Council Highlights

Regular Meeting of Council: March 16, 2009/ In attendance: Mayor White, Councillors Beale, McManus, and Wren.

Official minutes can be obtained for this meeting at Town Hall.

1. Call to Order: 7:00 pm

Motion to vary agenda-carried.

Item added under bylaws and will be 6(a).

2. Adoption of Minutes:

(a) Minuted for the Special Meeting of Council of December 9, 2008-adopted as presented.

(b) Minutes of the Regular Meeting of Council of March 2, 2009-adopted as amended.

Mayor White would like the minutes to note he went to a BC Healthy Alliance workshop with Ms. Hayden and they are not planning anything.

3. Business arising from the minutes: none

4.Petitions and Delegations: none

5. Correspondence:

(a) Tumbler Ridge Secondary School Leadership Council, Re: Mock Council Meeting.

The Leadership students would like to experience a Mock Council meeting at Town Hall.

Ms. Isaak will contact the leadership group to set up times for preparation meetings and the Mock Council Meeting.

(b) Tumbler Ridge Museum Foundation, Re: ?Community Centre Exhibits? Brochure.

A letter was sent to Council thanking them for their continued support of the museum foundation. The museum has produced a : ?Community Centre Exhibits? brochure.

There are 27 permanent exhibits on Tumbler Ridge History in the Community Centre. The project took seven years to complete and work was done by volunteers and staff of the museum.

(c) Shriners of BC and Yukon, Re: Request for Support.

Mayor and Council received a letter pertaining to the Shriners 2009 fund raising drive. Item received for information.

(d) City of Burnaby, Re: Burnaby School Lands

A letter from the Office of the Mayor of Burnaby, Derek Corrigon, states the following: ?We believe the new Order and related policies continue to present the potential for conflict or disagreement amongst local governments, school districts, and the Provincial Government. The concerns are primarily related to recognition of municipal government and community financial and other interests in school lands, and the potential for conflicting interests regarding local community plans and zoning on disposition of school assets.?

Motion to send a letter of support to City of Burnaby-carried.

6. Bylaws:

(a) Bylaw No. 555, 2009 ?Community Centre Envelope Loan Authorization Bylaw?.

There was an error in Bylaw 555 and in order to proceed with the bylaw, the third reading must be rescinded and reread for a third time.

?A motion for the third reading to be rescinded-carried.

?Third reading-carried.

The estimated cost of the replacement of the envelope and the purchase of the generator, including expenses, is $4,200,000. This is the amount of debt created by this bylaw.

7. New Business:

(a) Financial Policies

New legislation requires municipal five-year financial plans to include a more explicit form of revenue and tax policy disclosure. The policies drafted will guide the CFO in the annual budget process.

The recommendations:

That Council adopt the Reserve Management Fund Policy as discussed – carried.

That Council adopt the Revenue Policy as presented- carried.

That Council adopt the Taxation Policy as presented- carried.

(b) Purchasing Policy Amendments

Effective April 1, 2009, local governments will have to follow the new TILMA agreement. Therefore, District needs to make changes to their purchasing policy to ensure the policy does not discriminate between suppliers in purchasing.

The recommendation:

That Council approve the amendments made to the District of Tumbler Ridge Purchasing policy effective immediately- carried.

(c) Schedule of Meetings

Regular Meeting of Council, April 6th and 20th, 2009

Policies and Priorities Meetings, April 14th and 27th, 2009

8. Councillor?s Business:

Councillor Beale: Councillor Beale dealt with some complaints over some road signs that had been posted by an Oil and Gas Company. He contacted CRS and they were removed.

Councillor McManus: Attended the pipeline presentations. Councillor McManus? concerns are:

1. There are 2 pipelines(H2S sour gas) and they will be managed from Alberta and

2. There have been no considerations to the benefits for our community. There is no concept to giving back to the community they are looking for support from. Councillor McManus also mentioned there would be a 60-70 man camp in Stony Lake and with hotels in Tumbler Ridge with high vacancy rates, the fact that the camp would not be run from Tumbler Ridge concerns him.

Councillor McManus attended the Museum Foundation?s meeting. The application for NDI is being completed.

Councillor Wren: The action list for the Senior?s Task Force has been completed. Soon items will be coming to Council. Councillor Wren has been in discussions with the Ministry of Housing and Social Development with regards to the Social Worker issue in Tumbler Ridge(not having one). Councillor Wren attended the TR Cares AGM and there is an entirely new board this year.

Councillor Wren also attended the pipeline presentation and was disappointed the company could not promise anything for the community.

Councillor Wren would like to discuss the possibility of having a short presentation by each of the grant in aid applicants so that there is more direct participation. This will be discussed at a later date in a Policies and Priorities Meeting.

Councillor Wren put forth the following motion:

That Council research lands in the downtown core that would be suitable for a senior?s housing complex.-the motion was carried.

Mayor White: Mayor White attended the seniors luncheon at the New Life Assembly church. He was a guest and answered some political questions.

The dog sled races had their highest turnout yet, 16 teams participated.

Mayor White will be going to Vancouver and will be talking to the Minister of Tourism, the meeting will focus on the museum and the road to Kinuseo Falls. Also, on April 1st there will be a meeting with Betty Morris, with Northern Health, to talk about the nursing situation.

9. Q & A Period:

Marie Therriault: Ms. Therriault advised Council the Chamber of Commerce can put forth resolutions to the BC government. If Council would like the Chamber to put a resolution forward with regards to improving the road to Kinuseo Falls, they are to advise the Chamber as they can prepare one for 2010.

10. Closed Meeting Items: Moved to a closed meeting at 7:40 pm

(a) Land

11. Adjournment: 7:40pm