Council Highlights

Monday March 23rd, 2009

In Attendance:

Mayor White, Councillors Wren, Beale, McManus, McPherson and Schembri. Councillor Schembri chaired the meeting.

Official minutes for the meeting can be obtained from Town Hall.

1. Call to Order: 7:00pm

2. Approve Minutes from Policies and Priorities Committee Meeting of

3. Business Arising from Minutes-

·Councillor McManus: ?In terms of the industry legacy concept?, Councillor McManus commented there is a need to decide a method of communicating this.

Mayor White explained the District is looking at a reserve fund within the budget that industries could give to and when the reserve reaches a particular level, then the funds can be used for something within the community.

McManus would like to have an idea as to ?what it is we would like to use the funds for? and since it would most definitely be a lengthy conversation, as Councillor Wren pointed out, a meeting is set for Monday March 30th to discuss this.

4. Review of Agenda-addition to agenda will be: Meeting with Rural BC Secretariat, Local Motion, Pipelines in Municipality, Soccer group?s request for help.

5. Energy Services BC

Stephen Bartlett Spoke to Council about Energy Service BC, focusing on their history and their Business Development Initiative.

Energy Services BC has a 30 year history and 150 BC service sector companies are ESBC members. ESBC is a non-profit association and consider themselves the voice of the BC Oil and Gas sector. ESBC?s mission is to advocate for their members, promote their members, attract quality workers to the BC service industry and they provide networking opportunities, through their online registry.

ESBC is working on a Business Development Initiative(BDI). They want to increase participation between the BC service sector and Alberta based Explorers and Producers(E&Ps). The BDI project is a three year initiative that is hoping to fuel the future of BC?s energy industry. The BDI is going to work on building long term relationships with E&Ps, it will identify opportunities for business development and it?s focus will be on North Eastern BC. Currently ESBC is in the third phase of the initiative, which involves service sector visits, relationship building, marketing events and visiting communities.

Bartlett?s presentation identified several challenges for the BC service sector, including limited marketing resources, understanding the E&P?s procurement process and they are not always the supplier of choice by Alberta based E&Ps. It is still an ?old boys network?, stated Bartlett. They call who they know. There are also challenges for E&Ps. They have limited information on the BC service sector, there is a perceived high cost of the the BC service sector and there are gaps in service needs.


Councillor McManus: ?Will ESBC lobby Calgary since that is where the decisions are made??

Stephen Bartlett: The Honourable Blair Lekstrom, who was recently appointed Minister of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources, is a big advocate for ESBC. Lekstrom is willing to ?put them to task? stated Bartlett. Lekstrom will question how much money goes to the BC industry and he will be auditing the companies explained Bartlett.

Councillor McPherson: ?Encana says they hire local, yet they all have AB plates?.

Bartlett: ?Encana is being taken to task?, stated Bartlett. ?Tom?s Lake is a good example of this?.

Councillor McPherson: ?Is there any policing being done??

Bartlett: ?There are five auditors, one in Fort St. John and 4 in Prince George.? ?The auditors are not doing enough?.

Bartlett stated that less than 20% of the work in BC is being done by BC companies.

6. Community Centre Leases

All of the leases for premises within the community centre are due for renewal in 2009 except ¾ Time Enterprises(Sheila?s Place).A standard lease for the Community Centre space was submitted to the District lawyers for review this year. The lawyers have ?tightened, strengthened and modernized the language.? The lawyers want to know if the District wants to add a ?net lease? clause. This would mean that operational costs for the building(utilities and maintenance) would be charged to each tenant as a percentage of each premises to the overall building?s size. The following leases/costs for lease are in the Community Centre: Tumbler Ridge Youth Services/Seniors, Tumbler Ridge Public Library($1.00/yr), Tumbler Ridge Arts Council($1.00/yr), Tumbler Ridge Children?s Society($1.00/yr), Chamber of Commerce($122.19 plus GST/month), Tumbler Ridge Old timers Dressing Room($1851.32/yr), Arrow Vending Machines Agreement(pay 10% of gross revenue to District), Tumbler Ridge Curling Club($8608.62/yr), and ¾ Tim Enterprises(at present, $2358.36/month)

A recovery rate needs to be determined on the Curling Club Lease. In 2008, the revenue from the Curling Club space was $12,007, which was a 14% recovery rate. The district?s cost to run the Curling Rink in 2008 was approximately $86,057.

Storage space is an issue in the Community Centre, there is a shortage of it. Currently there are no rental charges in place for the storage spaces. Cheryl Hayden presented Council with a proposed rental policy for these storage units. If rental fees are charged, they fees may start at around $100/yr. Finalizing this policy will come at a later date.


Councillor Beale: ?Does ¾ Time Enterprises pay for damages caused by patrons??

Ms. Hayden explained if the community centre knows who caused the damage then a bill is sent directly to that person. However, when damage is done and it is not known who has caused it, a bill will be sent to ¾ Time Enterprises(Sheila?s Place).

Councillor Schembri: ?How many members are in the curling club??

Ms. Hayden stated there are 88 adult members.

Councillor Schembri commented that it ?seems like an awfully high cost? for that small population of people.

Councillor McPherson explained it is hard for shift workers to curl, he stated he personally cannot curl this year due to his employment schedule.

7. Cat Bylaw

There have been about 2-3 cat complaints/ month. In response to this,

Fire Chief Matt Treit looked into several communities? Cat Bylaws across Canada. He discovered that some communities have cat licensing and some communities enforce fines if cats do damage or defecate on property and one community provided cat traps for people to rent. The person renting the trap is responsible for getting the cat to a shelter/safe place for strays. Changing the animal bylaw to include cats could potentially double the job for the animal control officer. Thus, Fire Chief Treit asked Council, ?Any Policy having to do with cats is a huge undertaking and will it be worth it??


Mayor White: ?Do we have a place to keep cats? People keep dropping them off at the Saddle Club?

Fire Chief Treit explained a ?cat house would have to be built?.

Ms. Isaak will look into the legal aspect of traps and will bring it back to Council for further discussion.

8. Legion Garbage Container

The Legion has requested that a commercial bin be provided by the District to their building on Pioneer Loop, free of charge. Normally, renting a commercial bin would be $89.25/month with 3 pick ups/week. Buying the commercial bin costs $5000 and includes one pick up/week. The District is willing to provide 2 bear proof bins, one free of charge and one for a nominal rental fee of $20/month. This offer will be presented to the Legion.

9. RV Park Cost Analysis

Over the last 4 years, the RV park has been filled to capacity but Clark Hazlehurst expects a slowdown in 2009. About 98% of people who stay at the RV park are workers. Based on Council?s request, Hazlehurst prepared a financial report on the RV Park. Currently the District is running the RV Park and Hazlehurst recommends District run it internally in order to get a better understanding of costs to run the RV park, in case the decision to sell the RV park at a later date arises. Also, Park fees will increase from $15-$27/day to be comparable to other fully serviced parks in BC.


Councillor McManus: ?How do you track the hours in payroll to know how much manpower is put into the park??

Hazlehurst explained it is coded as RV Park GL(general labour) so it is easy to track.

Councillor McPherson: ?Do you hire more people??

According to Hazlehurst, there were two people working last season and they worked an 1 ½ in the morning to collect fees and a short time in the afternoon to collect fees not taken in the morning. The two workers were also paid 2 hours of overtime for weekend money collections.

10. Soccer Group

Cheryl Hayden explained to Mayor and Council that this year the District will not be running soccer. There are 7 people on the newly formed soccer association. The association approached Council for financial aid. Council suggested the association go back, do their homework and come back with a clear financial request(i.e. 14 registration fees for families with low income).

11. Senior?s Needs Task Force Recommendations

Item will be sent to government services committee.

12. Off-Leash Dog Park

Item postponed due to time constraints.

13. Meeting with the Rural BC Secretariat

Meeting will be Wednesday March 25th, 2009 at 7pm in Council Chambers.

14. Local Motion

Tumbler Ridge did not apply this year because it did not fall into line with the capital projects as stated by Ms. Isaak. The grant requires the District to fund 50% of the project and different projects took precedent that would not fall under a Local Motion Grant.

15. Pipelines within the Municipality

Councillor McPherson would like to know if the District had been contacted about a pipeline he has seen being placed within the municipality. Ms. Isaak will look into this.

16. Question and Answer Period: None

17. Adjourn: 10:00pm