Council Highlights

Policies and Priorities Committee Meeting: October 9th, 2007

In attendance: Mayor Caisley, Councilors Colledge, White, Kirby, Hunter, Holmlund and Hunter.

Councilor Hunter chaired meeting.

Official Meeting Minutes can be obtained from Town Hall.

1. Call to Order: 6:00 pm

2.Approval of Minutes from Policies and Priorities Committee Meeting of September 11, 2007.

3. Business Arising from Minutes: none

4. Review of Agenda: no additions.

5. City of Dawson Creek- Green Projects

Dawson Creek?s Mayor, Calvin Kruk, along with Emanuel Machado, Deputy Director of Development Services in Dawson Creek, attended the Policies and Priorities Committee meeting to talk to Mayor and Council about their Green Projects. Also discussed was how the city of Dawson Creek decided to start their projects after a vision of sustainability was created in 2003. Dawson Creek started in 2003 with $20,000. Small projects, like energy audits, showed the city how to reduce energy costs. After the first few small projects, the money saved was used to develop more projects to promote sustainability within the community.

Machado presented Mayor and Council with numerous ideas, which the city of Dawson Creek has taken part of, to reduce energy costs. Writing in policies for Green Buildings(including building codes), reducing idling, using solar power (on-sight renewables), using more efficient vehicles and encouraging businesses to become more ?green? are all part of the big picture for Dawson Creek?s sustainability plan. Machado and Kruk are open to sharing ideas with the District of Tumbler Ridge on sustainability and projects the two communities could support each other with.

6. Sustainability Plan:

Councilor Holmlund proposes the District of Tumbler Ridge should start the process of creating a green power strategy. Getting an evaluation done by a consulting firm will help the District focus on priorities and feasible projects.

This item will be given more time for discussion at the next Policies and Priorities Committee Meeting.

7. Roman and Horizon Coal Project Update:

Angela Waterman, with Peace River Coal, presented Mayor and Council with an update on the Roman and Horizon Coal projects. Peace River Coal Limited Partnership is comprised of three entities: 66% Peace River Coal Inc.(Anglo), 20 % Northern Energy and Mining Inc.(NEMI) and 14% Hillsborough Resources Limited(HLB). Peace River Coal Inc.(Anglo) acts as manager.

The Roman Environmental Assessment will be submitted in 2008 (1st quarter). The development of the mine will take place in 2009. Due to the proximity of the area to the Trend project, it made more sense to develop this area first, explained Waterman. The Horizon Environmental Assessment will be submitted in 2008(4th quarter) and development will begin in 2010.

The Roman Project will be a 5 km, linear open pit and it will be mined in stages. In order to minimize the environmental footprint, backfill will be put into the Trend mine. There will be use of the Trend mine bulk explosives facility and the Trend mine office, dry and maintenance facility. There will also be soil stockpiles, a process plant, water management structures, a permitted haul road to the load out and a 25 km power line extension from the Trend Mine.

The Horizon Project, which is 2/3 underground mining(with several open pits), will need upgraded road access and mine haul roads as well as a permitted (21km) haul road to the load out. There will be topsoil and waste storage areas, a wash plant, tailings impoundment and coal handling facility and water management structures.

The transition of the Trend Mine is currently underway. Eventually, the Trend operation will take the responsibility of the mining function and become an owner/operator mine in 2008. When this transition is complete, there will be a strong need for industry support services for the mine. Utilizing local resources as much as possible is the goal. Resources that will be needed: accommodation, health, education, equipment maintenance facilities, transportation, warehousing and catering. Peace River Coal is hoping to work jointly with the District to attract and retain families to the community of Tumbler Ridge.

8.Letter from Charlie York, Regarding ?One Side Only Parking? in Tumbler Ridge.

In a letter dated September 12, 2007, Charlie York brought to council the idea of exploring ?one side only? parking, accompanied by a bylaw, on the residential streets of Tumbler Ridge. Mr. York, who was in attendance of the meeting October 9th, addressed Mayor and Council and explained he had since changed his plea to the need for ?one side only? parking on streets that are quite narrow. Since the letter had been written, Mr. York had measured the streets of Tumbler Ridge and discovered the width of the streets vary considerably. Mr. York explained his street, Valleyview Crescent, is only 17 feet wide. With two large pickups at 6 feet wide each, parked on either side of the street, it doesn?t leave much room for driving(which could be an issue in emergencies).

Mayor and Council agree that a more thorough investigation, and whether this parking issue warrants a bylaw, is necessary.

9.Bylaw 532, 2007 ?Animal Control Amendment Bylaw?

Fire Chief/Bylaw Enforcement Officer Dan Golob updated Mayor and Council about the possibility for ?off leash area? for dog owners. The site currently being thought of would be cost efficient(already fenced as it is an old baseball field).

10.Fee Waiver Policy: Cheryl Hayden, Director of Community Services

The Fee Waiver Policy would enable the Director of Community Services to provide guidance to applicants and will have clear guidelines to follow when granting the fee waiver request(for groups and organizations). If approved, the process will be more efficient. The decision will be made at the next regular meeting of Council.

11.Financial Reporting to August 31st, 2007

Trevor Seibel, Chief Financial Officer for Tumbler Ridge, submitted the detailed financial report up to August 31st, 2007. Received by Mayor and Council for information.

12.Finance Committee Invitation: Received from MLA Blair Lekstrom

Trevor Seibel explained the provincial government is seeking input from local municipalities for budget purposes. The invitation is open to Council to make a presentation to the finance committee on local needs(funding) on October 19th. Item received for information.

13. Meeting Adjourned: 7:55pm