Council Highlights

Regular Meeting of Council: May 4th , 2009 In attendance: Mayor White, Councillors Beale, McManus, MacKay, Schembri and Wren.

Official minutes can be obtained for this meeting at Town Hall.

1. Call to Order: 7:00 pm

Mayor White welcomed the TRSS leadership group to the Council Meeting. The leadership group shadowed Mayor and Council.

Motion to accept the amended agenda-carried.

2. Adoption of Minutes:

(a) Minutes of the Regular Meeting of Council of April 20, 2009-adopted as presented.

(b) Minutes of the Special Meeting of Council April 20, 2009-adopted as presented.

(c) Minutes of the Special Meeting of Council April 27, 2009-adopted as presented.

3. Business arising from the

minutes: none

4.Petitions and Delegations:

(a) Gord Graham: ATV Concerns

Gord Graham stated in his presentation he was ?speaking for anybody with an off road vehicle?. His big proposal to Council was to build a ring road around the fire devastated area north of town. Some small suggestions he had include the posting of more signs to clearly mark trails for ATV use and to create a safe place for young riders to play on their ATVs. Councillor Beale explained his standing committee on transportation will be addressing issues that include skidoos and ATVs. Consensus with Mayor and Council was for Mr. Graham and/or other people to form an ATV club. Forming the club may help to proceed with gaining access to grant monies to help with and/or lobby for trails.

5. Correspondence:

(a) Wolverine Nordic and Mountain Society (WNMS)

WNMS has requested streets to be blockaded during the 20th Annual Ridge Ramble Biathlon which is being held May 30th, 2009. The motion to accept the request-carried.

The following intersections will be blockaded between 8:50am and 10:00am on that day:

?Bergeron-Monkman Way

?Southgate-Monkman Way

?Highway 29-Monkman Way

?Northgate-Monkman Way

6. Bylaws:

(a) Bylaw No.577, ?District of Tumbler Ridge 2009-2013 Financial Plan Bylaw?-adopted.

(b) Bylaw No. 558, ?Tax Rates Bylaw?-adopted.

7. New Business:

(a) BC Bioenergy Conference

The recommendation:

That Council approve the attendance and associated expenses for the Mayor to attend the BC Bioenergy Conference from May 14-15, 2009-carried.

Mayor White explained this is related to the presentation Council was given by Pat Jarvis. He is going to gather more information on Bioenergy and do some more investigation in order to confirm some information given to them by Mr. Jarvis.

(b) Flatbed Campground Contract

The recommendation:

That Council authorize the Mayor and Clerk to sign a contract with T&T Services Ltd. of Box 1538, Tumbler Ridge, to operate the Lions Flatbed Campground for a flat rate of $2,650.00 per month between May 15th 2009 and September 30, 2009-carried.

T&T Services Ltd. is a local company and their proposal was the most complete.

(c) Monkman RV Park and Flatbed Campground Fees

The recommendation:

That Council approve the new campground fee rates for the Monkman RV Park and Flatbed Campground and the new campground regulations and agreements-carried.

Fees: Serviced site-$27/day, Dry site-$15/day, Additional vehicle-$5/day.

District staff will look into group rates.

(d) Renovation to the (Former) Claude Galibois Facility

The recommendation:

That Council approve the installation of two automatic doors and the creation of disabled access for washrooms in the public gallery of the (former) Claude Galibois facility by the Tumbler Ridge Museum Foundation-carried

8. Councillor?s Business:

Councillor Beale: Will be reviewing names soon for the standing committee on transportation. Issues that will be looked at are ATVs, quads and dirty streets.

Councillor McManus: Has heard some favourable comments from the Town Hall meeting. Continues to have regular discussions with the TR Arts Council though email.

Councillor Wren: Wants to acknowledge the ?tireless efforts? of Shirley Hanburg and Lynn Way and their work with P.A.L.S. BC Housing will be visiting Tumbler Ridge May 15th to discuss the low income seniors housing project. The Provincial and Federal government will be providing the money to build the units and the town of Tumbler Ridge needs only to provide the land.

Councillor Schembri: Attended the open house meeting and it was well attended. Commented she didn?t realize cats were such an issue in the town.

Councillor MacKay: Was happy the Town Hall meeting was well attended. Commented he will do some investigating on community gardens. The Town of Mackenzie has a community garden project and rents the plots out to community residents. MacKay commented there are also grants available for projects like this.

Mayor White: Met with Dan Davies form Fort St. John and the North Peace Development Committee. They presented a $50,000.00 cheque to the Tumbler Ridge Museum Foundation. The women?s Olympic Hockey team will be arriving in Tumbler Ridge June 11th for a week of dry land training.

Business from visiting TRSS students:Raena Phillips and Andy Smith were winners at TR Junior Idol. The school dens(groups) have been active challenging each other to help build school spirit. The track and field club will be attending a meet in Grande Prairie and the leadership group will be going to a leadership conference in Dawson Creek. Earth Day?s snow was the reason the picnic in the field was canceled and the leadership group is busy planning a western dance.

9. Q & A Period: none

10. Closed Meeting Items:

(a) Land: Section 90 (1) (e)

11. Adjournment: 8:03pm