

(c) Northern Rockies Regional Municipality, Re: Invitation

The NEW Northern Rockies Regional Municipality extended an invitation for Council to attend their inaugural meeting. Mayor and Council will not attend but will send a congratulatory gift.

6. Bylaws:

(a) District of Tumbler Ridge Bylaw No.554, 2009, ?District of Tumbler Ridge Municipal Officials Indemnification Bylaw?

First Reading-carried

Second Reading-carried

Third Reading-carried

7. New Business:

(a) Tumbler Ridge Days Society Request The recommendation that:

TR Days Society be granted the exclusive use of the TRSS field for the purpose of holding the Grizfest Music Festival July 31, August 1-2, 2009

And 2 beer gardens to be set up on TRSS field Grizfest grounds August 1-2, 2009;

And the use of the portable toilets and maintenance during the festival;

And the use of the stage, shelter, tables and chairs;

And the use of fencing with labour to put it up and to take it down;

And the use of the arena for the dance August 1, 2009

And to have vendors on district property and covered under the Grizfest business license;

And that direction be given to Public Works and the Campground Operator to work cooperatively together in preparing overflow campground facilities as needed for July 31st, August 1-2, 2009;

And that direction be given to the Campground Operator to work with the Grizfest Coordinator in putting procedures in place to reserve campground sites with Visa; And a letter of support of any financial or in-kind support to Grizfest for the purpose of applying for grants;

And District labour and resources in coordination of the event. Has been approved. The motion equals to approximately $22,000 given to TR Days Society.

Questions: Councillor Wren: With regards to the statement, ?The 2008 Grizfest programs was the most successful to date?, Wren asked, ?How was the success measured?

Ms. Isaak: ?Ticket sales.?

Ms. Hayden: ? The whole ambiance of the event?. Hayden explained there were few problems and the 2008 Grizfest was a ?turning point? for the festival in terms of popularity.

(b) Canada Day Grant

The recommendation that:

Council direct staff to apply for a ?Celebrate Canada? program grant (in the amount of $11,500) to help offset the cost of the 2009 Tumbler Ridge ?Celebrate Canada? day festivities-has been approved.

Questions: Councillor McPherson: We received $3000 last year, ?did we apply for less last year??

Ms. Hayden: ?We always ask for more in the hopes of getting more.? Hayden explained they have applied for the same amount consistently but they usually receive less.

The grant money is to help offset the cost of fireworks which cost approximately $7000. The entire event costs approximately $8500.

(c) Vancouver Outdoor and Travel Show

Mayor White will be hosting a presentation at the Adventure Travel Theatre which will help promote Tumbler Ridge.

The recommendation that:

Council approves expenses to send Mayor White to the Vancouver Outdoor adventure and Travel Show in Vancouver Feb 13-16, 2009-has been approved. Total costs are approximately $1445.85.


Councillor McPherson: ?Who all is going??

Mayor White: ?There is myself and Lyndsey Vandale?. Mayor White explained they will set up a booth as well as have the theatre presentation. They also give away prizes all the effort to promote Tumbler Ridge?s tourist spots.

(d) Ridge Rotors Inc. Airport Lease

The recommendation that:

Council authorize the Mayor and Corporate Officer to execute the lease agreement with Ridge Rotors Inc. for a one year period from January 1, 2009- January 1, 2010 at a monthly lease rate of $200.00 plus GST-has been approved.

(e) Resolution for Oath of Office for Fire Chief/Bylaw Officer

The recommendation that:

Council resolve that Matthiew Treit is hereby appointed as Fire Chief/Bylaw Officer for the purposes of enforcing all bylaws of the District of Tumbler Ridge AND Matthiew Treit is hereby authorized to enter onto and inspect property pursuant to section 16 of the Community Charter for the purposes of determining whether all regulations, prohibitions and requirements are being met in relation to the District?s Bylaws-has been approved.

(f) Travel Expense Approval

The recommendation that:

Council approve travel expense for any or all members of Council wishing to attend the Provincial Emergency Program Elected Officials Workshop in Fort St. John on March 23rd, 2009-has been approved.


Councillor Wren expressed his concern over spending the taxpayers money and encouraged those who have attended the workshop in the past, not to go in order to save some money.

Councillor Schembri commented that this workshop is crucial to all elected officials and she recommends they all go to the workshop since ?it is important to know your role in an emergency?.

(g) Library Liason

The recommendation that:

Council approve the appointment of Councillor McPherson as the Council Liason to the Tumbler Ridge Public Library Board-has been approved.

(h) Schedule of Meetings

Next Policies and Priorities meetings are February 9th and 23rd.

Next Regular Meeting of Council is February 16th.

8. Councillor Business:

Mayor White: The North Peace Development Economic Committee was very excited with the presentation from the museum. The committee was very enthusiastic about the possibilities of a regional museum.

Councillor Wren: Wren commented on the 2010 housing project. He stated Tumbler Ridge would have had to start the process 1-2 years ago. He is excited to continue to talk to BC housing to discuss further opportunities.

The Grant for the youth centre has been received, therefore the construction will start soon so TR seniors and youth can enjoy the updated centre.

Councillor Wren said he enjoyed the newly elected officials workshop in Vancouver, although it was long.

Councillor McKay: Councillor McKay congratulated the CAO for filling the holes of CFO and Fire Chief.]

Councillor Beale: Enjoyed the George Cuff workshop and thought it was a ?great learning experience?.

Councillor McPherson: Councillor McPherson attended the Library Meeting when they had the election. The new Chair is Brenda Holmlund and the Vice Chair is Bill Hendley. McPherson stated he enjoyed the newly elected officials conference they attended in Vancouver.

Councillor Schembri: Enjoyed the newly elected officials workshop in Vancouver, however they were very long days. Also attended a workshop by George Cuff and was happy with the ?valuable information? that he gave.

9. Q & A Period:

Lloyd Hanberg, a longtime member of the community, is looking for more information on the Golf Course. He has been searching the computer and trying to get information so that tournaments can be organized and coordinated with other Golf Courses so that dates do not conflict.

Ms. Isaak stated she would contact Golden West Golf Group to try to get more information for Mr. Hanberg.

10. Closed Meeting Items:

(a) Personnel information about an identifiable individual being considered for an award under section 90 1(b) of the Community Charter

(b) Personnel matter under section 90 1(c) of the Community Charter

(c) A Legal matter under section 90 1(g) of the Community Charter

11. Adjournment: Moved to a closed meeting at 7:45pm.