Council Highlights

Regular Meeting of Council: April 6th, 2009

In attendance: Mayor White, Councillors Beale, McManus, McPherson, MacKay, Schembri and Wren.

Official minutes can be obtained for this meeting at Town Hall.

1. Call to Order: 7:00 pm

(a) Oath Of Office-Corporate Officer

Marjorie Whalen was sworn in as the new Corporate Officer. Ms. Whalen relocated from Langley to Tumbler Ridge in March of this year.

2. Adoption of Minutes:

(a) Minutes of the Regular Meeting of Council of March 16, 2009-adopted as amended.

Councillor McManus would like it to be clear that he was referring to a past RCMP officer, not one presently employed here in Tumbler Ridge.

3. Business arising from the minutes: none

4.Petitions and Delegations: none

5. Correspondence:

(a) John Ottenbros, Re: Request for Park Benches

Mr. Ottenbros wrote to Mayor and Council requesting two, six foot park benches(with back rests) to be placed on the hill across from the Skate park that overlooks the lower bench. Mr. Ottenbros, who moved to Tumbler Ridge recently, stated in his letter that the sunsets seen here from this hill are ?breath taking and surreal?.

Mr. Proulx, Acting CAO, explained that they are confirming with Clark Hazlehurst as to what kind of room there is in the budget this year for benches to be placed on this hill.


Councillor Beale: Councillor Beale sees there being potential problems since in the past it has been known to be an area where parties have taken place.

Councillor McManus: ?Access is an issue, there is only one way to access this.? McManus also commented it would be nice if the hill area was developed. He stated it ?definitely has some potential?.

Councillor Schembri: An option would be to have a community group to sponsor the benches in this area, commented Schembri.

Mayor White: Staff will take our concerns and will come back to Council with an estimated cost with regards to this request.

6. Bylaws: none

7. New Business:

(a) Transfer of Animal Control Service Agreement

The current Animal Control Officer, Joe Tummonds, will be resigning his position as of May 1, 2009 and has requested the contract be transferred to Paul Therriault.

There is a precedent for this set in 1998. Transferring the contract would avoid the requirement of re-tendering the contract.

The recommendation:

That Council authorizes the transfer of the Animal Control contract from Joe Tummonds to Paul Therriault pending a successful interview with

Paul Therriault-carried.

(b) Northern Development Grant Writing Support

The Northern Development Initiative Trust (NDIT) is giving municipalities the opportunity to receive funding support to hire a grant writer. The NDIT provides at least 75% of the wages for a 4 month grant writer/researcher. The District would receive $7,500 based on a commitment to pay the wages for the fourth month at $2,500.

NDIT has explained the District would apply for the funding but then the grant writer could work for the community, which means other groups and organizations would be able to access this person hired.

The recommendation:

That Council direct staff to apply for the Grant Writing Support from the Northern Development Initiative Trust and that staff be directed to put out a formal ?Call for Proposals? for a Community Grant Writer/Researcher.-carried.


Mayor White explained once the funding is acquired, the hire date will be decided later.

(c) Surplus Equipment from Claude Galibois School

With ongoing renovations of the Claude Galibois School there are materials and equipment that are no longer needed. Some of these items include basketball hoops, carpet remnants and chalkboards.

The recommendation:

That Council approval to the Tumbler Ridge Museum Foundation to dispose of the unneeded materials from Claude Galibois School to groups and organizations(with priority to local community groups),with the requirement that the Tumbler Ridge Museum Foundation publicly advertises the opportunity-was carried.

(d) Grizzly Valley Saddle Club Request

Mayor White recused himself on this topic because he is a member of the Grizzly Valley Saddle Club.

The Grizzly Valley Saddle Club has requested a waiver of fees for an ?in-kind? donation for their annual poker ride which is being held June 13th and 14th, 2009. This is the 8th annual Poker Ride and it is the 25th anniversary for the club. In past years the District has granted the clubs request for the Poker Ride. The request includes:

·4 port-a-potties-$200.00

·20 tables-$120.00

·50 chairs-$100.00

·Loader and staff to move bleachers-$520.00

This is a total of $940.00 that would come out of Council?s reserve grant in aid budget of $5000.00. Mr. Proulx explained it is the ?in case something comes up on the fly? budget.


Councillor Schembri commented that this year is a big year for the Saddle Club as it is their 25th anniversary. They are bringing in people from afar for the event and Schembri thinks it is valuable as the event promotes tourism.

Councillor Beale voiced concerns that this is a large in-kind amount. Also, commented Beale, it goes against what was said in budget meetings and the talk of cuts.

Councillor McPherson asked, ?How come this wouldn?t be a grant in aid??

Mr. Proulx explained the grant in aid monies had already been allocated. Mr. Proulx also suggested if the in-kind request is granted, a letter could be sent advising the Saddle Club they would have to follow the same process as everyone else with the grant in aid application in years following.

Councillor McManus would like to know where the other 90% of profits will go. 10% will go to the Hospital, but where is the rest going to?

The recommendation:

That Council approve the fee waiver of $940.00 for the use of port-a-potties, tables, chairs, pylons, recycle bin, loader time and staff for June 13th and 14th, 2009 and to grant the Saddle Club permission for overflow camping and parking in the designated areas noted on the attached map-is defeated. The Saddle Club will be invited to speak to Council and answer questions on the profits and where the profits will be distributed.

(e) Legion Request for Garbage Bin

Public Works is providing the following options to the Royal Canadian Legion in response to the Legions request for a free garbage bin with pickups on their property.

·Rental of commercial bin @$89.25/month with 3 pickups/week.

·Purchase of Commercial bin @$5000.00 with 1 pick up/week.

·Rental of bear proof bin @$20.00/month with 1 pickup/week.

·Purchase of bear proof bin @$1000.00 with 1 pickup/week.

After discussion at the last Policies and Priorities Meeting, Council agreed to the rental or outright purchase of a bear proof bin along with a second bear proof bin that would be granted to the Legion free of charge. This is also an option that will be included in the letter.

The recommendation:

That council direct staff to send a letter back to the Royal Canadian Legion outlining the options that were presented by the Public Works department to address their garbage disposal needs.-carried.

(f) Forest Health

Alissia Sawicki, the district?s engineering technician, was contacted by BC Hydro. BC hydro has a Mountain Pine Beetle program in place throughout the province to remove pine trees that have been impacted by the pine beetle that could contact their equipment. BC Hydro contacted Ms. Sawicki to offer help in removing the affected trees near their 3 hydro lines. This will save the District of Tumbler Ridge approximately $200,000. Also, BC Hydro will use a Certified Utility Arborist (CUA) so the district will not have to hire one.

The recommendation:

That Council send a letter to BC Hydro in support of their Mountain Pine Beetle Program to remove the pine beetle affected timber adjacent to the 3-phase lines running through the community of Tumbler Ridge-carried.

(g) April 27, 2009 Policies and Priorities Committee Meeting

The policies and priorities meeting will be canceled on April 27th 2009. There will be a Town Hall Meeting on April 28, 2009 in rooms 4 and 5 of the community centre.

(h) Schedule of Meetings

Policies and Priorities Meeting: April 14th, 2009 at 7pm(note this is the day after Easter Monday)

Regular Council Meeting: April 20th, 2009 at 7pm.

8. Councillor?s Business:

Councillor Beale: Visited the new Dollar Store building and it is moving forward.

Councillor McManus: Attended an emergency preparedness conference in Fort St. John a couple of weeks ago. Also attended a meeting with Cheryl Hayden at the Encana Events Centre to discuss ?mutual support? with regards to our Grizfest in August. Potential ways in which the events centre can help promote and support Grizfest were discussed. Nothing was set in stone yet.

Councillor Wren: A big welcome to our new doctor. Dr. Lynne Bredenkamp arrived in Tumbler Ridge in mid march. Councillor Wren met with Michele at the library regarding a government agent service. It is the hope that soon there will be more services available in Tumbler Ridge through a space at the library. There ?won?t be a government agent? but it ?will provide services they do?.

There will be a housing survey going out to the community soon.

Councillor Schembri: Attended emergency preparedness conference in Fort St. John. Also, Councillor Schembri would like to pass on condolences to the City of Golden and the passing of Mayor Virk.

Councillor McPherson: Requested a discussion on the community centre and whether or not district wants to explore changes/expansion. This discussion will be on the next Policies agenda.

Councillor MacKay: Visited the new Dollar Store building and also went to the Museum in their new location at Claude Galibois.

Mayor White: Met with the Ministry of Tourism and MLA Blair Lekstrom and the with regards to the road to Kinuseo Falls, the answer was ?not right now? but the Ministry of Tourism has assigned a liaise with the museum.

Attended a meeting with Encana and asked them about not using enough local workers. Encana told Mayor White that 40% of the workforce is local.

Attended the Chamber of Commerce meeting. Marie Therriault, Chamber Manager, has tendered her resignation.

9. Q & A Period: none

10. Closed Meeting Items:

11. Adjournment: 8:37pm