Council Highlights

Regular Meeting of Council: February 16, 2009

In attendance:

Mayor White, Councillors Schembri, Beale, MacKay, McManus, Wren and McPherson.

Official minutes can be obtained for this meeting at Town Hall.

1. Call to Order: 7:00 pm

(a) Oath of Office- Chief Financial Officer

Michele Schalekamp was sworn in as the new Chief Financial Officer for the District of Tumbler Ridge

2. Adoption of Minutes:

(a) Minutes of the Regular Meeting of Council of February 2, 2009-adopted as presented.

3. Business arising from the minutes: none

4.Petitions and Delegations:

5. Correspondence:

(a)BC/Yukon Command of the Royal Canadian Legion, Re: Certificate of Appreciation

The District of Tumbler Ridge received a certificate of Appreciation for supporting the ?Military Service Recognition Book?-item received for information.

(b) United Way, Re: Name Change

The Prince George United Way has voted to change their name to ?United Way of Northern British Columbia? A letter was sent to Mayor and Council to advise of this change that has been requested for approval by the BC Registrar of Societies. -item received for information.

(c) Measuring up the North(MUTN)-Year Two Update.

The MUTN initiative has had great successes in it?s first year. Measuring up the north was created by NCMA and the BC Paraplegic Association in the north, for the north. MUTH is a project dedicated to ?creating livable, age-friendly, disability-friendly, universally-designed, inclusive communities that benefit all citizens and visitors?. Now in it?s second year, the MUTN steering committee is looking for a commitment from NCMA members and is asking for an endorsement of the initiative.-move for discussion.

Councillor Schembri would like Council to carry out the steps outlined in the letter from the MUTN Committee.

Mayor White commented that he fully supports the initiative and he has no objection to Councillor Schembri continuing to be the the liaison.

Ms. Isaak, CAO, explained the District of Tumbler Ridge is continuing with ongoing projects that support MUTN initiatives. Accessibility is being addressed(doors and curb stops) as well as other projects.

Councillor Schembri requested a list so she can take it back to the MUTN Committee and show them what Tumbler Ridge has done.

6. Bylaws:

(a) Bylaw No. 553, 2009 ?A Bylaw to Provide for the Appointment of Municipal Officers.?

?First Reading-motion carried.

?Second reading-motion carried.

?Third reading-motion carried.

(b) Bylaw No. 554, 2009 ?District of Tumbler Ridge Municipal Officials Indemnification Bylaw.?

?Final Reading-bylaw adopted.

(c) Bylaw No. 555, 2009 ?A Bylaw to authorize the borrowing of the estimated cost of the replacement of the community centre envelope and generator.?

?First Reading-motion carried.

?Second Reading-motion carried.

?Third Reading-motion carried.

Estimated cost of the replacement of community centre envelope and the purchase of a generator, including expenses, is $5, 370,000.

(d) Bylaw No. 556, 2009 ?A Bylaw to authorize the borrowing of the estimated cost of the replacement of catch basins in the community.?

?First Reading-motion carried.

?Second Reading-motion carried.

?Third Reading-motion carried.

Estimated cost of the replacement of catch basins, including expenses, is $1,628,000.

At a budget meeting on Feb 11th, 2006, Council directed staff to proceed with the preparation of the loan authorization bylaw to proceed with capital expenditures. These expenditures included the community centre envelope and an additional line of credit for a generator as well as the replacement of catch basins in the lower bench and town site areas of the community. The development of the two bylaws is the starting point for the process.

Mayor White explained Council is requesting to borrow this money, but that does not mean Tumbler Ridge will borrow the money. Mayor White described it as a ?safety net?. The loan will be there in case of need.

7. New Business:

(a) District of Tumbler Ridge Signing Authorities

With the hiring of the new Chief Financial Officer, the district?s signing authorities need to be updated.

The Recommendation:

That Mayor White or Councillor McManus or Councillor MacKay or Councillor Wren or Councillor Beale or Councillor McPherson or Council Schembri with one of Kim Isaak, CAO, or Michele Schalekamp, CFO, or Clark Hazlehurst, Public Works Operations Manager, or Cheryl Hayden, Director of Community Services, or Ray Proulx, EDO, be AUTHORIZED as signing authorities for the District Bank Accounts, Promissory Notes or other banking instruments until further notice AND THAT any two of Kim Isaak, CAO, or Michele Schalekamp, CFO, or Clark Hazlehurst, Public Works Operations Manager, or Cheryl Hayden, Director of Community Services, or Ray Proulx, EDO, Be AUTHORIZED to sign banking instruments valued at $3000.00 or less- has been approved.

(b) Resolution for NCMA

The recommendation that council submit it?s resolution, that was drafted on the housing shortage in the Province and the suggestion to utilize pine beetle wood in the construction of these homes, to the NCMA conference for consideration- has been approved.

(c) License of Occupation Fee Waiver-Weather Station

The recommendation:

That Council agrees to waive the License of Occupation Fee of $300.00 annually in exchange for full access to the weather data from the existing Ministry of Forest and Range automated weather station located at the Tumbler Ridge Airport- has been approved.

(d) Fireworks Service

The recommendation:

That Council direct the Fire Department and their Volunteer staff to conduct the Canada Day fireworks display-has been approved.

(e) TRFD Response to Vehicle Fires

The recommendation:

That the Tumbler Ridge fire department will respond only to those vehicle fires which are within the boundaries of the municipal district providing there are no life-safety issues involved. In the event that the vehicle is a private vehicle, normal suppression costs(including water supply) will be covered by the District of Tumbler Ridge, while in the event that the vehicle is a commercial vehicle, the owners may be billed for some or all of the suppression costs- has been referred to the next Policies and Priorities Meeting for further discussion.


Councillor Beale would like this recommendation to include the fire department would attend these fires if there is sufficient coverage in town.

Councillor Schembri has concerns with the word ?may?. She said the word ?may? is enough for her to want to send it back in order to get boundaries when owners may be billed. Schembri commented the last time Council dealt with a document that and the word ?may?, they dealt with a lot of big problems.

(f) Standing Committees-Terms of Reference

The recommendation:

That Council approve the Terms of Reference for the following Committees: Public Health and Welfare, Transportation, Arts and Culture and Protective Services-has been approved.

(g) Schedule of Meetings

Regular Meeting of Council: March 2nd and 16th 7pm.

Policies and Priorities Meetings: February 23rd 7pm; March 9th and 23rd, 2009 at 7pm.

8. Councillor?s Business:

Councillor Schembri: Councillor Schembri commented she is enjoying working with this Council and is actually enjoying the budget meetings. Schembri is very close to finishing her Emergency Management Certificate from the Justice Institute of BC.

Councillor Beale: Councillor Beale gave a shout out to all ESS and Lion?s club volunteers during the power outage.

Councillor Beale recently had talks with Peace River Coal to develop a plan to reduce the amount of mud that is coming into town. Discussions of a wash system are underway.

Councillor MacKay: A recent meeting he attended has prompted him to think Tumbler Ridge needs to develop a list of areas that are important(land areas used for recreation).

Councillor McManus: Councillor McManus took a tour of the Museum(Claude Galibois). He wanted to familiarize himself with the building and with the challenges the museum is tackling. McManus commented the museum is working very hard for their ambitious May Grande Opening.

Councillor Wren: Councillor Wren continues to work with the Mayor?s Task Force. The Committee needs to replace a few members.

The third doctor is scheduled to start in early March 2009 and the Dental group will be visiting the Northern Health building soon to inspect it. Councillor Wren commended the ESS and the volunteer groups that helped many people during the power outage. However, the power outage brings forward the need for a larger space with a generator to offer people a place to go.

Councillor McPherson: Councillor McPherson commented the emergency staff did a real good job during the power outage. However, Councillor McPherson was upset because he listened to his radio, especially during news casts, and he did not hear any information about the power outage.

Councillor McManus told Councillor McPherson he did in fact hear a few comments regarding the situation but there was no steady flow of information.

Mayor White: Mayor White stated that a debrief at the Policies and Priorities Meeting would be beneficial to talk about what went well and what didn?t go so well during the outage. He also talked about the meeting he had, earlier in the day of the power outage, with BC Hydro. A representative from Hydro planned to come back in May to discuss with Mayor White ?what to do in case of a blackout?. Little did they know there would be that situation later in the evening. Mayor White is looking forward to that meeting in May to discuss further and to ?rehash what went right and what went wrong during the outage?.

Mayor White attended the Vancouver Outdoor show and there was about 500 people at the Tumbler Ridge booth. Mayor White also gave two presentations in the theatre on Tumbler Ridge.

9. Q & A Period: no questions

10. Closed Meeting Items:

11. Adjournment: 8:00pm